May the 4th be with you…

May 4, 2014

So, I’m going to confess something. There may have been a bit of more silence around these here parts recently due to… well…. someone.

And that someone might possibly be a boy. Who might possibly be stealing a large portion of my time… recently. I’m not going to complain. And hopefully you wont either. See he actually really likes my weirdness. And he likes my craftiness. And even send me project ideas and inspiration.


Bonus points.

Plus M is basically in love with him and I think it goes both ways….

photo (3)

Why am I bringing this up now? Well he’s a big nerd. To the core. In fact… lets just call him “The Nerd” from this point forward. Nerd is a big Star Wars fan, and today… you *MAY* (punny) have noticed is May the 4th.

See, I know what this day is… I’ve known it for years from past friends. But I pretended that I didn’t in front of Nerd so he wouldn’t have any clue that I had actually planned a surprise for him. I made him this:


Kinda silly huh? But hopefully delicious.

So Nerd, just for you I searched the web for some Star Wars inspiration for myself.

Star Wars-01one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine
ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen

Happy Star Wars Day,




One response to May the 4th be with you…


    Mmm that cookie cake looks yummy. Hope you had a good May the 4th. 🙂