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March 21, 2014

COOK — something I found that looked yummy that I plan on re-creating.
MAKE — something I want to make.
WANT — something I don’t “need” but want.
NEED — something that I NEED.
WOOF — something for Marley or Ziggy.
SPACE — a place that inspires me

CMWNWS 0001-01

COOK/ I stumbled upon this recipe yesterday and immediately went out to buy the ingredients. I love mac and cheese, but as well al know it’s just not the healthiest thing in the world. So hopefully if this go well I can substitute this in time to time to balance it all out. Trying it tonight!!

MAKE/ I found this really sweet hanging sign while searching for the items for my gift guides the last two weeks here, here, here and here. And fell in love with this one. But for the price, I think I could replicate really well on my own with this trick. Wish me luck!

WANT/ So really for spring and green and plants and OMG warm weather (it’s still snowing here in the mitten some days) that I’m really getting into having plants out in the home. I’m pretty sure I’m going to jump on the fiddle leaf fig train and pop one of these babies into my house. Here’s to not killing the thing…

NEED/ I can’t believe something like this doesn’t already reside in my paint supplies. How freaking genius is this? I need like 4 please… that way I stop buying brushes every time I go to paint…

WOOF/ While it’s not QUITE spring-like yet, I’m prep-ing for some bit time dog park dates and muddy potty breaks by adding these boots to my collection. Not the most glamorous looking pair in the world, but you can’t beat the price, and I won’t feel terrible getting them completely dirty. Plus with that color, you might not notice the dry so much… right?

SPACE/ I’m pretty certain my office is my next HUGE project so I’m pinning inspiring office spaces like crazy. Absolutely in love with the giant calendar and cork board in this fun office.

So glad it’s Friday. Mar’s driving me crazy wanting to get outside for some fresh air… I honestly can’t blame her so we’re hoping to swim by the park on our way home from work today! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Also being that it’s Friday…. it’s time to…..

#backthatazzup with Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work
The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: “Back That Azz Up” on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up and have a jam sesh with all of us!
Today’s Selection:
Ain’t Easy  — Rachel Farley
Pretty much sums up my life right now.