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May 16, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good phone dump. And M’s been particularly adorable lately so for your enjoyment today here are *mostly* all M pictures.

photo 2_1photo 2_2
The second picture is M and Diesel, who is basically her best dog friend. These two could run and play for hours and then spend the rest of the night snuggled up.

photo 1photo 1_2
Lily smiles are probably one of the best things on earth. This is after a few cidermill donuts, and it’s almost like she was saying “cheeeeese”.

photo 1_1photo 3_1
M goes to work with me every day, and I’ve brought in a chair for her that she basically snoozes in all day. It give her the perfect height to stare out the window, and it’s the perfect size for a little stretched out nap. I recently built a gate for my deck (DIY to follow) M’s loving her new outdoor deck freedom.

photo 1_3photo 5
After a particularly playful day at the park M called for a afternoon snoozefest.

photo 3photo 4
Another project underway, coming to the blog soon! Nerd and Diesel cuddle session.

photo 2photo 3_3
Lily is such a graceful sleeper. Honestly, I wish I looked that graceful while sleeping.

photo 5_1photo 3_2
Nerd and I hit up our first Eastern Market trip of the summer last weekend. We made sure to grab some delicious authentic perogies as a snack. That tongue. Kills me every time I look at this picture.

photo 4_2photo 2_3
M’s *NOT* a graceful sleeper. At all. But she is REALLY GOOD at looking out windows.

photo 5_2
Probably my favorite M picture to date. Love this little munchkin.




Phone Dumps

January 8, 2014

You know what my favorite message ever to receive is? This one:




That message is like Satan. That message occurs at the least convenient time ALWAYS. Like when Marley decides finally to hold her butt still and I’m able to get a non-blurry iPhone pic (because my SLR battery was dead as a doorknob), and I go to take a picture of her adorable furry tush and then…


Game over sucker. Then she gets up and leaves and I’m stuck muttering over my iPhone and it’s capacity limits because I take iPhone photos like its my job. And you can’t just DELETE THEM. What if you needed that picture you took last Friday night at 3AM that’s so damn blurry it’s like Helen Keller took it (rude, I know).

Anyways… the whole point of this is– then when you finally do take a moment to clear out the ol’ camera roll (why is it called that BTW?) there are inevitably some amazing gems to be found. I’m going to share just a handful of those from my Phone Dump today. And seeing how I’m apparently an iPhone picture-aholic this will most likely become a series.

Feel free to judge, I judged myself — ::shrugs::



What’s on here? Well… starting from the top going left to right…

Reminders of saying that I want to create at home (inevitably there’s always 20 or so of these randomly throughout my pics). Gross reminder picture of things I need to replace at home. My dog that has no manners. An LOL picture about what kind of stuff you can find on Groupon’s “goods” page… seriously? Humor. Moose(s)? More Humor. New friends. More Groupon crap. THAT GUYS FACE, I about died. My standard level of wine consumption… per glass. My co-worker looking for the object that he flung at my head. Twerking. Super drunk UM Fan after they lost to MSU. Marley sleeping. More sayings. A weird movie and drink night. Zig pictures x 1 billion, Marley too. A project that I’ll talk about soon enough. Seester and Jibril dinner night. Rolling in the D. Friends that hate their picture being taken. Marley’s new bling. Annnnnnnnnd Miley’s life as told by emojis.

Great stuff.

Overall my phone is just packed full of dog pictures. I might have an obsession or something. Maybe. But Z & M are pretty much the cutest damn things you’ve ever seen. So they obviously deserve to have their picture taken at 17 different angles for the SAME EXACT SHOT.

Ok, maybe I have a problem.


What weird things would be found on your phone? Dare to share? Do your own phone dump and link back. I want to snoop.