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OK, maybe not really four score. Google just told me that means “eighty years”. I’m not that old, yet.

I mean, it feels straight up 80 years ago.

When I bought my condo/ townhouse a little over 4 years ago, the space that sold me on it was the master bedroom/ suite.

The master was HUGE and had so many windows that it was just amazingly filled with light.

I have since learned that several large windows mean you never sleep in past 10 and it means you wallet is a lot lighter. Not only for blinds/ window treatments, but also for heating and cooling reasons.

But back to my story… The SUITE sold me. So while the master was yes- quite lovely. I feel in love with the bathroom as well.

Let me clarify.

I fell in love with the size of the bathroom, the size of the shower, and the amount of storage in there.

I did not love the bathroom wallpaper.

Yes, wallpaper. Continue Reading…