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Raise your hand if that whole “journey to adulthood and participating in grownup activities” goes down the toilet when you’re in the presence of your favorite childhood toy…

Right? High five your neighbor.

Barbies Dolls, Action Figures, The Pet Shoppe (does anyone remember this gem?!), Lincoln Logs, Video Games, The Sims (guilty)…. or how about the old classic standby…


Photo Jul 24, 11 21 26 AM

It seems as kids I couldn’t get enough of the tiny magic blocks that stacked and unstacked allowing me to create my favorite dream homes. I remember using Legos to build houses for my Barbies (clearly scale was of no concern to my younger self) and I would turn those tiny pieces of plastic into what was most assuredly the coolest furniture ever made with Legos.

When things got old I would take them all apart and move on to my next world class creation, and this process would continue over and over. Somewhere along the line though, the older I would get, the easier it was for me to get tired of the same old blocks and move on to another toy temporarily.

So, what if there was a way to freshen up your lego experience? You still get to build fun creations, but after you were done, you turned them back in and was sent a new one.

Enter PLEY.


First off— let me tell you how freaking excited Ryan (the Nerd)  was when I told him about Pley. Ry is a world class Lego fanatic. Seriously, he’s got a Lego Store VIP card. So when I told him there was a monthly rental service that you could sign up for and receive Lego sets, build them and then send them back for more, the next words out of his mouth were “sign me up”.


Of course being the VIP Lego builder that he was, he had some legit questions. Like:

“Can I build the Deathstar?” Yes dear, you can. Just add it to your Pleylist.

“What happens if I lose a piece, do I get charged a buttload of money?” Nope. You can lose up to 15 pieces per set and it’s ok. Accidents happen.

“What if I build the Deathstar and I want to keep it?” You can! Just tell Pley that you’ve fallen in love with their set and they’ll let you buy it from them at a discounted rate.

“Is it only one set per month?” Nope. You can build and return as many sets as you want in a month.

“Wait, isn’t that kinda gross? Sharing legos with people?” It totally would be, however, each Pley set comes in a handy mesh bag, and that *WHOLE BAG* gets tossed around in a sanitizer machine, fully dried and repackaged before moving onto the next builder.

He was hooked. So we signed up, received our first set and got to building. READ: Ryan hogged the entire set and built it while I pouted and took pictures. We’re officially on month 2 of our subscription right now and every time that Pley set shows up in the mail I get a happy little text from His Nerdiness. He even promised to let me add a few architecture sets to the list that I could build myself.

Photo Jul 09, 11 30 42 PM

Who said romance was dead?

Anyways, I was telling my buddy about Pley just the other day, because clearly grown adults talk about legos, and mentioned that he should sign up. Pley has three monthly plans that you can choose from, $15/month for small sets, $25/ month for medium sets, and $39/month for those big guys… like the Deathstar. And just because they’re good people, the crew over at Pley even give you a free trial set to start out with.

Like any good blogger though, Pley and I are teaming up to give three of you FREE Fancy Prizes.

Courtesy of Pley


(Winner choses from: LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutation Chamber Unleashed
LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stealth Shell in Pursuit
LEGO Star Wars Jedi Interceptor
LEGO Creator Treehouse
LEGO Super Heroes Artic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze, Aquaman on Ice)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

Courtesy of Pley

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

Courtesy of Pley

And if that wasn’t enough, ANYONE that enters the giveaway can receive a promo code for the first month of your Pley membership for free.

A huge round of applause to Pley for these awesome prizes!!

To enter the giveaway click over to Rafflecopter HERE


*DISCLAIMER* - I was given a free membership for a limited period of time to test out and evaluate Pley. There are affiliate links in this post. All thoughts are my own and I only recommended products or services if *I* actually like it. Plus you're getting free "fun stuff". So bonus points for everyone.

Don’t Ever Grow Up,



Baking homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch- me.  Tearing apart my bathroom and ripping out walls- me.  Building custom wood projects and puppy proofing the back deck- me.

Designing a vanity base on my style (the tom-boy with dirt under her nails)- now that’s a challenge.

One Kings Lane recently threw me a curveball and asked ME (they know who I am?) to design MY dream vanity based on one of their fantastic mirrors.

So…….   naturally I agreed.  I never back down from a challenge.

Wanting to knock this out of the park, I took some cues from mi casa and got to work. If you’ve been following for a while (high five to you!) you may remember a certain mirror project of my own. When I was flipping through the mirror options I spotted the wooden beauty below, which they accurately name the “Line Mirror”, that closely resembled my very own DIY mirror.

It was love.

That blue swatch over on the right…? Thats a pretty accurate sample of the ACTUAL color of my bedroom. So, I figured if I’m making this for me, I better design it where it’s actually going to go, right?

My bedroom right now it the dark navy & teal color, with loud pops of color. I have a HUUUUGE Red-Orange Ikea mirror that I absolutely LOVE.  So when I saw the Coastal Retreat Desk in orange I knew it was a perfect fit. Then came the accessories.

Reflect your style_OL-01I’m NOT a fan of crap all over my surfaces (you’d never know it though). I knew I wanted to go light with the accessories, maybe a vase of flowers here, a tray with all my miracle mixes there… You know, clean and simple. I love the white Earthenware Planter for some bright fresh flowers (peonies seem to really be the buzz right now), and when it comes to the “tray”, well… I didn’t pick a tray at all. Would you after seeing the Metal Lazy Susan? I’m pretty sure my exact words were “I’m totally buying one of these. Wait, It’d be great for art supplies too, so maybe two”. You can quote me on that. Go ahead. This sweet carousel will be perfect for holding my “can’t live without” items like my Style Prep & Face Lotion from Aveda (have you smelled their products? TO DIE FOR.) and my absolute favorite perfume from Fresh.

For some, beauty routines are quick, easy, five minutes “let me just fluff my hair, and put on some mascara”, but for the rest of us… we’re going to need to take a seat for the whole procedure. I didn’t want something that protruded into my room (It’s Marley’s playing area, duh.) So finding something that would pack away easily under the desk was a must. But so was comfort! The Farha stool accomplished both of these goals, with the added benefit of disappearing into the walls and light colored carpet when stored.

All this though, started from the mirror. I fell in love with a mirror (not a lamp, sorry san diego). A mirror with raw untreated wood, and a wavy line edge. What an accurate name indeed.