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I’m Broke & Broke…

August 6, 2013

Hellllllllo out there. Welcome, welcome. It’s Tuesday (shocker, I know). And today I’ve got some Hollywood news for you.

Before I get too far into the news just a QUICK shameful plug reminder to go vote for the So You Think You’re Crafty Season 17 Auditions. pleasssssse… I’m begging… seriously, on my knees right now (ok, that’s a lie).

Ok, now on to the fun stuff. First, before I go ANY farther… this:ENMNetwork Disclosure

SO. I’m super excited today to bring to you news of a HOT HOT HOT new single camera comedy called Newlywed & Broke. A “modern day” I Love Lucy- like comedy starring Reko Moreno and Kat Castaneda as a newlywed couple struggling with financial hardship, job loss and all the quirks of a new marriage. I watched about 2 minutes of their hilarious promo video on their indiegogo campaign site and immediately fell in love. The MC Hammer reference was ON POINT.


I can seriously relate to this comedy right now. I might not be married, but I’m a young homeowner that struggles constantly to find a balance between bills, projects and being young and wanting to “live the life”. There are definitely times where I think to myself “If I hadn’t bought my home” I could have gone to Europe, or Peru or somewhere amazing and had a once in a lifetime experience. I have to remind myself that setting money aside for that dreaded property tax bill is WAY more important than new clothes (at least that’s what I’ve been told). 

This new series will be something that EVERYONE can relate to it’s a familiar tale for all of us.  Relationship or not, everyone can grow nostalgic over at least a few ridiculous choices they made when they were broke. Just watch the promo video here. I’m fully standing behind this new show and can’t wait to see what else they can come up with.

Stop by the Indiegogosite (I LOVE how they named their perks as the romance “steps”. The description for the Bachelorette party is SO TRUE, lol!), check out some of the cool broke tips provided by fans and take note that your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE because they are partnered with Fractured Atlas –a non-profit arts service organization. 


As always I will be giving you the latest and greatest up to date information from this campaign. I think the best part of this whole thing is hearing everyones stories! What’s your broke tip? Do you only get gas during a full moon? Maybe you hit up the local bar only during happy hour? Tell me your broke tip! You never know… it just might make it on the show. 

Have a wonderful day everyone, see you back here tomorrow for a Wednesday Wishlist! 

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