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Smart Art

February 10, 2014

If you’ve ever hosted guests at your house for a weekend or a few days you have probably been asked this exact question at least once over that time period…

“What’s your WiFi Password?”

Now, you might actually know your Wifi password by heart. If you do– you’re better than me. But a lot of people (I’m looking at you Mom…) just kept the same numbers that they were given when AT&T, Comcast, or whoever came and installed your network. And quite frankly, remember that number is fairly LOW on my totem pole of tasks.

I have my password saved in my phone— somewhere, but to go look it up means I have to 1) Find my Phone, 2) Find the location where it’s hidden and 3) read it off CORRECTLY for my guest.

So the other day I was blog hopping around and happened to come across this post over on East Coast Creative (Who, if you’ve never checked out— you need to get your shit together. They’re the hosts of Creating With The Stars, my DREAM competition.


Basically they were just talking about how you could turn your wifi password into cool art. GENIUS. Even better— I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY. Match made in Graphic Designer Heaven basically.

But, I wanted something less…. obvious. So I stored the idea in the back of my head for a bit.

THEN, I came across this AWESOME Etsy shop: ElAtlasParlanchi

Map Art-01

Seriously these maps are freaking awesome and I totally want to own one at some time. However, in the meantime I decided to try to attempt something KINDA like it.

This is my “Wifi – Smart Art”
(before you ask, no– this is NOT my actual password.)

POST 1-01

Pin Image-01

Cool yes? Want to know how to make it? Great…

You Will Need:

(1) Frame with Mat
(1) Map (make sure it’s larger than your mat)
Exacto Knife
Pattern of your Wifi Password (tutorial for this below)
Background Paper (make sure it’s larger than your mat window)
Glue Stick

ONE// Grab your laptop and lets make your pattern of numbers. I used Illustrator to create mine, but you could easily use  Word or Paint. The big words you need to know here to make this project work are “tracking” and “leading”. Tracking is the amount of pre-set space that the font creator sets between each letter. If you adjust the tracking you can move your letters closer together or father apart from each other. Leading is the amount of space that the font creator sets between two or more lines of text. By adjusting leading you are adjusting how close two lines of text are to each other. In this case we want the numbers/ letters to overlap on all sides; top, bottom, left and right. If they touch then when you cut out your shapes they all stick together in one bunch.

So, in illustrator it’s really simple to adjust these two items. As you can see below I’ve selected the text I want to edit and am hovering over the menus that control these two settings. Adjust as needed.

Pattern Screen Shot-01

If you are doing this in word make each letter or number a different piece of word art and manually layer them on top of each other to make all the letters touch on all sides. Paint- Same thing, each number/ letter is a separate text box.

*PRO TIP* You want to use a chunky, bold font for this project. Thin fonts won’t show as clearly and will be MUCH harder to cut out.

TWO// Once you have your pattern created it’s time to cut it out. Easier way to do this is to do the small pieces first. All the spaces in-between the letters and the holes in the 0’s, 4’s, 6’s… etc. Save the outside cut for last. Make sure to tape your numbers down!!

THREE// Once your letters are cut out you need to secure them down to your background. Since I used map for mine, I decided I wanted to go with a pale blue to represent water.

FOUR// Pop that baby in your frame and call this project DONE. Hang on your wall and let people wonder what it means until your guests ask you that pesky little question…

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Would you hang your password in your house? Would you do it differently?

Blogger, Out.



Friday Favorite Five

July 19, 2013

Woop Woop! FRIDAY #thankyoutiny6lbbabyjesus (name that movie).

It is FRIDAY and I’m glad because I was thrown a curveball this week and have a TON of stuff to get done before the end of next week! Oh yeah… and next week I’m running the Warrior Dash… that I completely forgot about and haven’t been running or training for…. so yeah, real excited for that.

Friday means it’s time for my FAVORITE FIVE and this week I’m giving you…



Did you catch the HINT? Was I blatant enough? 

Check back on Monday for the Answer to the HINT!
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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DIY Map Art Tutorial

July 11, 2013

Good morning evening friends! In the last two weeks there’s been a lot of buzz from you guys about my map art I made for my Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Swap partner and I PROMISED a tutorial. Well here it is… FINALLY in all it’s glory!

Photo Pin Temp-01

Woo hoo! Now lets get to that tutorial!!

DIY Tutorial Header-01Tutorial Template

Not too hard right? It’s something you could do for sure! If you don’t have a miter saw, ask them to cut your boards at the store! It’s fun to watch them with their cool big saw!

Well that’s it for tonight guys! Hope you liked it. See ya in the morning!

PS: I’m still going through everyones sites from Monday’s link up!! You guys amaze me! I’m tweeting and giving shout outs of anything and everything that I love to you might see one from me!


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This project was featured here:

Happy…. uh… Wednesday people. Yep, Wednesday. two whole days after I promised this tutorial.

photo 3-2
Oops. Well, not really oops… on Sunday I noticed that my power adapter for my laptop had a cord that was nearly decapitated so I ordered a new one from Best Buy online that I could pick up near work on Monday. Well, then it stormed. And took out blocks of power containing the Best Buy I had selected. Long story short, I couldn’t pick up the cord till yesterday right before class, leaving me with no laptop since Monday morning.

So, on last week’s Friday Five List # 5 was the Love List from One Fine Day. I noted that I really loved the “Believe in Good People” print from fife du vie. Well, I used that print as inspiration for today’s tutorial!

(check out my new graphics for tutorials… what do you think?)

DIY Tutorial Header (spray paint)-01
Supplies (spray paint)-01


So there it is! My first tutorial in my new template. I kinda like it. Let me know what you think. Also how cool and easy are these paintings? I’ve done so many that I can’t even count anymore. But they really make a statement!

We’re supposed to get some really big storms tonight! I hope everyone stays safe!

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photo 5

Happy Friday night everyone! Are you excited for a long holiday weekend? I’m looking forward to the extra day myself, since school started (last class yo!) I feel like I haven’t had enough time to actually get my house in order for spring/ summer. Which, probably doesn’t matter much since today was 47 degrees in Detroit.

Yep, I’ll repeat that… 47 degrees, in Detroit, on May 24th.

I was so frustrated coming home form class last night in the cold. I’ve been waiting for the flowers in my vertical garden to root a bit before I can tip it up (supposed to wait three weeks! I’m super impatient…) and I’ve already had to replace two rows once due to a random frost. Needless to say I last minute threw a paint drop cloth over the bugger last night in hopes that it would prevent yet another frost kill. We’ll see in a day or two if I was successful.

ANNNNNNNNYWAYS….. Speaking of school, our project this week is to recreate our faces, out of clippings from magazines in a complimentary color scale. Our prof suggested that we test our glue out prior to doing this project for real (I guess some glues warp the paper or something). So, last night I decided to cut up a bunch of strip of text and create my own little version of this project. I present to you…. my skull-face with sunglasses art!

Tah Dah!!


Kinda cool huh? Well there’s been a few things floating around on Pinterest kinda similar like this and I found this and also this one from Sarah. So I decided to “test out my glue” and make something along those lines.

First I drew out my design on one side of a piece of printer paper (you could also just print something… you know… if you weren’t out of printer ink like me ;)). Make sure it’s a simple shape like something you’d pick for an easy pumpkin carving.

photo 1-1

photo 2-1

Ok, got your drawing/ print? Flip it over (yep you read that right) we are going to glue on the backside of the print. Next I cut up a whole bunch of thin strips from magazines. I tried to keep it mostly black and white text with some hints of color. After I cut the strips I glued them down a few at a time you know, to “test” my glue.

photo 4-1 photo 3-1 photo 1

After they grid I flipped the image back over so that the sketch was face up and then cut out my image with an Exacto knife.  Tip: To keep lines smooth while you’re cutting use fluid movements. Some people like to move the item they are cutting vs. moving the knife too much too.

photo 2 photo 3

Cool beans, all cut out. I cut out some sunglasses and glued everything down onto some mount board with spray mount. After I glued it I realized that I wanted the glasses to stand out a little more so I went over them with some craft paint.

photo 4

Then just cut down the mount board, pop it into a frame and you’re ready to hang. Easy right?photophotoA

The best part? I actually had everything already in my craft supplies so the cost for this quick DIY art? $0. You can’t beat that.

What do you think? What other easy DIY projects have you seen lately? Anything that costs almost nothing?

I will be back periodically over the weekend but if you don’t stop back I wish you all a happy, safe and relaxing Memorial Day!

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It’s reveal day for my Spring Pinterest Challenge! This was my first time doing a challenge during the actual challenge time. Even though I’m late to do my reveal. Next challenge I promise I’ll be better! The Pinterest Challenge was the creation of Katie Bower from Bower Power and every season Katie and Sherry (from Young House Love) challenge themselves, two co-hosts (this challenge it’s Emily & Renee) and their readers to stop pinning and actually create something by finding inspiration and putting their own twist on it. But anyways… to the good stuff…


Last week I show you my inspiration here. But to recap I’ll show my mood board:


I attempted my hand at making a starburst-ish mirror. And I am proud to say that I accomplished my goal with all fingers in-tact, only minimal amounts of swearing and for only $10.


Tah dah! It still needs to be hung, I know… I’m a bad blogger. With school starting this week I was pushed WAY farther back than I had really even imagined.

UPDATE: Here’s the mirror hung up in my bedroom!

photo 4

Below is a gallery tutorial on how I was able to accomplish this. I’m pretty proud of myself I must say. It’s not perfect, but I love it. I made a ton of mistakes and was super frustrated at times but it’s done and I’m happy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, what do you think? I’m anxious to hear your thoughts! Did anyone else do the Spring Pinterest Challenge? If so share your link in the comments. I’d love to see the results!

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Linking up with East Coast Creative for the Creating with the Stars Contest!!

Porcelain Bowl

April 27, 2013

No, I’m not talking about the toilet… although if you wanted to– I guess you could paint that too. I’m talking about using a porcelain paint pen to decorate a bowl, or cup or tray… whatever you heart desires.

I was at Michael’s the other day and found a Pebeo Porcelain 150 Pen. These range in different sized tips but I grabbed a 1.2 mm. In hindsight I’d probably grab a smaller one in the future. I already had some small white dishes I found in the Ikea “as is” section for 65¢ each because they were part of a bigger collection and one was missing.

I removed the price tag, washed them and then read the instructions on the paint pen. Per my pen, if I wanted to make the art dishwasher safe I needed to paint it on, wait 24hrs and then bake for 35 mins at 150˚.


Easy. I grabbed a chair, my furry footrest and started painting.

Meet my fuzzy footrest: Ziggy

Fuzzy Footwarmer

What do you think? Tomorrow I’ll pop it into the oven and voila! New place to throw my earings when I crawl into bed. 🙂

finished design

Cost Breakdown:

  • Bowl to decorate: 65¢
  • Porcelain Pen: $9

Total: $9.65.
AKA seriously cheap.

Are you working on any quick and easy projects today? I’m working on my vertical garden, a mirror project and taking the time to cook out on the grill. Hope you enjoy your Saturday! 

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It’s in the Numbers

April 22, 2013

Whew, has it been a LONG Monday. I was super busy at work today and boy am I glad to be home. I think this calls for a Summer Shandy and an hour or two checking out some project ideas. Doing the same? Then check out my super easy and quick gas station number art below. And since it’s Earth day, this project just happens to fall into the “reuse” category. 😉

finished Project

Like it? It’s super easy! First thing you’ll need is some numbers or letters. I ordered some old gas station numbers from Our Own Big World on Etsy. Once they arrived I cleaned them up with some dish soap and let them dry completely.

I found a frame that fit the design I wanted (from my hoarding stockpile), cut some mount board sown to size and sat down to tediously glue the numbers (just kidding! I used double sided tape).


You could also use those fancy pants glue dots for scrapbooking, which would have been my weapon of choice if I had any on hand… Glue those puppies down, frame and done. Probably the easiest project yet.

Psst. I also bought letters from Lake Michigan Vintage. Looking forward to getting those into a frame for my wall-o-art (pictures to come soon! I promise!).

Both vendors were great and items shipped fast. Check them out! I spot another purchase already… I love tax money season…

What quick and easy projects are you working on? What do you do after a long Monday?

That’s it for now, I’m off to grab a beer, make dinner and maybe my famous apple pie… (by special request of course ;))

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I’m super glad its Friday, even though it’s a rainy Friday here in Detroit. Which pretty much pushes back my plans for some of my outdoor projects (aka vertical garden). ::Sigh::

So, that means I need to get started on some indoor projects. Luckily I’ve got a few ideas in that department. First up: Did anyone happen to check out this really cool DIY gold leaf  project from BrittneyMakes posted on the 6th Street Design School blog?


Well I fell in love with how easy and simple it looked and thought it would make a great addition to my art wall (picture of that to follow soon!) As much as I loved the ampersand and wanted to make the same exact thing for myself, I also wanted to try a more complex shape to share with you. So I started looking around the home for inspiration. And boy, did I find something cute.

Meet Lily, my roommate’s 2 year old red doberman.


Seriously how cute is she? My rooms is gone on a cruise this week and I’ve been able to have Lily all to myself (muhahahah) and have enjoyed every moment of it. Plus since she misses her mom I’ve been getting extra cuddles. Not complaining.

So how do I turn this cute face into art? Well I’m glad you didn’t ask.

First I found a shape that resembled my muse. Who doesn’t love Google? Then I printed it out, carefully cut it out, taped it down and traced the bugger onto some black mount board I just happened to have lying around. Yes, I stock pile craft supplies. Michaels and Jo-Ann coupons are like GOLD in my house. Or maybe in this case copper.

Part 1-01

Once I had my image traced out I took a small paint brush and some regular Elmer’s School Glue and painted the areas I wanted foil. Now, here’s a tip for all you first time foilers like myself. Paint a thin coat, and do the ares with the LEAST amount of detail first. Why? Because likely by the time you do the detailed parts, the original areas will be almost dry. School glue dries fast, and you don’t want to have to redo the detailed parts again.


After you’re glued you want to take your foil and put down a whole sheet over your drawing. If you have to use two sheets try not to overlap them much. Then you wait. You want the glue to be 100% dry before you go to brush off the excess. Dont get excited like I did and have to redo it. Oops. It was about this time after I placed the foil down on the glue that I realized that I had purchased Copper foil instead of Gold. Hence the name of this post. For a split second I was pissed and then realized that if I could pretend mistake it for gold, maybe everyone else that walked by it could too ;).

Meanwhile while it dried I had to figure out what I was going to put them in. Luckily my lovely mother has what I call a “Garage Sale Problem” (and I mean that in the nicest way possible 😉 ). Meaning if she sees a garage sale sign she will whip a U’y and pull that truck over. Why is this lucky? Well at one time I mentioned to her that I was looking for frames of all shapes and sizes and details for my art wall. So now I have a hoarding size collection of old frames with ugly artwork that I clean up and paint and put my new artwork into. See exhibit A below. That’s right, 50 cents. (THANKS MOM!) Anyways… I found two that fit the size I needed and ripped out the old junk and painted the frames white.

part 2-01

After 24 hours, my glue was dry, I used a soft brush to lightly brush away the excess foil, feed a few touch up spots and my artwork was ready to go. Popped that baby into the painted frame and called it done.

part 3-01

What do you think? Do you see the resemblance? I plan on passing this copper doberman to my rooms when she arrives back home, but I’m keeping the ampersand for myself.

What projects are you working on lately? Have any good muses or inspiration lying around your house? How adorable is Lily?! I love this little bugger!

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