Life Update

April 24, 2014

Wahoo!! I’m feeling like I’m finally over the death plague that’s been keeping me down lately. Hacking up a lung and everything. But it’s gone, I’m muuuuuuuch better and back with some good things!

It’s been restaurant week lately in these parts, Detroit and in Ferndale so I’ve been hitting up those places to review the food a bit. Those reviews coming soon! I’ve also pretty much have had plans after work every day in April. Which lead to less blogging and a whole lot of this:

photo 4

Those dots are some plan other than work. Yeah. I love my friends and family, but I’m pretty sure I’m taking May off to do some quality time. I advent even finished removing the wallpaper in my bathroom yet! Horrible DIY Blogger. Also towards the end of march my dryer moved past the pearly gates and I had to find a replacement, stat. Luckily I was able to, but the installation process was incredibly difficult seeing as the home builder decided to put the units in a closet.

photo 3

What else…. what else… Oh, I have a few Marley updates for you. Those will come in the next two weeks. Some new recipes… Super Yummy. Um a few small tutorials, a larger project that’s being finished up. A product review, and some site updating to do. All coming in the next few weeks. Sorry to have a non- bloggy blog post today, but wanted you guys to know I was still here, just things in the works and I’ll be back to more blogging shortly!

Leaving you with my go-to quote right now:

photo 1