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So back in January…ish? I talked about my resolutions and goals. One of those was to get fit again. Where have I gone with that? Well, I was exercising a few days a week. And then I was playing co-ed soccer for a few games. AND THEN I SPRAINED MY ANKLE. And I’ve barely done anything since then, because it still hurts like a mother-f’er. So, now that it’s starting to heal up, I plan on getting back into a routine more. I was doing bikram yoga for a while. Guys that shit is no-joke. Super sweaty afterwards. I’ve been taking Marley out more to play, trying to go on more walks when the weather cooperates and trying to find simple workouts that I can do when I get home quickly before the rest of my life takes over. Stumbled upon this greatness today and have immediately fell in love with the humor, design and ideas: Capture Absolute GENIUS coming from Neila Rey who has a whole series of your favorite characters, books, movies and tv shows for you to workout as. Definitely go check her out here. I also love her 30 Day Challenge and plan to start TODAY. Once it’s through you can do it again and LEVEL UP to make it a bit harder.

Beach/ bikini body get ready… I’m coming for you.

PS: LOCAL PEEPS: DON’T FORGET TO ENTER TO WIN SOME FREE PIZZA (Nothing like pizza when you’re trying to get into shape right?)