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May 9, 2014

COOK — something I found that looked yummy that I plan on re-creating.
MAKE — something I want to make.
WANT — something I don’t “need” but want.
NEED — something that I NEED.
WOOF — something for Marley or Ziggy.
SPACE — a place that inspires me.
LAUGH — something that made me chuckle.
WEAR — something new to add to the closet.

Listed 10 | Creative Life Antics

COOK/ I was searching around pinterest yesterday looking for the perfect light springtime dessert and stumbled upon this cake and strawberries idea. Looks tasty and plan out for the first time on Sunday!

MAKE/ The Nerd requested to make a giant Jenga set, so we hit up home depot and cut down some 2x4s. All that’s left is to sand and paint the ends. Tutorial coming up soon!

WANT/ They always say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And I’m not about to disagree with them. This diamond would make and EXTRA COOL terrarium.

NEED/ I made a vow to myself this summer to buy most of my produce from farmers markets. It’s way more affordable, fresh and good for the city. So I’m clearly going to need a new tote or three to carry all that fresh produce in… right?

WOOF/ I’m so into baking for friends, family and myself, but have YET to bake for M. Well that’s about to change. Two of her favorite “people foods” are in this recipe for homemade dog treats.

SPACE/ I’m really on a bedroom kick it feels like and I’m happy to announce that a lot of these bedrooms kinda look similar to my own. I need to get my butt in gear, finish my bathroom and FINALLY start to show you guys some pieces of my home.

LAUGH/ I definitely had a chuckle or two recreating the songs these totes are created for. Thumbs up. You can never have too many totes.

WEAR/ Love this very basic top, and I think it’s really versatile.

Well today’s the last day of dog sitting Lily and Diesel and while I’m going to miss their furry butts, I’m ready to have my life back and to have my furry snuggle buddy back at night. Tomorrow is a 5K and Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you haven’t gotten your mother a gift yet, GET ON THAT. If you need help coming up with some gift ideas check out this post from last year for some great ideas!!

Also being that it’s Friday…. it’s time to…..

#backthatazzup with Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work
The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: “Back That Azz Up” on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up and have a jam sesh with all of us!
I’ve been pretty much listening to the Macklemoore & Ryan Lewis Pandora Station non-stop for weeks.



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May 2, 2014

COOK — something I found that looked yummy that I plan on re-creating.
MAKE — something I want to make.
WANT — something I don’t “need” but want.
NEED — something that I NEED.
WOOF — something for Marley or Ziggy.
SPACE — a place that inspires me.
LAUGH — something that made me chuckle.
WEAR — something new to add to the closet.

Listed | 9

COOK/ If you don’t think these are the most delicious looking brownies in the world, you should probably stop reading this blogs. Our friendship is going nowhere. But seriously though, I’m making these for a party coming up…

MAKE/ These look TRES CHIC and I could total make these. Going on my “Items to Create” list for sure.

WANT/ This is the PERFECT sign for a perfect home studio. And I want it. Badly.

NEED/ I love this genius idea of how to organize my huge collection of tape. But I wonder if it’ll dry out if not used often? Maybe imply the fold over technique for the laser used varieties.

WOOF/ M chewed the crap out of her leash one day when i left her home for a few hours. In protest? Maybe. Not that this one would be any safer from her grasp. But, I do really like this, so maybe when she’s a bit more mature?

SPACE/ Oh My Gosh. Where to start? I love so many things about this room. The brick, the white bedding, the pops of color, the black windows….it looks so comfy to wake up to.

LAUGH/ I feel like this planter was made for me. Somehow even with the best of intentions I always kill houseplants. BUT NOT ANYMORE. I’m determined. I want more green in my life. And house. And this time I might actually research them first.

WEAR/ I’m in the very slow process of updating my wardrobe. Taking it from Early 20s Ts and jeans and party outfits to more day/ evening going out outfits. More professional work outfits…. Its a slow process…

TODAY is AWESOME…. why? Because I’m getting two of my favorite puppies to dog sit for the week while the old rookie heads out for vacation. Pretty pumped. 🙂

Also being that it’s Friday…. it’s time to…..

#backthatazzup with Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work
The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: “Back That Azz Up” on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up and have a jam sesh with all of us!
DOLLHOUSE — Melanie Martinez


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April 25, 2014

COOK — something I found that looked yummy that I plan on re-creating.
MAKE — something I want to make.
WANT — something I don’t “need” but want.
NEED — something that I NEED.
WOOF — something for Marley or Ziggy.
SPACE — a place that inspires me


COOK/ Summer is fast approaching which to me always symbolizes camping, bonfires and smores. While it’s not quite warm enough here yet, unless you like freezing your ass off… this might be a good alternative until it is… you know… to keep to peace… 😉

MAKE/ I’ve messed around myself with cutting pegboard, and it’s definitely not for the easily wavered type, it’s actually quite difficult. But this looks a fun craft room project. Maybe one that spells out MAKE or CRAFT or CREATE? Totally worth a try. PRO TIP: Cut out the smaller inside holes first.

WANT/ I completely fell in love with this HelpInk print when I saw it on YHL’s post about their office. It’s meaningful and bright and perfect. Totally on my Christmas list… or you know… gift list in general.. hint hint… in like a large size.

NEED/ Well, I advent told my saga yet over the dryer and installation, but lets skip to the end part where the dryer is slightly deeper than my old one. Making it impossible to put the doors back on the closet. Thus being the case I’m on the hunt for fun easy curtains. I’m 90% sure I’m going to buy this print, hem it and hang on a rod. It’ll match well with my mirror I think…

WOOF/ M just received this gorgeous collar in the mail this week and I’m completely over the moon about it. Love that it’s girly without being straight up pink. Plus she looks fancy and ready for spring in it. Plus metal buckles without an additional charge? ❤ <3.

SPACE/ My parents just underwent a huge reno on their house which has me thinking all sorts of “things I would do” in my forever home. Actually was having that conversation last night also. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tile in this kitchen, and how bright it is. Definitely a MUST HAVE for the future.

And I’m out for today!! Glad it’s Friday, I have some fun plans this weekend…

Also being that it’s Friday…. it’s time to…..

#backthatazzup with Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work
The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: “Back That Azz Up” on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up and have a jam sesh with all of us!
Downloaded this last night and can’t quit it:
AM I WRONG – Nico & Vinz


My Picks – CWTS 2014

March 12, 2014

So yesterday I received possibly one of the nicest emails from Diane over at South House Designs. She, like myself and countless other bloggers have decided to apply for Creating With The Stars 2014 over at East Coast Creative!

Surprise, I entered. Hopefully I’ll get in. If you want to check out the submissions look here. Extra bonus points if you click on mine  (#31, I think we might get an extra boost from the number of clicks our submission gets).

Anyways, her email basically said that she decided to pin her favorites that entered and I thought- hey, what a good idea. So below are some of *MY* favorite entries & I’ve also created a Pinterest board for my picks. Check these out and best of luck to my fellow applicants. Here’s to hopefully a great announcement next week!



DIY Industrial Coffee Table 11

DIY Side Table_thumb[1]



geometric nightstand p wd 1



plumbing pipe light fixture[3]


tool cart before + after

Also don’t forget to check out my entry! Click on #31 to vote for me!




I don’t know about you guys, but when fall hits I get into a serious baking routine. Mostly of apple pies, and apple crisp and fall/ winter treats… but another favorite that I really only seem to make when it gets cold out is banana bread. Notice I didn’t say “Banana Nut Bread”. Why? Cuz I can’t eat nuts. I love peanut butter and all that good stuff and occasionally can eat pistachios, but overall something about consuming nuts does funny things to my tummy, and we all know where that leads…

Anyways… TMI.


Banana Bread has slowly become one of my “adult life” favorites. You know, the things you didn’t try or didn’t know you’d like until you were and adult and was forced to try a sample by your step-mother because “you cant know if you like something until you try it”. Thanks Sandeez 🙂

This recipe comes from said step-mother, who I lovingly just refer to as Mom #2. This woman has been in my life since I was 4, and I love her dearly like another mom. Esp… when she cooks. Because boy oh boy can this woman cook. I wish I had her ability to mix flavors and try new stuff and somehow make it work. 

I was always afraid to try the bread because I hate banana “flavored” things. Love bananas, cant stand the fake stuff.  Guys I can’t even eat banana flavored Pez or the small candies that look like barbie bananas. But eventually I tried some and now I’m hooked.

So I was kinda thankful Sunday when I spotted 3 very ripe bananas from the rooms that in another day or two would end up I the trash, and decided to use them (hey thanks rooms ;))

This recipe couldn’t be more simple and quick and takes zero effort on your part other than mixing.



1/2 CUP        Butter
3/4 CUP        Sugar
2                     Eggs
3                     Mushed Bananas
2 CUPS          Flour
1/2 TSP.        Salt
1/2 TSP.        Baking Powder
1 TSP.            Baking Soda

1 TBSP         Vegetable Oil
2-3 TBSP     Flour


1) Preheat over to 350°F . Prepare loaf pan by rubbing sides and bottom with the vegetable oil and a paper towel. Use 2-3 Tablespoons of flour and tap/ coat the side and bottom of the pan evenly. Tap excess flour out into trash.

2) Using a stand or hand mixer beat butter until soft (I always use cold butter and just throw it in my stand mixer). Then add the sugar and beat until fluffy. Add eggs and bananas and beat slowly until well mixed. Basically you still want some good banana chunks to remain (those are the best part!)

3) In a small bowl mix remaining ingredients (Flour, baking powder, baking soda & salt).  Once well mixed slowly add to the wet ingredients.

4) Pour mixture into your loaf pan and put that baby into the over for 50 minutes, then check it to see how firm the top is. You want to remove the banana bread at just the right time that it’s not overly dry inside, but cooked thoroughly. I generally throw it in for 50 min, and forget it then watch it closely for anywhere between 5-10 minutes. If you had bigger bananas you’ll need the extra time, smaller bananas need less time.

Photo Sep 22, 3 02 35 PM

5) Take it out of the oven when the top is firm, but the cracks on top show a moist center. Let cool in the pan for 10 minutes then remove and place on cooling rack.

I feel the best way to store it is in a Ziplock bag on the counter… it generally only stays around in my house for MAYBE a week (I swear gremlins eat it).

Some people like to add butter to their pieces, but I love it au-natural. Butter might be good if your break comes out a little dry…

What are some of your favorite “adult life” foods?


Friday, finally. I’m thanking my lucky stars that at the end of today’s workday I’ll be headed up to sit my butt on a beach all weekend. So, last night I was super anxious to find out what the results were for SYTYC. We had been told that the voting ended 5pm MST and we would know that night. I’m happy to announce that Creative Life Antics made it past the auditions round and will be participating in Season 17 of So You Think You’re Crafty. If you haven’t guess it by now, my audition piece was #6 the Huge Memo Board with the Michigan State “S” on it. My sister Jordan will be taking it up to college with her in a few weeks and I’m excited to see it up there at her new place. I was really overwhelmed with all the support from everyone voting. Many of you knew looking right at it which project was mine and sent me a message about it. Several even asked for me to make them one!


Season 17 starts the week of the 26th, so expect updates then! ** Take note that all SYTYC Posts will be posted after 10am EST** Next week a tutorial of my Huge Memo Board will be up on SYTYC!

This was a really busy week for me… so my time that I spent actually LOOKING at other blogs was very minimum. However, I was able to find a few favorites to throw your way.


ONE // Love this dog bowl holder from Yellow Brick Home
TWO // Loving the black walls in this inspiration post from 6th Street Design School
THREE // This mug from Etsy store ChantillyStay is SO GREAT
FOUR // Loveeeee this pipe desk from Cafe Cartolina. I MUST MAKE ONE
FIVE // Mandi from Vintage Revivals is seriously my idol. Love this Concrete planter idea!

Alright, that’s it for today. I’m out. See you all on Monday!

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Shameless Quick Plug: If you have a minute today please stop by over at SYTYC to vote for the Season 17 Auditions round. CLA (that’s ME) is vying for the chance to participate this season!

Did you guys know that H&M had a home store?! I sure didn’t. But of course when I found I hopped right over and spend over and HOUR looking through their entire catalogue. And then I got distracted by clothes. Isn’t this the cutest dress?!

Ok, ok Justynn, back on topic… Anyways, So I found out they have a home catalogue, spent over and hour perusing it and figured I might as well share my finds with you. Check out some of my favorites below.

08-07-13 WW-01 Continue Reading…

Friday Favorite Five

July 26, 2013

Hi guys! It’s Friiiiiiiiiiday. Who’s excited? (besides me). Being Friday… it means that I have for you a favorite five. And I do… in just a minute. But before I get to that… I need to introduce you to someone.


This is Leeann: (Hi Leeann….) and she is one of TWO extraordinary blog buddies I had this month. Leeann blogs over at Join the Gossip. A cool lifestyle & trend and fashion and just plain awesomeness blog all in one. We both signed up for the Favorite Summer Swap created by Jenna (Life is Sweet) & Lauren (pink on the cheek) and were paired up. For the last month we’ve been stopping by each other’s blog, saying hi, tweeting…. (she helped promote my first giveaway! LOVE this girl)


Oh! And we exchanged a little gift for each other 🙂 I was so excited to open mine…


Love the hair ties, the Starbucks card and the movie is one I’ve been waiting to see for a LONG time. 🙂 The cute card pulled it all together. What a classic idea!

Really glad I was paired up with Leeann, it’s nice to step outside of my comfort zone (craft/ DIY bloggers) and get to read up on other topics like life & fashion. It kinda insipres me to bring a bit more of that into my daily posts for you guys. It cant be DIY/ CRAFT here 24/7, I need to connect more with my readers.

So… in an effort to connect more with people, and as a thank you to Leeann, I’m presenting you with my Favorite Five Articles from! Now, I’ve only been reading for the last month, and I pop around some of her past posts but these are five of my favorites that I’ve read thus far.

one // Summer Style. I’m generally a T-Shirt and jeans kind of a girl, I generally pic comfy over beauty, but, I have been trying to make it a bit more fashionable this summer. I love the dress in this post, the bag is too cute and the necklace is right up my alley.

summer style

two // My Best Friend’s Birthday. I think this post about an evening out for a friends birthday is something that I’d like to add into my mix of DIYs. More about me and my day to day life so you guys get to know me a bit better.

three // Lovers + Friends These are some REALLY cool shirts. I eagerly clicked over to their site so see what else they had.


four // Rock Royalty I thought this was an AWESOME weekend wrap up post. Which I’ve done a few of, but not to this scale. Mine usually involve pictures only. So here’s to rocking out some great stories for my weekend wrap ups. (cue the drums)

five // Street Food Cinema This post makes me wish we had more “street food” and food trucks in my area. :/ Her weekend definitely made me jealous.

Overall I had a lot of fun getting to know Leeann, her blog and just picking out things I think she’d like. I’m looking forward to having her as a friend to chat with and ask questions of (she’s been blogging since 2007!).

So do me a favor, go check out Join the Gossip, follow her on facebook and twitter and overall just give her some love!

More on my second blog buddy this month on Monday!

PS: Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to pledge a donation for The Bounce Back. Tonight we are hosting our very last NAME YOUR PERK party video chat. Stop in and say hello!

Much love and have a wonderful weekend!

Oh! and PPS: Please enter my FIRST GIVEAWAY! Monday I will pick the winner!

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Friday Favorite Five

July 19, 2013

Woop Woop! FRIDAY #thankyoutiny6lbbabyjesus (name that movie).

It is FRIDAY and I’m glad because I was thrown a curveball this week and have a TON of stuff to get done before the end of next week! Oh yeah… and next week I’m running the Warrior Dash… that I completely forgot about and haven’t been running or training for…. so yeah, real excited for that.

Friday means it’s time for my FAVORITE FIVE and this week I’m giving you…



Did you catch the HINT? Was I blatant enough? 

Check back on Monday for the Answer to the HINT!
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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Wishlist Wednesday

July 10, 2013

Hello lovely people. It’s Wednesday which means I get to share with you some of the items on my wish list! Some of the things I can afford and others are well… pipe dreams.

But dream I will so lets get to the dreaming!


one // these baseball bat bottle openers are awesome (minus the giants reference. GO TIGERS!!) I would love one of these for my home…

two // this print is such a great reminder to remember that you’re not the only one going through problems and not to take out anger and frustration on others.

three // I LOVE this chair. Look at the color! It’s fantastic! Want for my living room RIGHT NOW.

four // *whisky makes her frisky* Ok, I’m more of a tequila girl myself, but I’m pretty sure that has a saying too…  “tequila makes… her clothes….”

five // I think this dog bowl holder is super cool! I would totally buy for Ziggy. He’s going to be the coolest non cat in the world. *Spoiled Dog Alert*


What do you think? Do you have anything you’re pining after? Share a link below! I might just add it to mine!

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Friday Five #2

June 21, 2013

Friday Favorite Five Banner-01

Who can’t believe it’s Friday already? Me, I’m raising my hand. I wished every day this week would have been Friday, but now that it’s here I’m shocked. I’m going to roll with it people.

EDIT: psssssst… forgot to mention — I made a Pinterest board with pins to each item in my friday favorites directly click on the image to go there and pin the items you want! After all, you’ve had a long week… so I made it easy for you 😉

Here are some favorites this week: week 2-01One (DIY CARVED STAMP | Lovely Indeed)  so cute! //
Super excited to make cookies tonight with one of my best friends! Two (DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES | Delish) //
Three (MIDCENTURY OASIS | Apartment Therapy) //
Four (DIY Corncob Holders (photo from Handmade Charolette) | Instructables)) //
These have inspired me to make some sweet door-stops for my home Five (DIY Cement Garden Balls | Creative Passage) //
BONUS (Keyboard Art | Paper Plate and Plane)

Pssst: Linking up with Whitney for the #backthatazzup Friday
Hugo: 99 Problems


Also linking up with Lindsey for Friday Favorites!

Have a great weekend friends!

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It’s Wish List Wednesday and we are back for our FINAL Esty Color Series post! I hope you’ve really enjoyed them, I know I have! Next week we are going back to my regular Wish List posts, but I’ve enjoy the “themes” so I’m going to stick with them! And of course I’m still going to feature some of my favorite Etsy shops!

Anyways, did you miss the first few colors? Click these links to see them; White & BlackRed,  OrangeYellowGreen, Blue & Purple. Why Etsy? Well….. I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

Swag Policy: Before we get to it just a reminder that the items listed below are chosen because *I* love them. This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid to pick these items. Sometimes a shop will offer discounts or a giveaway to myself and my readers and that is purely on their at their discretion. All reviews and thoughts– good or bad– are *my* thoughts. Need more legal jargon? Check out my disclaimers.

This week we’re going pink, which is normally my least favorite color. But I gotta tell you, I’m completely in love with today’s items! Maybe I’m heading to the “dark side”. 😉

Wednesday WIshlist Pink

one // Raise you hand if you love to get flowers. Ok, now raise your hand if you hate having to get rid of them a week later because they’ve died off. I love getting flowers, and try to make them last as long as possible, but they always die off eventually and I’m stuck cleaning another vase. Enter these pink ombre paper flowers by Flower Thyme. Just think, you never have to change their water, never have to cut the ends, they can be placed anywhere in your home and look great forever. Sold. The other great thing about these flowers? They come in so many different colors to coordinate with your decor. You could use these for a wedding bouquet and ALWAYS be able to keep your “flowers” as a keepsake.

two // I’ve been seeing these animal magnets all over the internet lately and I’ve gotta say these hot pink ones from Original Animal Magnet are probably my favorite so far. I love the dinosaurs and it makes me giggle like a twelve year old that their butts are sticking out. I’m mature, I know.

three // Finding out my friends are pregnant is like giving myself a challenge to put together the coolest, nerdiest baby gift ever. I’m adding this Batman Onesie by Dearly Loved Boutique to my list of staples. I wonder if I can find a Robin one?

four // And while we are on the topic of baby gifts, these Cotton Candy lollipops made by The Groovy Baker would make a great addition to a baby shower favor, or wedding favor or heck… my next birthday party. They have a touch of vanilla flavor, bubblegum and lemon and have sprinkles in them! Yummy…

five // Another hot trend? Colorful cooking utensils! Everybody and their brother are dipping their utensils and adding some neap flare to their kitchen. I think these Neon Pink Spoons from Wind and Willow Home would be a great gift for any mom. Check out all their colors and the BOWLS! #inlovewiththebowls.

six // I don’t know about you, but this spring summer has been dress season for me (which is highly unusual). So when I found this pink dress from Jennifer Lilly Designs I was pretty stoked to add it to my round up this week. I love the cool hummingbird design and simple shape of the dress. This is something that would work well for my… um… curves.

seven // I really love the pop of color these Pink Agate/ Geode coasters (by OCEANSOMIND) would bring to a room. I tend to design and decorate with big neutral pieces and bring in the color through the pillows and accessories and I think this would be an awesome small statement piece.

eight // I really like this tea towel featuring a fun geometric bird in a bright poppy color. Pretty much any geometric animal will entice me. And yet another way to bring color into your kitchen. Created by OELWEIN (this shop also makes prints, bags and cards too!)

nine // Having a sense of humor is probably one of the most attractive features found in anyone. What better way to show it off than by wearing it proudly? I literally laughed out loud when I found this tank by Coup. What a fun quirky addition to any wardrobe.

ten // EVERY kid needs a piggy bank. Every. Single. One. And these banks by The Pig Pen are customizable. So put your kid’s name on it. Teach them to save… so they can buy power tools and shoes when they get older….. oh wait, that was me.

eleven // I LOVE the pattern on this hanging lamp by Lucent Lampworks. I think it’d be awesome over a dining table or in a little girls room.

twelve // White kitchens with super nice subway tile are all the rage right now. So designers are pulling in color and personalization through colorful dishes, cookware and bakeware. These gorgeous nesting measuring cups are a great piece to add to your glass cabinet. Something to show off for sure. Handmade by Gray December.

And that’s it! The last color in the Etsy Color Series! I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back next week for Wish List Wednesday with a wood and shimmer theme.

Enjoy the rest of your HUMP day!

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It’s Wish List Wednesday THURSDAY and we’re back for our sixth installment of the Etsy color series. I’m soooo off track this week guys, but I’m still moving ahead, full-steam… errr ok, half-steam…  Ok, the fact that I’m still posting, still crafting and still going to class is a bloody miracle right now. Did you miss the first few colors? Click these links to see them; White & BlackRed,  OrangeYellowGreen and Blue. Why Etsy? Well….. I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

This week is purple… and I’ll be honest it’s probably my second least favorite color. Following pink (which happens to be next week’s color). However. I did find some really great items that make me think of purple in a whole different light.

Swag Policy: Before we get to it just a reminder that the items listed below are chosen because *I* love them. This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid to pick these items. Sometimes a shop will offer discounts or a giveaway to myself and my readers and that is purely on their at their discretion. All reviews and thoughts– good or bad– are *my* thoughts. However if you are interested in sponsoring a post or giveaway please drop me a line here. Need more legal jargon? Check out my disclaimers.

Wednesday WIshlist PURPLE-01

one // I love the pattern on this scarf made by Urbe. It’s not TOO much purple which makes it a perfect fit for people with purple phobias like myself.

two // Back to my clock fetish (seriously, what is this?!) I love the whimsy Le Luni created with this elephant clock. This would be awesome in a little kids room. Or even for a big kid like myself. I actually do have a semi-cool collection of elephant figurines. Maybe I need to start collecting clocks too?

three // Speaking as someone who is obsessed with old letterpress when I found this really cool idea of using a type tray for a jewelry holder I had to have one. I made one for myself and one for my old roommate. Let me tell you, it’s not that easy. Save yourself the frustration and check out these really lovely designs & colors from Black Forest Cottage. There’s even some with doors!

four // Everyone knows that trends stem from things we see in life, TV and online. So of course when Serena on Gossip Girl has these amazing butterflies on her wall in her bedroom they because the next big thing. I’ve seen them replicated by designers like Julia of Chris Loves Julia when she used them in her daughter’s bedroom. And while I’m not a girly girl myself I LOVE the idea of doing something similar. (maybe my office?) These paper butterflies are crafted by Jannie Cut.

five // My roommate’s dog has more collars than I do shoes. Not joking. She’s momma’s baby girl and I think this purple chevron collar by Pugs2Persians would look great on her. Maybe it’ll be Lily’s Christmas gift 😉

six // You know how sometimes you wear bracelets and it hurts to rest your arm on something? No? Maybe it’s just me… Either way, these bracelets from Lyla Accessories look super comfy to wear. I love that they are stackable. This purple one comes in a group of three!

seven //  I’m not entirely sure what it is about teardrop earrings, but I love the shape. And honestly for someone that’s not always the biggest purple fan, these are something I would totally wear for a *pop* of color. Created by OhKoul (who’s been featured before! Clearly I just love their shop!)

eight // This recycled glass soap dispenser is GORGEOUS. I think this would make the perfect touch to a half bath or guest bathroom as a “glam” piece. Love this shop: Rail19

nine // Iris’s always make my think of my lovely grandmother who I miss DEARLY. I love this print by Shannon Pix. What a great way to remember her.

ten // I mentioned earlier above and probably since I started this blog my love for letterpress prints. I’ve had this particular print favorited for a LOOOOOONG time. Mom if you’re reading this, this print is officially on my Christmas List. Now just to find a place to put it… Lovely job by Print And Be Merry.

eleven // I couldn’t just stop at ten this week (I know, you’re shocked). This cardboard light is captivating to look at. Those angles! The texture! The SHAPE!. Swooning… created by Werk Depot.

And that’s a wrap for purple. Did you see anything above that you liked? Who has suggestions for me for PINK?

Have a great evening guys!

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Friday Favorite Five Banner-01

It’s FRIDAY!! Woo Hoo. So, I’ve mulled it over, and I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting every friday my favorite five things from that week. These items can be anything… something from the web, family, friends…. anything that I’ve found or taken that week that means something. Hopefully you guys will like this!

week 1 item 1-01

Beaded Cord Lamp Cord
Found via Riazzoli

Buy: Dottir & Sonur

week 1 item 2-01

Concret Alphabet DIY
Found via Brit + Co.

DIY: Dot Com for Moms

week 1 item 3-01

The Cocktail Chart of Literature
Find & Buy via Pop Chart Lab

week 1 item 4-01

Blog Wars
Hosted By: Just Between Friends

Note: Voting for the last challenge in the first Blog Wars ever is today! Go check it out and vote for your favorite. Then subscribe for future competitions!

week 1 item 5-01

Love List
Created By: One Fine Day

Note: Love LOVE the colors on today’s “Love List”. And man do I want that “good people” print.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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Why hello blog friends. How’s your Wednesday going so far? I’m running a little behind today (shh… don’t tell anyone). Yesterday was a super late night with class… and we have DOOZY of a project ahead. I have to make a collage of my face with magazine clippings using only 2 complimentary colors & the colors they make when mixed together in 7 steps. So pretty much I need to go buy a boatload of glue sticks, throw some recorded shows on the TV and go at it for…. hours.

But anyways, enough of that… It’s Wednesday! Which means it’s Wish List Day. Every Wednesday I post items that I’ve personally added to my wish list. Since we are stuck right in the middle of our Etsy Color Series we are going to continue on with Green today! But before I get ahead of myself: If you haven’t seen the past colors of this series check them out! Here is Black & White, Red, Orange and Yellow.

Ok! Back to green. I picked 14 great items from Etsy so let’s get started! Continue Reading…