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February 18, 2014

So I’m here to ask you all the age old question.

If a man speaks in the forest and no women hears him…is he still wrong?

Hah. Kidding.

But we are going to talk about wood today.


Come on guys, not that kind of wood. Your head’s in the gutter again… I thought we talked about that?


Anyways, so last week— maybe the week before? I had a mini panic day, the day my iPhone died. So I had to go get a new one. which of course means spending ten zillion dollars on new accessories. One of which being a new case.

I’m pretty particular about cases. I like the hard cases, but not the ones that add a ton a bulk to my phone. The thing is large enough already, we don’t need to go adding to the size.

Anyways, I spent a day or two really searching online at cases and I kept coming back to a thin wood/ bamboo case. It just felt right. So I found my case on Etsy, it’s from a store call Tmbr, which, if I do say so myself has some pretty freaking cool items. I listed a few 2 weeks ago on my gift guide for guys. I still want one of those sunglasses. Maybe for my birthday. You know, if I’m good.

I’m not going to talk much more about Tmbr, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I highly recommend buying from this shop, the case is absolutely rocking quality, and they shipped it out the same day. Which, on Etsy, is kinda unheard of.

Check ’em out here….

TMBR Pic-01

Basically I pretty much love my phone case.

That’s it for today, I’m going to dig myself out of 8 fresh inches of snow now. WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING?!


oh ps, this post isn’t sponsored. I’m sure Tmbr doesn’t even have a clue I did this little write up and photoshoot. I just like the product.


Love Post

Can we pause before going into the whole purpose of this post and take in the greatness that is the I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness music video? I mean, a naked man hugging that pink furry thing. CLASSIC.

Oh right… the purpose…

I’m getting there…


(single awareness day)

Everyone enjoying their day so far? Were you surprised with heart shaped pancakes this morning? Yeah, me either. It happens. I did however get some really sweet Valentine’s Day kisses from my furry Valentine this morning. She’s the best. I’m giving her a sweet VDAY treat later. Because I’m a creepy dog mom.  Actually, Marley has a valentine for all the CLA readers…

Marley Valentine-01

She’s adorable right? I was just finishing up with a fun little photo shoot and she decided that she wanted a few head-shots taken as well.


The actual photo-shoot, before little miss diva took over was for a really cool company call Brilliant Earth, who had contacted me around the end of January to see if I wanted to participate in a fun blogger creative challenge.They challenged me to come up with a image that reflexed what *LOVE* meant to me while spelling out the term.

I’m always down for a challenge, so I pretty much immediately responded with a “count me in”. It took me a few days after to come up with a concept that REALLY expressed me, but I’m really satisfied with the result. See, love to me is about a whole slew of things. Friends, family, Marley (obviously), cooking, baking, crafting, building, blogging… and just fun things in general. I wanted to find a way to represent each of these separate aspects of love and I had four little letters to accomplish it by.

So for as corny as we can get…


L – Represents my love for crafting, taking photos and painting.

O – Represents Marley and her impact on my life, without her I’m not quite sure where I’d be.

V – Represents my inner chef and baker, something that I’m really proud of.

 E – Represents the part of me that loves to build things, something I share with many members of my family.


I had so much fun pulling together the items for each letter. It was fun looking through my stash and finding objects that represented me and Creative Life Antics overall as a whole. I’m pretty sure “O” is my favorite. All the items on there scream Marley to me. From the dog leash she’s chewed on to the tag on her collar, she’s full of spunk and spirit and the objects in this photo are her favorites.


Brilliant Earth is a jewelry company that specializes in ethically sourced diamonds and engagement rings. To be honest I didn’t really know much about them until this fun challenge. But I took a minute to read about them and I’ve got to say that they have me really sold on their mission. They want to provide not only quality diamonds and jewelry, but do it in a way that promotes awareness and change in a field of economics that generally has a bad rap.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the jewelry trade business or about the horrible practices and conditions of diamond mining, but anyone that promotes the well being of other humans/ animals and overall tries to improve the way of life for them seem like good people to me.

Second honest moment? I’m generally not a jewelry gal. Or at least expensive jewelry. I’ve never really took time out of my life to picture what my engagement ring would like (you know, if I ever decide to date again). I’m not into flashy big rings and rarely if I’ve ever found time to peruse engagement rings have I EVER found anything that more than merely sparked my interest. But, I figured hey what the hello, look to see what they got.

You see this ring? This is it. I had a total stop the presses moment. Never ever ever before have I looked at an engagement ring and went “YES, that’s the type of ring I want”. Until now.


Isn’t it gorgeous? I love that it’s all vintage style, but still has modern flare. It reminds me so much of my grandmother’s which I wear almost daily.

Wow, I feel like a real girl now. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. 😉

There are some really pretty other pieces on their site too. These are a few of my favorites.

Brilliant Earth Jewelry-01

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven


What are your favorite’s from Brilliant Earth? How’d you like my mini “photo shoot”? And MARLEY is getting SO BIG. Man oh man.

This official girly girl is OUT,


Ps: This post is super non-sponsored, I really was just contacted to funzies and had a blast pulling together this image. Also Brilliant Earth really is a sweet site, and I really did find my dream ring. ❤

Right on Target

November 5, 2013

So yesterday I mentioned hitting up Target (tarrrrrjayyyyy– cuz it sounds classy that way) over the weekend in my panicked state of trying to find a Halloween costume. And I’m not sure if i mentioned it, in fact I’m to lazy to go back and look– real life here people– but I’m super impressed with them as of the last several months, not only for the home decor stuff which we all love and adore (love me some J-Adler) but also in the clothing department. 

Dude, I remember back when I was younger and I was HORRIFIED shopping at Target for school clothes. I know that makes me sound all ‘privileged’ and whatever, but where I grew up was a fairly well-off area, and while not every family was ranking in the millions (mine wasn’t) going to school and dressing up for it was super pressured for a young girl. If you weren’t wearing Abercrombie or Hollister or whatever brand name was big back then, then kids kinda– automatically put you in a “group” in school and it was hard to get out of that. It was rough, kids at my high school got brand new mustangs and convertibles for their first car, and always wore the latest and greatest. (My high school bordered on the Super Rich and moderately rich zones of my town, I was from neither and just was thrown into that group.) 

I’m not going to say that we were super un-wealthy and poor– but I grew up in a single parent household and my mom worked her ass off. Yes, I’m super close to my dad, and saw him practically every week, but for a single mother raising a kid on your own and being the only income– she definitely cut corners for herself so I could pick out the cool clothes. (PS mom I love you).

Anyways— off of that tangent… Back in the day Target was an “eh” kind of a store. Now a days I can rarely go in there without spending $100 on ALL THE THINGS.

Seriously, it’s like a disease, if you can go into there without spending $100, please feel free to do all my shopping for me for the rest of my life, at target.

Really though, their women’s clothing line has seriously taken off so kudos to them. Below are 8 of my favorite items (three of which I bought) in woman’s fashion right now. And let me tell you, it was really hard to limit myself to just 8.


1. Leopard Print Flats // 2. Geometric Infinity Scarf // 3. Leopard Print Top // 4. White Tunic // 5. Mittens // 6. Black Wristlet // 7. Black Studded Pumps // 8. Red Lacey Dress

One– Totally bought these super cute flats. They were cheap, they could go with practically any top and skinny jeans and you can never have too many flats.

Two– Love the pattern on this scarf. Like flats you can never have too many cute scarfs (I have probably close to 20) and being black and white– again, goes with everything and anything.

Three– This top I loved at first sight. Leopard print it totally making a comeback right now and in a way that is sexy but NOT sleazy, and this top paired with a basic black or white tank and skinny jeans or skinny black pants could be a great date night outfit.

Four– I bought this white tunic too for a baby shower this Sunday. I’m thinking of pairing it with skinny jeans my new and either boots or the leopard print flats (depending on the weather).

Five– Mittens. Living in the “Mitten State” (ask any michigander to tell you where they live, I dare you) you can never have too many pairs of gloves, mittens hats… scarfs… 😉 especially when you are live me and lose the ying to every yang in EVERY pair and can never find a matching set. I swear my car eats them.

Six– I’m not a big carry around a huge purse type of girl (especially when going out) so I generally have a wristlet “wallet” that I stuff inside bigger purses when needed, but it carries around all the essentials (credit card, debit card, cash, lip gloss, ID… etc) I’m in the need of a new one and I wanted black. I generally splurge and buy myself a Coach one (they last forever and its like the ONE nice thing i own) but this one caught my eye and i figure I’d grab it. I’ll probably still get a coach one, or ask for it for Christmas, but this one will work for now and its kinda “edgy” with the metal details.

Seven– Speaking of “edgy”, I absolutely LOVE these pumps. I’m not a big heel person I can generally stand in them, but actually walking around requires brainpower that I seem incapable of using after the second or third margarita, which will mean that they heels come off and my toes are out for show (ALWAYS KEEP THEM PAINTED). However, I have been known to buy a few pairs and wear them religiously when needed and I love the studs on these so these will probably end up in my closet in the next month as well.

Eight– I’m mostly a jeans and t- type of a girl, but I’m starting to go out more so I’m going to need some sexy new dresses to pay for the drinks at the bar. Dont get it? Ask a woman. Clothes = Beverages. It’s scientifically proven.

There were SO many more items that I loved, but I’ll have to save those for another time. Next time let’s go back to decor stuff. J-A is calling my nammmmme.

Have you picked up anything from Tarjeeeeeey lately that you are loving? Tell me please!!

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** All opinions are my own and no way shape or form has target asked for any of this coverage. They don’t even know who I am. Hell I don’t really even know who I am anymore… **

Shameless Quick Plug: If you have a minute today please stop by over at SYTYC to vote for the Season 17 Auditions round. CLA (that’s ME) is vying for the chance to participate this season!

Did you guys know that H&M had a home store?! I sure didn’t. But of course when I found I hopped right over and spend over and HOUR looking through their entire catalogue. And then I got distracted by clothes. Isn’t this the cutest dress?!

Ok, ok Justynn, back on topic… Anyways, So I found out they have a home catalogue, spent over and hour perusing it and figured I might as well share my finds with you. Check out some of my favorites below.

08-07-13 WW-01 Continue Reading…

Why hello blog friends. How’s your Wednesday going so far? I’m running a little behind today (shh… don’t tell anyone). Yesterday was a super late night with class… and we have DOOZY of a project ahead. I have to make a collage of my face with magazine clippings using only 2 complimentary colors & the colors they make when mixed together in 7 steps. So pretty much I need to go buy a boatload of glue sticks, throw some recorded shows on the TV and go at it for…. hours.

But anyways, enough of that… It’s Wednesday! Which means it’s Wish List Day. Every Wednesday I post items that I’ve personally added to my wish list. Since we are stuck right in the middle of our Etsy Color Series we are going to continue on with Green today! But before I get ahead of myself: If you haven’t seen the past colors of this series check them out! Here is Black & White, Red, Orange and Yellow.

Ok! Back to green. I picked 14 great items from Etsy so let’s get started! Continue Reading…

So, I’ve found and loved several things this week across the blog-world and felt that I need to share with you. If you’ve already seen these, I apologize, but they were too good and too inspiring/ swoon-worthy to not repost. I don’t think this will be a WEEKLY thing, but probably happening every once in a while over the course of time.

blackKraft-Main-thumbThe Inspired Office Store {Wishlisted for sure!}


Pets On FurniturePets on Furniture | Desire to Inspire {totally participating in this next week!}


2013-05-08_1450Colorstrology | Michele Bernhardt {huh, kinda cool- I think this is pretty on point}



Typography Cake | A Subtle Revelry [how freaking cool?!]

Have a very lovely weekend everyone! I’m looking forward to some gardening, fun DIY projects, being outside in this lovely weather and some painting homework! 🙂

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Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s finally nice out here and I’m super stoked for the nice weather. It’s also my Month-Old Blogoversary! I’m looking to bump up the number of likes on my Facebook page and host a giveaway after we reach 100 *likes*. Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, follow this blog through email (hell- follow me on instagram you’ll get pictures of cute dogs)… Think of it like a month-old birthday gift to my blog 😉 Shameless self-promotion I know…

It’s Wish List Wednesday and we’re back for our fourth installment of the Etsy color series. Miss the first three colors? Click these links to see them; White & Black, Red and Orange. Why Etsy? Well….. I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

**REMINDER: Last week Benton Park Prints (one of the shops feature for ORANGE) Graciously offered 20% off their shop for all CREATIVE LIFE ANTICS readers. This offer expires 5/22/13. Use Promo Code: ANTICS **
If you take advantage of this offer please *like* Benton Park Prints and Creative Life Antics on Facebook.

This week’s color is YELLOW. Which is perfect for the nice weather we are FINALLY having. I was a little angry to wake up Monday morning to frost. And when I got home after work I noticed that it did indeed kill about two rows of plants in my new vertical garden planter. Hopefully this weekend I can take those out and replace them. I have 2 weeks until I can turn it fully up-right and when I can I’ll show you a whole reveal post. Until then… lets get back to YELLOW! We’ve got ten great products this round so lets get started!

Wednesday WIshlist GREEN-01

one // Everyone’s luggage looks the same these day when it’s coming around the carousal and usually by this time everyone’s grumpy from traveling. Make yours and someone else’s day with this humorous luggage tag from Cest Superbe Labels. This would put a smile on my face, and I would TOTALLY call out that person’s name.

two // Ok, we all know that white ceramic is HUGE right now. But lets not forget to give some love to the other colorful ceramic creatures out there. Like this cute owl piggy bank from Fruit Fly Pie. The bottom of this bank twists off for easy access to the cash inside. Which is good, I would never want to break this guy open… [sidenote: just realized I had purchased from this shop before. I bought the small yellow pig and he sits on my bedroom night stand collecting stuff from my pockets! I love him!]

three // The cute cupcake liners from Simply Wrappers are all sort of springy and I love them! Going to buy a few of these for my “liner stash” which is a real thing people. The bf wanted cake the other day so I made cupcakes and gave him a list of what liners he could chose from.

four // Technically this has other colors than just yellow in it, but I love this necklace so much I’m willing to make and exception. Crafted by Bevin Bold this is such a perfect piece for a number of outfits in my closet. Plus it also has mint green, which is such a huge color this season.

five // So, you know how women before they get married day-dream and plan out their wedding day? Honestly, I haven’t done that… pinterest kinda started me thinking about all that crap, but the only thing I’ve really put thought into are the invites. I literally sit on Pinterest and Etsy and judge invites. These are really genius wedding invitations using the basic Panton color swatch style. Created by MikioDesign I love the simplicity and bold color. There’s also some other really great color to chose from so check these out!

six // Nothing goes better than yellow and grey and this simple chevron piece by MrsEliotBooks is a great example. Gotta love the subtle chevron shape and the variety of textures within the print.

seven // Back on my pillow quest for my living room… how cute is this pillow from SkinnyLaminx?! I love it! *Adds to my list of options*

eight // It’s the beginning of wedding season which means at my age you probably know about a half dozen couples getting married this year. Which on top of that means you have a half dozen gifts to buy, wrap and present to the bride and groom to be. Buying wedding gifts can be exhausting and boring when it’s the same type of items over and over again so do yourself a favor, get something off of their registry and then give them something a bit more personal  or handmade. Trust me, they’ll love that you put some thought into their wedding gift. This print from Apple Blossom Print is a perfect example of a personal gift.

nine // Ok, I swear it’s the last pillow I’ll show you… for this week. But who doesn’t LOVE the geometric texture? It’s incredible! Created by White Nest.

ten // As a lover of old vintage things this old postbox from Cab Art Vintage would make a great addition to the wall of any home. Maybe use it to pass love notes back and forth between you and your significant other. ❤ Awe, dreamy.

So what do you think? Great stuff right? If you love the products go give the Etsy shop owner some love!

Have your own shop? Would you like to be featured or to sponsor a giveaway? Shoot me an email!

Have a great Wednesday people!

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What’s up you lovely people? It’s Wish List Wednesday and we’re back for our third installment of the Etsy color series. Miss the first two colors? See it White & Black and Red. Why Etsy? Well….. I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

Orange is the color this week and its one of my favorite colors! I love the bold stand out quality and depth of all the shades of orange. Eleven spectacular items to follow so lets get to it…

Wednesday WIshlist ORANGE-01

1// This sweet print from handz is a great play on one of my favorite line from this Gary Allen song. A great reminder to enjoy the art of “getting there” in life. Plus the typography of ride literally has me swooning.

2// Who doesn’t love a great vintage desk? Unfortunately this desk sold last November to some lucky person. who… may or may not want to start keeping a better eye on their piece…

3// Yep, I’m obsessed. I love everything type. Whats better than small type? BIG TYPE. I love this big “h” from Hindsvik. I want to hang it on my “Art Wall”.

4// Every girl has to own some sort of chunky necklace. I have…. several. Wouldn’t this be a sweet addition to my collection? I don’t have an orange one…. yet. Created by stonesartisanjewelry.

5// There seems to be a trend of flour sacks as the perfect cleaning towel right now instead of paper towel, which isn’t very environmentally friendly. So if you’re going to be environmentally friendly, you need to do it in style. Nicely made by SproutedDesigns.

6// This orange clock from uncommon is made to be a focal point on your wall. Add in some great B&W prints surrounding the clock for a bold statement.

7// Honestly, I love Chicago. I’m a Detroit girl born and raised but would pretty much drop everything to live in Chicago for a few years. Lovely skyline print from Benton Park Prints.

UPDATE: This vendor was so excited to be featured that they’ve offered a coupon code for 20% from their shop BENTON PARK PRINTS for Creative Life Antic Readers and Fans until 5/22/13. Coupon code: ANTICS

8// Although not orange in color, orange in scent is just as good. I’m a citrus and fruity scent person at heart and I can only imagine how good my hands will smell after using this! Crafted by Frog Goes to Market.

9// What stands out to me the most about this orange leather cuff bracelet is the braid. It looks so complicated but effortless at the same time. Very boho chic. Great job by JustLena (which I should mention is so super close to my own name… weird!)

10// THIS MUG (from symmetrical pottery). Oh my gosh. Stood out from the page in the most incredible way. Mom if you’re reading… add this to my christmas list. There’s also some really cool dog bowls too!

11// Love this fantastic glass bowl from UneekGlassFusions how cool would this look with some apples and bananas?

Well, that wraps up this week’s wish list. Which item is your favorite?

On a more personal note yesterday marked the first day of my last class in my Graphic Design Degree. Yay. So expect some homework related posts. A lot of painting and color theory. Maybe I’ll post our assignments on here and you guys can try them yourself. What do you think? Hopefully these late nights at school won’t throw off my blogging too much. I’m still planning on participating in my challenges so keep and eye out for those!

Have a great Wednesday!

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May 2, 2013

So, when I decided to start this blog part of my goal was to start challenging myself to actually create the things I’ve been “pinning” or have been thinking about for a looooooong time. And since we all know other bloggers have this same issue it’s nice when we are forced coerces into actually doing it.


The lovely Katie Bower from Bower Power Blog and Sherry from Young House Love have been issuing what they call the Pinterest Challenge for a while now (each season they challenge themselves and their readers to stop pinning and start doing) and this will be the first time I’ve actually participated. They ask the participants to find a project you’ve pinned, cite the sources of inspiration for it and then put your own twist on it. They give you about a week to get your project done, and then you share it on their sites with other readers and bloggers. Then people comment, tell you you’re amazing and we all live happily ever after. Well… thats the way I see it.

So, for my challenge I have decided on remaking over my old ugly bedroom mirror into something new. These are some images that inspired my project…


ONE // TWO // THREE (dead link :() // FOUR (another dead link :()

So, as you can see I have my hands full this week.

BUT WAIT…. THERE’S MORE…. (in my best infomercial voice).

I have also decided to sign up for The Rookie DIY Challenge posted on Challenge Loop by “The Rookies” themselves Casey & Bridget from DIY Playbook.


Luckily this one ends May 29th, so I don’t have to get it done right away. But I’m equally Excited for this one too! I’ve got some ideas swimming in my head but nothing too solid just yet. I’ll be sure to keep you in the know though.

On top of all this, I think next month I’m going to start my own little challenge series. Challenging myself to take on more than just an itty bitty craft project and more of a redo-rework project. Still working that idea out.

So what do you think? Are you going to join these fun challenges too? I’m excited to see what everyone is planning. If you have a blog and have posted your inspiration I’d love to see it. Leave a link in the comments, and good luck!

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Whew, what a week so far. First, I apologize for being MIA for the last few days. I’m planning on working hard on some really great projects this weekend (much bigger than I’ve worked on recently) and I’ve been wrappingg my head around everything that I need to purchase for it, setting aside time to do it between work and DETROIT RED WINGS PLAYOFFS (name drop much?). I promise I will share all the busy details soon. Until then I’ll let you all ponder what’s going on by looking at this truly horrible photo.


Yup, my deck. I need to get this baby ready for spring/ summer… since you know, it finally decided to arrive.

HOWEVER, it’s Wish List Wednesday and we’re back for our second installment of the Etsy color series. Miss the first installment? See it here. Why Etsy? I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

Red is the theme this week and I’ve got some real knockouts! AND I was able to limit myself to ten. It was hard, and there were some GREAT items that just barely didn’t make the list.

Wednesday WIshlist Red-01

1// Who doesn’t like cake for breakfast? If I wore this button I could actually have cake for breakfast… right? This wonderful design is created by Instant Awesome.

2// Big, bright, bold and totally mouth-watering. I love the simplicity and quirkiness of this necklace by Venicia Creations would be the perfect addition to my collection.

3// I’m pretty much a ‘tea-oholic’ these days and there’s nothing better than your favorite tea in a pretty cup. This cup and saucer combo from bloodymarianne is fantastic! I love the strip/ solid combo. I think I need to start replacing all my tea cups now…

4// Let’s not kid around, succulents are HUGE right now. And while I might have a green thumb outside… it doesn’t always translate that way to my inside plants. Thus why succulents are perfect for me. They don’t require constant attention. This petite planter by dachshundinthedesert brings the perfect pop of color and earthy edge. I think they would look amazing in a set of three or four on my dining room table. And it comes WITH a plant. How much easier can it get?

5// Ok, so this clock by EuroVintage is technically ‘red-orange’ but the red part came first (solid argument, right?). I love the look of the classic alarm clocks about as much as I dread the sound of them. I have not and never will be a morning person. Seriously, just ask my parents. However, I’m not above buying one to set in my room to make it LOOK like I’m a morning person. I love the pop of color. And since thats generally how I style my home, this would look great on my nightstand. Ok, maybe on the bf’s side… 😉

6// I found these totally awesome key rings a while ago and can’t get over how unique of an idea this is by nanehandmade. Love the geometric painting and color selection they have. For someone who loses their keys as much as I do I should get the brightest one, that way they’ll be easier to find.

7// So, I have a baking addiction. You might already know that. And there was QUITE the story of how I finally acquired my KitchenAid stand mixer, (I might tell you it sometime… lets just say that it involved (4) mixers being purchased… accidentally.) so this spunky art piece by ohdearmolly DESERVES a spot on my art wall.

8// Being a graphic designer at heart I love vintage packaging. When I saw this old typewriter ribbon can from Antiquissimo it brought a smile to my face. Old items like these are a great reminder that simple colors and type can often be the best kind of packaging.

9// This vintage retro pitcher/ kettle from TheRetroBottega reminds me of the one my mom used while camping to make our hot chocolate. That one was black, but it holds great camping memories. I wonder why kind of memories this one holds as well.

10// Finally, I’m on the hunt for new pillows & cases for my couch in the living room, the ones I have are…. unattractive? So, when I saw the bright color and pattern on these embossed velvet cases by sestras they immediately went on my possibility list. Which has now reached an all-time high of about 100 different cases. I really need to pair that thing down to six… or so. 

It’s Wednesday, so that mean’s it’s wish list day! Every Wednesday check back for some items from my wish list. This week we are starting the Etsy Color Series. Each Wednesday I will pick one color and search Etsy for some of my favorite items from some fabulous shops.  Why Etsy? Well, since stumbling upon the marketplace way back when I’ve had a dream of being able to sell and showcase my art in my very own shop. I think promoting and sharing fellow shop owners and their products is a great way to build good karma for my future shop. Let’s get started!

This week being the very first week of this series I wanted to start with Black and White. This classic combination is hitting the design and home decor world by force this season. People are falling in love with the contrast and dramatic effect it adds. It’s easy to jump on this band wagon by adding some of these great finds to your home either in art or wardrobe.

Black & White-01

AMAZING RIGHT? I couldn’t just decide on (10) so I added a few more… I know, I know… “moderation Justynn”.

1// Everyone knows I have a love for typography and numbers. This graphic print from EduBarba caught my eye months ago and I’ve been coming back to it ever since. Check out their shop too, because if you like the simpleness of this print you’ll pretty much fall in love with everything else in there.

2// I LOVE wooden cursive typography (get it?). This vintage chic love sign from Old New Again wold make a lovely addition to a master bedroom. I also want their light blue *cook* sign. I think it’d go great with my yellow bake one in my kitchen.

3// The humor behind this Prozac Molecule Mug makes me want to get a few to pass out at my office… 😉 I’m kidding… kinda.  Created by LL Townley Ceramic.

4// Detroit is MY CITY and I would purchase this piece in a heartbeat. In fact I’m currently placing it on my purchase list for my next extra-cash-need-to-spend day. There are a ton more cities in the MrCityPrinting shop for you to find the one that means the most to you. All as wonderfully detailed.

5// Part of planning to open your own Etsy shop include how you want to brand and package your goods. I think stamps are not only cost effective for packaging but also add a unique handmade touch. This stamp from Extase is graphic and memorable.

6// This poster by albiedesigns pretty much describes my household after a long work week. Now if only there was a tequila one…

7// Quirky necklaces are pretty much a staple of my jewelry and this one by Nature Look adds a nice tribal piece that my collection is missing.

8// Pretty much any white ceramic animal is in style right now thanks to Young House Love and this Rhino is no exception. He even has a great name! Igor. From White Faux Taxidermy .

9// This wood bowl from Jan the Spinner reminds me of something my grandfather would make (he was a wood carver for and automotive company back in the day).

10// I bought three of these Vintage Advertising Letters a week ago and can’t wait to use them. Lake Michigan Vintage was really helpful and shipped super fast. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

11// Quirky and completely functional. What a great combination. This mug from Kina Ceramic Design is top notch.

12// Who doesn’t love a little pop culture humor? Great design and twist from FieldTrip. Pop this into a bold black frame for a real kick.

13// I have THREE… count them 1.. 2.. 3.. of these cases from HipsterHaberdasher. I love the color options, the pockets and the easy access with the button closure. (just for clarification I have them for my nook, laptop and wacom tablet.)

14// If and when I decide to have kids and plan to make the announcement simple and chic. Much like this one from inhauspress.

Do you like them? Which item is your favorite?

Next week: We are going RED. Have a product you think I’d like? Drop me an email from my contact page.

Whew. My fingers hurt… I think I’m going to go console them with a bowl of ice cream. Yummy…

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It’s in the Numbers

April 22, 2013

Whew, has it been a LONG Monday. I was super busy at work today and boy am I glad to be home. I think this calls for a Summer Shandy and an hour or two checking out some project ideas. Doing the same? Then check out my super easy and quick gas station number art below. And since it’s Earth day, this project just happens to fall into the “reuse” category. 😉

finished Project

Like it? It’s super easy! First thing you’ll need is some numbers or letters. I ordered some old gas station numbers from Our Own Big World on Etsy. Once they arrived I cleaned them up with some dish soap and let them dry completely.

I found a frame that fit the design I wanted (from my hoarding stockpile), cut some mount board sown to size and sat down to tediously glue the numbers (just kidding! I used double sided tape).


You could also use those fancy pants glue dots for scrapbooking, which would have been my weapon of choice if I had any on hand… Glue those puppies down, frame and done. Probably the easiest project yet.

Psst. I also bought letters from Lake Michigan Vintage. Looking forward to getting those into a frame for my wall-o-art (pictures to come soon! I promise!).

Both vendors were great and items shipped fast. Check them out! I spot another purchase already… I love tax money season…

What quick and easy projects are you working on? What do you do after a long Monday?

That’s it for now, I’m off to grab a beer, make dinner and maybe my famous apple pie… (by special request of course ;))

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So Mother’s Day is fast approaching (three weeks!) and if you’re like me, you usually forget the holiday until the weekend before. Well, this year I’ making it a point to stop last-minute gift giving and put some more thought into this.

Mom, if you’re reading this now, please close your browser and ignore this post till after May 12th. 🙂

See below some options I’m considering for my own Mothers (mom & stepmom) this Mother’s Day.

 Mothers Day-01

#1. I’ve been drooling over Kendra Scott‘s jewelry pretty much every week since I signed up for her email updates, and this bracelet is an item I’ve been eyeing myself. CREATIVE IDEA: get two, one for you and one for mom it’ll be a special piece that you each own (sign up for the emails to get coupons sent to you each week). 

#2. I love the color of these simple drop earrings crafted by Anugrah. Check out the rest of their Etsy shop too, worth the clicks!

#3. CREATIVE IDEA: Flowers are always a Mother’s Day staple, but liven it up this year by adding them to a pretty vase. I love this one found at Anthropologie. Plus, unlike the flowers, this vase lasts till next year.

#4. Spent the last how many years buying your Mom Jewelry? Then she probably needs a pretty box to keep it in. This glass box from Crate & Barrel is quite lovely. CREATIVE IDEA: Write out a hand written note on some pretty paper, and stick some dried flowers in the box before wrapping. Not only will she get the box, but the note and flowers will make her smile.

#5. Etsy has some really wonderful shops that have gift sets for almost every occasion. This gift set from Sweet Bee Honey caught my eye. It includes honey & oats cold processed soap, a lavender round lotion bar, a mint & cocoa lip balm, a garden leaves pillar, 6 oz. of creamed honey (yummy) and a sunflower candle. Perfect for the Mom that loves soaps and candles.

#6. I purchased these earrings for my Mom for Christmas actually and the loved them! Buy them in her favorite color and wrap up with a pretty bow. Crafted by Dorota Jewelry.

#7. These pears from SkyeArt are perfect for the Mother that loves sentimental knickknacks to display. My Mother would LOVE the handmade quality and personal message.

#8. If your mom isn’t the jewelry, soaps or decor type she’ll probably love this idea. Coupons for dinner out, household chores and for you to customize created by Pera Press. CREATIVE IDEA: Coupons pair nicely with flowers, so if your Mom is of the green thumb variety buy a plant from a local nursery and let her know that one of the coupons is good for a sunny afternoon of planting and weeding her garden. 

#9. This simple necklace created by KiraKira is sophisticated and neutral. Something that Mom will be able to wear with almost everything.

#10. When a Mom’s day is winding down help her get some extra shut-eye with this colorful and practical eye mask from Aroma Home. It’s filled with soothing lavender flowers. CREATIVE IDEA: Put this eye mask in a basket with a book from her favorite author, a candle and some lotion for the ultimate pamper gift.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Do you have a yearly tradition?

I’ll check back in three weeks with what I put together for the lovely ladies in my life.

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April 16, 2013

Have you guys checked out Woot! from Amazon yet? Well, you should.

Why? Because I said so (or at least that was the answer my parents always gave me… still figuring that one out).

Or… because who doesn’t love discounts?! And not only discounts, but snarky humored discounts. As in #whowritesthisstuffIaspiretobethem snarky humor. Go check them out! You can thank me later.

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PS: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions expressed in the dry humor above are all my own.  (you cant have them!)