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Hey Everyone!

I’m about to interrupt this DIY love-fest blog for something a bit more …personal.

Ok, wow… guys, not THAT personal.

What I mean is, something that kinda hits close to home. See, I have a younger sister Jordan who is 19. Which blows my mind. Honestly, how did she get SO OLD, SO FAST?! Who, like myself has a passion to create things whether it 562513_988303989127_1413923726_nbe a t-shirt company out of tie dyed shirts that she sold to her schoolmates, painted old skateboards, some seriously amazing monochromatic paintings of musicians and also throwing events.

This time the event in particular I’m talking about is called Hoops for Harms. Now, before I get into the details I just want to brag some more. Jordan is finishing her sophomore year at Michigan State University. She’s planning on being a Communications Major wanting to work with professional sport teams. She’s also a graduate of Detroit Country Day School. A private school located in the suburbs of Michigan that focuses on preparing their students for college while requiring them to remain active in sports, clubs, the arts and volunteer work. Students that have graduated from her school are some of the most well-rounded individuals I’ve ever met (at 17/18 years old!). Another great thing about DCDS is that it focuses not only on the success of their current students, but also their graduates. Which come back into play in this case…

So, back to the event… Hoops for Harms was dreamed up and created by Jordan last year as a basketball tournament fundraiser for a elementary school in Detroit where Jordan and my step-mom have both spent hours volunteering, Harms Elementary. Harms like many other schools in Michigan has limited funds to provide materials teachers and students need in order to get a proper education. Small items like books, crayons, pencils and paper are in short supply. Many of the students whose second language is English are living in a poverty-stricken area of Detroit and come to school without hats or gloves in the winter. Upon seeing this issues Jordan decided to create a basketball fundraiser tournament to raise money for the supplies and items needed at Harms. Last year she sent emails and letters to members of her family, friends and local businesses to raise awareness. She also held a meeting with the Headmaster of DCDS to acquire space in their gym to hold the event. DCDS Not only provided the gym, they also made Harms Elementary their “little brother” school for the year. In a two month time she was able to acquire 8 teams of four, a boatload of school supplies and $575 dollars for Harms. This year she’s looking to make the event bigger and better.

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Hoops for Harms will be a 4 on 4 tournament held on Saturday June 29th at 9AM. It will take place at the Cooper Gymnasium at Detroit Country Day High School. This year they are asking the teams to raise $20 per team to play (that’s $5 a player people). Like last year other donations of hats and gloves are greatly appreciated. If you have a team that would like to compete or have any questions regarding this event please use the contact form below. Did I mention that the tournament winners get trophies and bragging rights for a year?

I will of course be in attendance helping out in any way that I can. And I hope to see some familiar faces. If you are interested in just making a donation to the school please, please, please fill out the form below. This is a great cause, and I’m super proud of my little sis. You will be seeing a lot more from her in the future, I guarantee it.


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