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Raise your hand if that whole “journey to adulthood and participating in grownup activities” goes down the toilet when you’re in the presence of your favorite childhood toy…

Right? High five your neighbor.

Barbies Dolls, Action Figures, The Pet Shoppe (does anyone remember this gem?!), Lincoln Logs, Video Games, The Sims (guilty)…. or how about the old classic standby…


Photo Jul 24, 11 21 26 AM

It seems as kids I couldn’t get enough of the tiny magic blocks that stacked and unstacked allowing me to create my favorite dream homes. I remember using Legos to build houses for my Barbies (clearly scale was of no concern to my younger self) and I would turn those tiny pieces of plastic into what was most assuredly the coolest furniture ever made with Legos.

When things got old I would take them all apart and move on to my next world class creation, and this process would continue over and over. Somewhere along the line though, the older I would get, the easier it was for me to get tired of the same old blocks and move on to another toy temporarily.

So, what if there was a way to freshen up your lego experience? You still get to build fun creations, but after you were done, you turned them back in and was sent a new one.

Enter PLEY.


First off— let me tell you how freaking excited Ryan (the Nerd)  was when I told him about Pley. Ry is a world class Lego fanatic. Seriously, he’s got a Lego Store VIP card. So when I told him there was a monthly rental service that you could sign up for and receive Lego sets, build them and then send them back for more, the next words out of his mouth were “sign me up”.


Of course being the VIP Lego builder that he was, he had some legit questions. Like:

“Can I build the Deathstar?” Yes dear, you can. Just add it to your Pleylist.

“What happens if I lose a piece, do I get charged a buttload of money?” Nope. You can lose up to 15 pieces per set and it’s ok. Accidents happen.

“What if I build the Deathstar and I want to keep it?” You can! Just tell Pley that you’ve fallen in love with their set and they’ll let you buy it from them at a discounted rate.

“Is it only one set per month?” Nope. You can build and return as many sets as you want in a month.

“Wait, isn’t that kinda gross? Sharing legos with people?” It totally would be, however, each Pley set comes in a handy mesh bag, and that *WHOLE BAG* gets tossed around in a sanitizer machine, fully dried and repackaged before moving onto the next builder.

He was hooked. So we signed up, received our first set and got to building. READ: Ryan hogged the entire set and built it while I pouted and took pictures. We’re officially on month 2 of our subscription right now and every time that Pley set shows up in the mail I get a happy little text from His Nerdiness. He even promised to let me add a few architecture sets to the list that I could build myself.

Photo Jul 09, 11 30 42 PM

Who said romance was dead?

Anyways, I was telling my buddy about Pley just the other day, because clearly grown adults talk about legos, and mentioned that he should sign up. Pley has three monthly plans that you can choose from, $15/month for small sets, $25/ month for medium sets, and $39/month for those big guys… like the Deathstar. And just because they’re good people, the crew over at Pley even give you a free trial set to start out with.

Like any good blogger though, Pley and I are teaming up to give three of you FREE Fancy Prizes.

Courtesy of Pley


(Winner choses from: LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutation Chamber Unleashed
LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stealth Shell in Pursuit
LEGO Star Wars Jedi Interceptor
LEGO Creator Treehouse
LEGO Super Heroes Artic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze, Aquaman on Ice)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

Courtesy of Pley

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

Courtesy of Pley

And if that wasn’t enough, ANYONE that enters the giveaway can receive a promo code for the first month of your Pley membership for free.

A huge round of applause to Pley for these awesome prizes!!

To enter the giveaway click over to Rafflecopter HERE


*DISCLAIMER* - I was given a free membership for a limited period of time to test out and evaluate Pley. There are affiliate links in this post. All thoughts are my own and I only recommended products or services if *I* actually like it. Plus you're getting free "fun stuff". So bonus points for everyone.

Don’t Ever Grow Up,




You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’ve somehow stumbled upon something really cool and you just can’t wait to share it with EVERYONE.

I feel that way today about today’s guest on the blog.


I’d like for you guys to meet Song, of Song Yee Designs

A few weeks ago Song contacted me asking if I’d like to try a review of her jewelry. Pretty necklaces? Definitely peaked my interest. So I hopped over to her Etsy shop to see what all the fuss was about and literally started favoriting items within a few seconds.

Song Yee 1-01

Leaf Earrings // Quartz Necklace // Feather Necklace
Agate Slice Necklace // Czech Glass Necklace // Lotus Necklace

I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious why I like her shop. The pieces are unique, fun, in-style with trends, but classic enough to dress up and down. For example, the Agate Slice Necklace, go open up another browser and type in agate slice and see what pops up. Pretty much every home store and DIY blogger has SOMETHING with agate slice going on right now. Imagine bringing that trend to your day to day style.

Clearly I’m not the only one that thinks her pieces are crazy good either. This lovely lady was just featured on Etsy’s home page and sold-out of the featured piece (edit: this item is back in stock!!)! I love also that she offers both gold and silver options of almost every piece. Gold is really *in* right now for jewelry, but I generally stick to silver so it’s really nice having that choice. My other favorite feature of her shop is the ability to customize your piece’s length. Women are made in all shapes and sizes and I’ve fallen in love with pieces off Etsy before that I’ve ordered only to be disappointed in the length of the piece. Being able to customize your piece so it works for you and your body type is a definite plus.

I had weddings the last two weekends so I was really looking forward to purchasing a few pieces that I might be able to wear and take with me to those events. I selected the gorgeous Crystal Quartz Necklace & a fun Arrow Necklace and then impatiently waited until they arrived.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long, Song shipped the items and they arrived to my door just a few days later! Talk about quick service.

Quartz final-01

I’m incredibly in love with the Quartz Necklace. I dressed it up for the wedding, and then dressed it down a few days later for date night. It’s so versatile for almost any outfit and I’m really glad I bought it longer in length. The chain itself is thick enough to let me adjust the size to whatever level I like best for the outfit. It’s definitely my new favorite piece.

arrow final-01

The arrow necklace is light and fun and adds charm to a plain t-shirt. I definitely recommend going long for this one though, I think I underestimated the length I’d like for it which limits my outfit choices for it. However I love the fun quirky feel of it and think it looks great with a colorful crew neck tee.

You know I didn’t just get to try on some pretty necklaces. I’m always wondering what makes creatives tick and I decided to quiz Song a bit to find out more about the designer behind the jewelry…

Justynn: Tell me about yourself…
Song: I grew up in Gold Beach, Oregon. Which is a tiny coastal town in Southern Oregon. I was always creative when I was younger  but never thought to pursue it as more than a hobby. I loved drawing, painting, and I even use to make simple beaded jewelry pieces. I went to college at Cal Poly in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California and I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. I know, completely unrelated to jewelry making… but I think my education has really helped me to understand how to run a small business from the marketing aspect to finances and bookkeeping.

J: How/ When /Where did you get your start? What motivated you? Where did your creative gene come from?
S: A little over a year ago I was shopping around for some simple, quality jewelry pieces for myself and I had such a hard time finding exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to order some supplies to make a few necklaces for myself. After that I was hooked and eventually I opened my Etsy shop in April 2013.

J: What do you primarily concentrate on with your business?
S: I love working with gemstones and wire wrapping techniques, but I also love creating simple everyday pieces that can be worn with all your outfits. Sometimes I feel like I have so many design ideas floating around and not enough time to create them all!

J: Is this Etsy shop a full time or part time job?
S: I recently moved from San Diego up to Orange County so I have been looking for a full-time job, but in the meantime my jewelry business really has become a full-time job and I love it! I wake up in the mornings excited to start working on my business and it doesn’t even feel like work!

J: What piece is your favorite and why?
S: Oh my gosh I don’t think I could choose just one! There are so many that I love but I’ll try to narrow it down to a couple. I love these Quartz Arrowhead necklaces, the color is so unique and vibrant! I also love these Moonstone necklaces, I just think Moonstone is so gorgeous in how it catches the light with flashes of blue!

Song Yee-01

J: Who are some of your favorite other Etsy sellers?
S: I love AvonnieStudio ( which is also located in Southern California. She makes really cute coffee mugs and other custom gifts. If you’re in the market for a custom coffee mug, check out her shop!

J: Ok, lastly, what do you want CLA readers to know about your business?
S: All aspects of my business are run by me and only me. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in my little “studio” corner of my apartment in Southern California. I’m a perfectionist and I always make sure each piece is a high quality product!

I feel like Song’s energy is just absolutely contagious. She seems to really have found her niche and calling in the art world and I for one can’t wait to see where she goes from here. I also have my eye on a few other pieces in her shop that might just be making their way to my doorstep in the near future.

Have you checked out her shop yet? Find a piece that you just can’t live without? Great, as a fun little bonus Song is offering up 10% off any Creative Life Antics reader’s purchase from now until April 25th. Just use the promo code: CREATIVELIFEANTICS at checkout to take advantage. That’s a whole month of savings! Mother’s day is just around the corner. Don’t wait till last minute to buy your wife or mom something sparkly.


And if that wasn’t enough Song’s also going to giveaway her favorite necklace, the Moonstone Necklace to a CLA reader! Entering to win the Moonstone necklace is really simple, just click


to jump over to rafflecopter. The winner will be picked on April 2nd!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for you today. Pretty good day so far huh? New jewelry, new friend… I’d call that a winner.

Don’t forget to enter and best of luck to all of you!

Until next time…


Monday Morning Mashup

August 5, 2013


I need a list…

ONE// Today is the VERY first day to vote for Season 17 on So You Think You’re Crafty! I’m auditioning and today until Thursday at 7PM EST you can vote for your top five favorites here. Now, I’d be lying if i said I DIDN’T want you to figure out which one is mine and make it your FAVORITE, but I’m not going to force you… (hard, at least). 

I cannot tell you which project is mine, but hopefully you’ll be able to figure it out.

SO GO VOTE! (please) and spread the word!

TWO// The very lovely Lizzy from Lizzy’s Luggage has not only been nominated for the Liebster Award (it’s an award passed around bloggers of smaller blogs) but she has nominated Creative Life Antics for the award as well! I’m so honored, cant wait to answer her questions and nominate some of my favorite small blogs too! I’ll be answering all her

questions on Thursday, but until then please head over and give her some love and congrats!


THREE// I’m adding a really sweet new button to my sidebar. This makes things feel SO
OFFICIAL. Today marks the end of The Bounce Back Campaign. I’m so very proud to announce that we raised over $138,000.00 more than the goal of $500k. To say that this is the start of something big and wonderful for myself and many other bloggers is a complete understatement. I’m close to crying, this is a huge journey and a HUGE step for bloggers in general. Thank you to everyone!

// Today my other very lovely blogging friend is another year older! A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wonderful LEEANN of Join The Gossip.


FIVE// Don’t forget to enter The Nectar Collective Sponsor Giveaway (I’m a sponsor) get all the details to enter HERE.

I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be another item… but at the moment I can’t quite remember what it is…

Either way, Happy Monday!

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August 4, 2013

Hey Everyone! I’m dropping in on a sunday (sorta unusual) to let you know that The Nectar Collective is hosting a giveaway on behalf of all her blog sponsors this month and I’m a part of it! Click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter & go check out these other wonderful ladies that have joined me in sponsoring this month!


The Nectar Collective | Lost in Travels | Postcards from Rachel | Venus Trapped in Mars | Kayli Wanders

Treasure Tromp | 91 Dash | This Lovely Little Day | Daisy Bisley | The Wellness Doer

Creative Life Antics | Stamp in My Passport | Side Street Style | Growing Wild Ginger | Melanie Fontaine

a Rafflecopter giveaway


1. The winner will be contacted by email within seven days of the contest’s end.

2. Winner must respond to that e-mail within 48 hours. If they don’t respond, a new winner will be chosen.

3. This contest is open internationally!

Now I’m off to enjoy the sun… Later Alligators!

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Friday Favorite Five

July 26, 2013

Hi guys! It’s Friiiiiiiiiiday. Who’s excited? (besides me). Being Friday… it means that I have for you a favorite five. And I do… in just a minute. But before I get to that… I need to introduce you to someone.


This is Leeann: (Hi Leeann….) and she is one of TWO extraordinary blog buddies I had this month. Leeann blogs over at Join the Gossip. A cool lifestyle & trend and fashion and just plain awesomeness blog all in one. We both signed up for the Favorite Summer Swap created by Jenna (Life is Sweet) & Lauren (pink on the cheek) and were paired up. For the last month we’ve been stopping by each other’s blog, saying hi, tweeting…. (she helped promote my first giveaway! LOVE this girl)


Oh! And we exchanged a little gift for each other 🙂 I was so excited to open mine…


Love the hair ties, the Starbucks card and the movie is one I’ve been waiting to see for a LONG time. 🙂 The cute card pulled it all together. What a classic idea!

Really glad I was paired up with Leeann, it’s nice to step outside of my comfort zone (craft/ DIY bloggers) and get to read up on other topics like life & fashion. It kinda insipres me to bring a bit more of that into my daily posts for you guys. It cant be DIY/ CRAFT here 24/7, I need to connect more with my readers.

So… in an effort to connect more with people, and as a thank you to Leeann, I’m presenting you with my Favorite Five Articles from! Now, I’ve only been reading for the last month, and I pop around some of her past posts but these are five of my favorites that I’ve read thus far.

one // Summer Style. I’m generally a T-Shirt and jeans kind of a girl, I generally pic comfy over beauty, but, I have been trying to make it a bit more fashionable this summer. I love the dress in this post, the bag is too cute and the necklace is right up my alley.

summer style

two // My Best Friend’s Birthday. I think this post about an evening out for a friends birthday is something that I’d like to add into my mix of DIYs. More about me and my day to day life so you guys get to know me a bit better.

three // Lovers + Friends These are some REALLY cool shirts. I eagerly clicked over to their site so see what else they had.


four // Rock Royalty I thought this was an AWESOME weekend wrap up post. Which I’ve done a few of, but not to this scale. Mine usually involve pictures only. So here’s to rocking out some great stories for my weekend wrap ups. (cue the drums)

five // Street Food Cinema This post makes me wish we had more “street food” and food trucks in my area. :/ Her weekend definitely made me jealous.

Overall I had a lot of fun getting to know Leeann, her blog and just picking out things I think she’d like. I’m looking forward to having her as a friend to chat with and ask questions of (she’s been blogging since 2007!).

So do me a favor, go check out Join the Gossip, follow her on facebook and twitter and overall just give her some love!

More on my second blog buddy this month on Monday!

PS: Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to pledge a donation for The Bounce Back. Tonight we are hosting our very last NAME YOUR PERK party video chat. Stop in and say hello!

Much love and have a wonderful weekend!

Oh! and PPS: Please enter my FIRST GIVEAWAY! Monday I will pick the winner!

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Happy Monday Fans! A VERY happy Monday indeed… I’ll skip all the B.S. right away and tell you what you want to hear… I promised you a GIVEAWAY if I reached 100+ Facebook likes and I’m gad to say that it’s finally here. In-fact, I’m well-over 200 likes! First I just want to say THANK YOU! I’m so shocked at the love and support from complete strangers that I’ve received from blogging and can tell you that I’m in it for the long haul… Continue Reading…

Summer Cash Giveaway

July 9, 2013

Hey everyone! I’ve got two things for you today. First this sweet giveaway that I’m sponsoring from All My Happy Endings! Enter to win some cold-hard-cash (everyone could use some spending money in the summer!!)

$135 cash giveaway


Giveaway starts July 8th at 6:00 am CT – July 14th at 11:59 am CT
Open to everyone worldwide 
You must have a paypal account
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All entries will be verified, so please don’t cheat.
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Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have received no compensation for this post. Please contact
with any questions or if you would like to take part in the next big
_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

OK, Second item to get to today: My weekend/ Holiday Vacation wrap up in iPhone pics. (sorry, didn’t take the big-daddy camera this weekend. LIMITED PACKING ROOM PEOPLE.)

Weekend Wrap Up 07-08-13-01
That’s all for today! Back to our regular programing tomorrow with a Wishlist!
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