Disclaimers / Legal Stuff

Creative Life Antics Disclaimer
  • Creative Life Antics is written by Justynn Yagiela, a first-time blogger, Graphic Designer and student.  I’m not an expert.
  • My site does not share your email address or other contact info (unless you win a giveaway (you lucky person) in which case I’ll ask you for shipping information).
  • I love comments & feedback, but I reserve the right to delete any if I deem necessary.  Play nice people, life’s too serious these days.
  • As I said above, I’m no expert, so if you attempt a DIY and it goes horribly wrong Creative Life Antics & myself are not liable.
  • Creative Life Antics reserves the right to move, replace, delete images, content and consume all the ice cream in the freezer without notice.
  • The opinions and statements and blatant cheering for all Detroit Sports Teams found on this site are 100% mine, which aren’t always positive, but are not intended to offend or attack any group or individual.  I joke around… can take a joke, and appreciate a good athletic rivalry, but anything deemed highly inappropriate or mean will be deleted without warning. See my “play nice” rule above.
  • All photos that aren’t taken by Creative Life Antics are credited and linked to an available outside source where there is one found.  They are are believed to be in public domain and readily available on the internet (published according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act, title 17, U.S. Code).
  • Photos not credited to an outside source have been taken by Creative Life Antics and are protected. Failure to link back and credit this site as their source constitutes a copyright violation.  I love it when others find my photos or post inspiring and share but PLEASE link back to my site and give me credit. I work hard (sometimes 😉) on the content I share. It’s only fair.
  • I will fully disclose any free stuff that I receive, products or services provided at a discounted rate, or giveaways that I host.  The integrity of this site is very important to me, so I make every effort to disclose free product or sponsorship so you will know that any reviews or opinions provided are 100% mine, both positive and negative.
  • I’m a registered blogger for Entertainment New Media Network and at time will write posts for clients either for free, for a small fee or for perked items. I will never write about something that is not relevant for my blog nor will I write anything not in my own words.
  • I am an Amazon Affiliate and often links in a post to amazon are affiliated links and I may receive a small fee if you purchase this item. I call this the cash that keeps the blog alive and only chose products I have purchased myself and therefor recommend.

And that’s the not-fun stuff. DONE. Woot, back to the good stuff…


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