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So last week I revealed my next big project has gotten underway, and I started to remove the old gross wallpaper from my bathroom.

And… that’s about where I’m still at.

With a wedding last weekend, and one this weekend and a crazy few weeks in-between I haven’t been able to get back to the wall-paper removal process. But I plan to, soon. Because this picture just makes me a bit too happy still:

photo (2)

That being said, I think it’s high time to share the direction I’m planning on heading with this mini renovation. I say mini because, I’m not removing or changing out tile (i don’t think…) and I’m definitely not pulling out/ removing the cabinet and nice granite counters (even though, they’re not really my pick). Continue Reading…


Put a Cork in it.

February 11, 2014

So a few weeks ago I featured Andi’s Cork Ball as my “Make” for Listed Week 1. I FINALLY was able to pull together my very own and I’m absolutely in LOVE with it. In fact, I made two.

Cork Ball H-01

Holy cow though did it made a dent in my cork stash.

I’m not going to repeat Andi’s tutorial here, so if you want a step by step please visit her site. It’s pretty self explanatory though.

Cork Ball-01

Glue Gun & Glue
1 Billion Corks
Styrofoam Ball
Paint (the color of the corks)


COrk Ball 3-01

I will give this pro tip though: make sure you’re mixing up the type of corks and the color of the cork ends (white vs. red) 


With that, this wine-o, out.


Smart Art

February 10, 2014

If you’ve ever hosted guests at your house for a weekend or a few days you have probably been asked this exact question at least once over that time period…

“What’s your WiFi Password?”

Now, you might actually know your Wifi password by heart. If you do– you’re better than me. But a lot of people (I’m looking at you Mom…) just kept the same numbers that they were given when AT&T, Comcast, or whoever came and installed your network. And quite frankly, remember that number is fairly LOW on my totem pole of tasks.

I have my password saved in my phone— somewhere, but to go look it up means I have to 1) Find my Phone, 2) Find the location where it’s hidden and 3) read it off CORRECTLY for my guest.

So the other day I was blog hopping around and happened to come across this post over on East Coast Creative (Who, if you’ve never checked out— you need to get your shit together. They’re the hosts of Creating With The Stars, my DREAM competition.


Basically they were just talking about how you could turn your wifi password into cool art. GENIUS. Even better— I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY. Match made in Graphic Designer Heaven basically.

But, I wanted something less…. obvious. So I stored the idea in the back of my head for a bit.

THEN, I came across this AWESOME Etsy shop: ElAtlasParlanchi

Map Art-01

Seriously these maps are freaking awesome and I totally want to own one at some time. However, in the meantime I decided to try to attempt something KINDA like it.

This is my “Wifi – Smart Art”
(before you ask, no– this is NOT my actual password.)

POST 1-01

Pin Image-01

Cool yes? Want to know how to make it? Great…

You Will Need:

(1) Frame with Mat
(1) Map (make sure it’s larger than your mat)
Exacto Knife
Pattern of your Wifi Password (tutorial for this below)
Background Paper (make sure it’s larger than your mat window)
Glue Stick

ONE// Grab your laptop and lets make your pattern of numbers. I used Illustrator to create mine, but you could easily use  Word or Paint. The big words you need to know here to make this project work are “tracking” and “leading”. Tracking is the amount of pre-set space that the font creator sets between each letter. If you adjust the tracking you can move your letters closer together or father apart from each other. Leading is the amount of space that the font creator sets between two or more lines of text. By adjusting leading you are adjusting how close two lines of text are to each other. In this case we want the numbers/ letters to overlap on all sides; top, bottom, left and right. If they touch then when you cut out your shapes they all stick together in one bunch.

So, in illustrator it’s really simple to adjust these two items. As you can see below I’ve selected the text I want to edit and am hovering over the menus that control these two settings. Adjust as needed.

Pattern Screen Shot-01

If you are doing this in word make each letter or number a different piece of word art and manually layer them on top of each other to make all the letters touch on all sides. Paint- Same thing, each number/ letter is a separate text box.

*PRO TIP* You want to use a chunky, bold font for this project. Thin fonts won’t show as clearly and will be MUCH harder to cut out.

TWO// Once you have your pattern created it’s time to cut it out. Easier way to do this is to do the small pieces first. All the spaces in-between the letters and the holes in the 0’s, 4’s, 6’s… etc. Save the outside cut for last. Make sure to tape your numbers down!!

THREE// Once your letters are cut out you need to secure them down to your background. Since I used map for mine, I decided I wanted to go with a pale blue to represent water.

FOUR// Pop that baby in your frame and call this project DONE. Hang on your wall and let people wonder what it means until your guests ask you that pesky little question…

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Would you hang your password in your house? Would you do it differently?

Blogger, Out.


11 Points

January 16, 2014

This is probably my second easiest DIY ever. It pretty much explains itself. Being a typography nerd I love having numbers and letters spelling random things out all over my house so small wall art projects like this one and this one are plentiful. I’m also a scrabbler. Love playing it on my phone, board game, computer game… I’m fairly decent… 😉

I’ve always been looking for a way to tie scrabble tiles into my home. I love the letter pillows, the coasters, and even these holiday ornaments. So when I decided to spruce up a set of practically unused cabinets for my new “bar area” I figured I’d tie in the scrabble letters in an art piece.


I like to have friends and family over to hang out, which generally includes something boozy (go-figure). It’s become a fairly well known fact between my friends that I have beer drawers in my fridge (does anyone actually use the veggie and meat drawers for what they’re actually for? Mine hold beer). Basically my bar is always open for guests and I want them to know that. So I decided an “open bar” sign would be a fun touch for friends.

Easy. Way too easy.

I took a frame found at a garage sale for some stupid cheap price. Painted it black (this was done ages ago with a ton of frames) and then ordered some extra scrabble tiles online.

IMG_8273 IMG_8275

I ditched the glass for the frame and used colorful scrapbook paper as my background. Hot glued my letters on and called it done.

Stupid easy, but a fun cute touch.


And that’s today’s stupid easy craft.

Do you guys have anything thats so terribly easy to do like this?


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A few weeks ago I promised you the process of how I updated my MCM dresser. Today is FINALLY the day I’m sharing that update.

The overall process took over a month, mostly because it was too hot to even attempt sanding… have you ever sanded when it was gross sticky out? DONT. I beg you, for Pete’s sake don’t. (btw, who is pete?)

MCM Update CLA Final-01

Continue Reading…

Woah, two posts in one day? WHO AM I?

Ok, this one will be short and sweet. Much like my earlier one.


I’m slowly getting my home together to share for you guys… But, I need help with the front entry. I’m going to turn a free old piece of furniture into the perfect bench for my front entry, but cannot for the life of me decide on the fabric for the bench seat. It’s going to be attached to the bench so it needs to be simple and something that will work year-round. But also something graphic/ modern and fun.

Normally I’d pick something cheap, but this is a small project (fabric wise) so i figured I could splurge a bit.


Below are the fabrics I’ve narrowed it down to… I love something about each and every one and cannot choose without your input!

Fabrics 3
Fabric Choices 2
Fabric Choices

Which are your favorites? Pick as many as you’d like!! Leave me a note either in the comments below or in this poll:



Thanks 😉




Week 2 SYTYC Results Are In…

September 13, 2013

Did you guess which project was mine? I’ll give you a hint:


Ok, that might have been more than a hint…

That’s right, I did the MCM Dresser Update! And the results are in….


Here’s a quick recap of the votes:



I came in 6th place! Not too bad…

Here’s the rest of the pictures from my entry. On Tuesday I’ll post the tutorial for my Dresser Makeover that took me a good part of the summer.  Hope you’ll come back then to see it.



Next week the theme moves to “Birthday”… hmm, I wonder what the crafters have made for you then? Don’t forget to hop over to SYTYC on Monday and vote!

Oh! And speaking of voting, there was a big snafu of votes counting and not counting and people being able to vote more than once, or only once…. SO, the voting has changed to one vote per person per week. That’s it, you get one vote (for your favorites) SO MAKE IT COUNT!

See you Monday 🙂blogsignature-01

Kitchen Herb Planter

September 10, 2013

It’s Tutorial day! Anyone excited?

I LOVED making this project. Why? 1) I got to use my power tools. 2) It was EASY. 3) It was cheap.

Kitchen Herb Planter from an old pallet! Great Idea. // Creative Life Antics

Alright lets get right into it…

Kitchen Herb Planter from an old pallet! Great Idea. // Creative Life Antics

First things first, we need to get our wood. Boy’s roommate found a great pallet for me from his work and I’ve been saving it for a project. When this idea popped up I just knew it’d be perfect. Unfortunately it meant I needed to tear that pallet apart. I broke out my hand jig saw and cut through the board on the end on both sides of the pallet.

Kitchen Herb Planter from an old pallet! Great Idea. // Creative Life Antics

Tearing a pallet apart is NOT an easy job. If you have a better way PLEASE TELL ME. I was pretty frustrated trying to tear it apart. By cutting off the sides I basically only left the center support beam. After that it was easy to use a hammer to tap the pieces out the of center beam. After tearing it all apart, I cut my boards down to the sizes I picked out for my table. After everything was cut I screwed together my box.

TIP: ALWAYS drill pilot holes This helps prevent your wood from cracking when you screw everything together.

Kitchen Herb Planter from an old pallet! Great Idea. // Creative Life Antics

Now, the box just needs a bottom (otherwise what’s the point, right?) I used another piece of the pallet wood to make a quick base for the bottom of the box. Since this was a Kitchen theme, I decided that the handles for my box needed to be silverware. I found a great spatula and serving fork and used a hammer and an unused piece of wood to bend them into handles for my box.

Kitchen Herb Planter from an old pallet! Great Idea. // Creative Life Antics

To attach the handles I used shorter screws, but ran into a small issue with the heads being too small. To fix this issue I took nuts from my stash to extend the screw heads allowing them to hold the utensils onto the box.

After the box was built I needed to add the plants. Keeping with the kitchen theme I bought four containers from my local Salvation army to hold the herb plants. I think the old coffee pot is my favorite. It truly brought the theme home. The other containers are  an old dry measuring cup, an old wet measuring cup and a canning jar. The total cost for all the jars and utensils was $7.

I filled each of the containers halfway with rock to provide some room for drainage of the water. You don’t want your plants to sit in water as it will rot the roots. But by adding rocks the plants roots will grown down into the rocks allowing them to absorb water as needed. We planted each herb into a “planter” and then added them to the box. At this point I noticed that if I moved the box at all the herb planters would shift and possibly tumble (knowing my luck).

Wanting to avoid an accident at all cost, I bought some white rocks off Amazon (here
) and added them to the bottom of the box to hold each herb planter securely. This also added a nice visual touch to the bottom of the planter box.

Kitchen Herb Planter from an old pallet! Great Idea. // Creative Life Antics

Lastly, I decided to make some “name tags” for each of the plants. I have about a thousand corks just hanging out (no, I didn’t drink all the wine… only half…). I grabbed some BBQ skewers from my kitchen and stuck corks on the pointed end and used a sharpie to write the name of each plant on them. And that folks, is all she wrote. The whole project couldn’t have been more simple.

Kitchen Herb Planter from an old pallet! Great Idea. // Creative Life Antics

Kitchen Herb Planter from an old pallet! Great Idea. // Creative Life Antics

What do you think? Would you make one? I think the box is great because even after I end up killing the plants (which will eventually happen. I don’t have the greenest thumb on earth) I can use it to hold a ton of other decoration for Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s very versatile.

What herb project/ pallet projects/ kitchen projects have you made? Link them up below so I can go check them out.

**Just a reminder that until Thursday at 7pm EST you can vote for your top 5 Upcycle Project on SYTYC. Hopefully you pick mine as one of your favorites!**


Until next time… Crafter Justynn, out.


Fixing Mistakes

September 2, 2013

So I have a confession to make. I’ve been avoiding putting up my doormat, because well it didn’t turn out great. Why? Well… it’s a bit small.

Photo Aug 30, 7 56 15 AM

So I need to fix that. Once I do you’ll get the tutorial. Sorry guys. Big whoopsie on my part due to my lack of correct calculations.

BUT. Today is Labor Day– So I hope you are visiting and having a fun (hopefully day off).

In the Kitchen

Today is also the very first day you can vote for Season 17 on SYTYC!! Kitchen Projects are up today so stop by and vote.

In the Kitchen Collage


Also! BlogPal emails went out yesterday! I’m so excited for everyone participating this month! What a great turnout we had and I’m excited to see how you all like it!

I Have A BlogPal-01-01


Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!




Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday, the least exciting day of the week. The day that I promised my reveal & tutorial for my wood mat for my front porch. Which, Spoiler Alert: it’s not done yet. Why? Well, friends came into town, Mom’s birthday happened, and on top of all that I failed miserably at this project. Why? Well, smart Justynn took a last-minute summer vacation it looks like. Oh well, I’m going to try to fix it tonight, we’ll see how that turns out.  Basically, I wanted to color block stain, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right? Wrong.

Raise your hand if you know why…  (I’ll keep mine down, since I know, but for whatever reason– it didn’t occur to me until after I had attempted it.)

Here’s a helpful little sketch I just made to explain… Hey, at least it’s not stick figures…

photo 5

And this is where the project currently stands.

photo 2

Yeah, lovely. I know. You should have seen my hands after my fit of *This sucks I’m just going to rip off all the painters tape and throw the whole damn thing away*. But I didn’t, and yes, I’ll be fixing it tonight. I’m going to try the stain thing one more time. If that doesn’t work out we’re going to move on to paint.

In other news, my weekend was a blast. It started off Friday with a walk after work with my two favorite boys.

photo 1

They really are too cute for their own good. This picture was completely staged but I don’t give a crap. It’s still cute. Saturday I ended up hanging out with some ladies all day, we ended up in Eastern Market where I bought the largest zucchini ever for a buck fifty. Right? The thing is the size of a large infant. Then last night my mother dropped off four more HUGE Zucchini. So I will be spending my free time today looking up recipes to make with them… since you know, I have FIVE.

photo 4

I bought a really cool print while in Detroit for the Eastern market as well. Can wait to get that baby in a frame and share it!  Oh! and lastly I attempted the “button gift wrap” thing from Friday’s post for my mom’s gift. Super simple and it looked really good. So that one has my stamp of approval!

Starting my already LONG list of this to get done over the long weekend coming up:

— Get Etsy shop up and running
— Start week 4 SYTYC Project
— Complete Week 3 Project
— Clean my room and finally get all my laundry put away
— Finish some ENMNetwork Reviews and Posts for next week.
— Hit up Eastern Market on Saturday Morning

Here’s to hoping that make 2 of those items actually get finished!

**Oh, and a PSA since people have been asking… SYTYC will start NEXT MONDAY the 2nd, Some stuff got moved around and everything was pushed back a week.**

Tah tah for now,


Auditions Tutorial

August 14, 2013

Hey everyone! I’m dropping in early this morning to let you know that the tutorial for my HUGE memo board is up at So You Think You’re Crafty today! Wahoo 🙂

Please stop over there to check it out and give some love to Tauni!

I’ll be back in a few hows for our regularly scheduled Wednesday Wish List…


Cya then!

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Friday, finally. I’m thanking my lucky stars that at the end of today’s workday I’ll be headed up to sit my butt on a beach all weekend. So, last night I was super anxious to find out what the results were for SYTYC. We had been told that the voting ended 5pm MST and we would know that night. I’m happy to announce that Creative Life Antics made it past the auditions round and will be participating in Season 17 of So You Think You’re Crafty. If you haven’t guess it by now, my audition piece was #6 the Huge Memo Board with the Michigan State “S” on it. My sister Jordan will be taking it up to college with her in a few weeks and I’m excited to see it up there at her new place. I was really overwhelmed with all the support from everyone voting. Many of you knew looking right at it which project was mine and sent me a message about it. Several even asked for me to make them one!


Season 17 starts the week of the 26th, so expect updates then! ** Take note that all SYTYC Posts will be posted after 10am EST** Next week a tutorial of my Huge Memo Board will be up on SYTYC!

This was a really busy week for me… so my time that I spent actually LOOKING at other blogs was very minimum. However, I was able to find a few favorites to throw your way.


ONE // Love this dog bowl holder from Yellow Brick Home
TWO // Loving the black walls in this inspiration post from 6th Street Design School
THREE // This mug from Etsy store ChantillyStay is SO GREAT
FOUR // Loveeeee this pipe desk from Cafe Cartolina. I MUST MAKE ONE
FIVE // Mandi from Vintage Revivals is seriously my idol. Love this Concrete planter idea!

Alright, that’s it for today. I’m out. See you all on Monday!

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Monday Morning Mashup

August 5, 2013


I need a list…

ONE// Today is the VERY first day to vote for Season 17 on So You Think You’re Crafty! I’m auditioning and today until Thursday at 7PM EST you can vote for your top five favorites here. Now, I’d be lying if i said I DIDN’T want you to figure out which one is mine and make it your FAVORITE, but I’m not going to force you… (hard, at least). 

I cannot tell you which project is mine, but hopefully you’ll be able to figure it out.

SO GO VOTE! (please) and spread the word!

TWO// The very lovely Lizzy from Lizzy’s Luggage has not only been nominated for the Liebster Award (it’s an award passed around bloggers of smaller blogs) but she has nominated Creative Life Antics for the award as well! I’m so honored, cant wait to answer her questions and nominate some of my favorite small blogs too! I’ll be answering all her

questions on Thursday, but until then please head over and give her some love and congrats!


THREE// I’m adding a really sweet new button to my sidebar. This makes things feel SO
OFFICIAL. Today marks the end of The Bounce Back Campaign. I’m so very proud to announce that we raised over $138,000.00 more than the goal of $500k. To say that this is the start of something big and wonderful for myself and many other bloggers is a complete understatement. I’m close to crying, this is a huge journey and a HUGE step for bloggers in general. Thank you to everyone!

// Today my other very lovely blogging friend is another year older! A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wonderful LEEANN of Join The Gossip.


FIVE// Don’t forget to enter The Nectar Collective Sponsor Giveaway (I’m a sponsor) get all the details to enter HERE.

I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be another item… but at the moment I can’t quite remember what it is…

Either way, Happy Monday!

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Last weekend… was a bit crazy. To say the least. Saturday morning I got up early and ran the Warrior Dash. I’ve ran it three years in a row and really love it (even thought I hate it for a whole week after, hah).  For those of you that don’t know what it is… The Warrior Dash is one of the “really popular” 5k races across the US (and maybe Canada?) Basically it’s a 5k race with obstacles. Obstacles that kick your ass. Obstacles that (in my case) leave you banged up and bruised afterwards. I’ve ran it with friends the first two years, but this year was the first year I ran it on my own. Which is MUCH harder to stay motivated. At the end of the race, you get a medal, a warrior helmet, a beer and a t-shirt… oh and you’re covered in mud, dirt & who knows what else. 

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

So after running that I was basically ready to lay in bed and watch movies the rest of the day. I might have done some laundry. I think…

But SUNDAY… whooo wee. Sunday I got my butt up and got some seriously work done. I’ve been hinting that there was something big coming up and I think I can finally talk about it.  A few months ago I signed up to participate in a 10 week craft blog challenge series called So You Think You’re Crafty (cool name, right?). Well shortly after emailing the host I was informed that I could audition for Season 17. I did a lot of happy dancing, some screaming, called the boyfriend, mom and my friends. I know, I’m weird. 

Ok, so here is my official announcement. I’m participating in the SYTYC Audition round where the top 10 out of 12 bloggers move on (which I think is next week?). If I make it past the auditions I get to participate in a TEN WEEK competition. Each week has a different theme that the crafters create a project based off of, the round is posted on Monday and the winner is announced on Friday. Each round is done anonymously, so I can’t TELL you which one is mine, but hopefully you’ll be able to figure it out. I’m promising to only do projects that would be something I would create for myself ordinarily, which hopefully will set my projects apart. After they post the winner of each week I will share with you on CLA which project is mine and a tutorial!

So anyways- back to Sunday, I was working on my round 1 & 2 projects (I’m optimistic) which only proceeded to add bruises and cuts and scrapes to my already bruised, cut up, and scraped body. Then I popped into IKEA for some new storage ideas and staging bits and pieces, popped into Home Goods, because who can drive past Home Goods without stopping in? Not this girl. And at about 8pm after I returned home I decided it would be a good job to get my garage/ workshop in order (because taking it easy after warrior dash just didn’t seem important).  

This is it’s current state: (please don’t judge, it was messy and I NEED to be able to pull my car in this winter. I’d show you the other side, but it’s got SYTYC projects)

photo 5

So that was my weekend. Projects Galore. 

Oh! what also happened this weekend? THIS.


Yep, The Bounce Back not only went over $500K this weekend, the funding got extended a week courtesy of Indiegogo –they want to see this jump up the rank of MOST CROWDFUNDED FUNDED FILMS (currently we are sitting pretty at #4)– AND we are currently sitting at just over $600K with new perks coming today and tomorrow. Completely awed at the amount of love Shemar’s fans are giving him and this project and I’m so excited to not only be a part of it now, but continue to be a part of this project through the end. Can anyone say RED CARPET PREMIER PARTY? Yep, I’ll be there. Maybe I’ll even get a smooch from Shemar ;).

Lastly, but certainly NOT the least, giving my second blog buddy from July a HUGE shout out. LIZZY from Lizzy’s Luggage. You heard a little about her here. Thanks lady for a really sweet & custom gift.

photo 4

This is my first branded ANYTHING and I absolutely love it. I literally wore it the day after getting it. 🙂 If you havent done so already (and if you haven’t, get a MOVE ON) please go check out her site, facebook & twitter… leave her some love. She’s super inspiring to me. I tried to channel some of that inspiration into this post (how am I doing?) by being more me and writing a bit more about my life.

Ok, That’s it for this Monday. More projects, potential bruises and new stuff coming up in the pipeline! Are you guys excited?

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DIY Map Art Tutorial

July 11, 2013

Good morning evening friends! In the last two weeks there’s been a lot of buzz from you guys about my map art I made for my Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Swap partner and I PROMISED a tutorial. Well here it is… FINALLY in all it’s glory!

Photo Pin Temp-01

Woo hoo! Now lets get to that tutorial!!

DIY Tutorial Header-01Tutorial Template

Not too hard right? It’s something you could do for sure! If you don’t have a miter saw, ask them to cut your boards at the store! It’s fun to watch them with their cool big saw!

Well that’s it for tonight guys! Hope you liked it. See ya in the morning!

PS: I’m still going through everyones sites from Monday’s link up!! You guys amaze me! I’m tweeting and giving shout outs of anything and everything that I love to you might see one from me!


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This project was featured here: