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I’m getting super pumped. Starting this Sunday, Ann Arbor’s Summer Restaurant Week begins and it’ll be the first time I’ve ever been.

Crazy right? Since I’m only like 15 minute away… Regardless I’m ready for amazing meals out with that handsome boy, and looking to try new things and new places.

Ann Arbor is such a hub of amazing food. There’s so many restaurant that even most of the people living and working down there everyday haven’t even tried.

I’ve only touched a small handful of the amazing restaurant down there and with the set $15 lunch and $28 dollar dinner prices I’m excited to see what the chefs have prepared.

If you head to the Participating Restaurants tab on the AARW site you can click each participating place and see what they have for you this week. Most places will still also have their regular menu for those not partaking in the RW set menu too.

I really like having a checklist or a place I can write down the places I’ve been to and what I thought about them. I made myself a little tour guide/ score card and thought I’d share with the rest of you (you can download it below).

Can wait to hear everyone’s thoughts!!


Click Here To Download This Score Card

Be sure to check out Restaurant Week!