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Phone Dump | 1

May 16, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good phone dump. And M’s been particularly adorable lately so for your enjoyment today here are *mostly* all M pictures.

photo 2_1photo 2_2
The second picture is M and Diesel, who is basically her best dog friend. These two could run and play for hours and then spend the rest of the night snuggled up.

photo 1photo 1_2
Lily smiles are probably one of the best things on earth. This is after a few cidermill donuts, and it’s almost like she was saying “cheeeeese”.

photo 1_1photo 3_1
M goes to work with me every day, and I’ve brought in a chair for her that she basically snoozes in all day. It give her the perfect height to stare out the window, and it’s the perfect size for a little stretched out nap. I recently built a gate for my deck (DIY to follow) M’s loving her new outdoor deck freedom.

photo 1_3photo 5
After a particularly playful day at the park M called for a afternoon snoozefest.

photo 3photo 4
Another project underway, coming to the blog soon! Nerd and Diesel cuddle session.

photo 2photo 3_3
Lily is such a graceful sleeper. Honestly, I wish I looked that graceful while sleeping.

photo 5_1photo 3_2
Nerd and I hit up our first Eastern Market trip of the summer last weekend. We made sure to grab some delicious authentic perogies as a snack. That tongue. Kills me every time I look at this picture.

photo 4_2photo 2_3
M’s *NOT* a graceful sleeper. At all. But she is REALLY GOOD at looking out windows.

photo 5_2
Probably my favorite M picture to date. Love this little munchkin.





January 13, 2014

At LAST I have found the camera battery charger, which means proper photos of my baby hyena*.

Happy Monday….

Marley11 Marley8Marley10 Marley9 Marley7Marley2 Marley3

* Marley really isn’t a hyena. Well, I mean, she could be. But people constantly ask me what she is, and quite frankly- I have no fucking idea. Part pit bull, part shepherd, part…. tiger? She kinda acts like a cat.