Getting Moody: Master Bathroom

March 19, 2014

So last week I revealed my next big project has gotten underway, and I started to remove the old gross wallpaper from my bathroom.

And… that’s about where I’m still at.

With a wedding last weekend, and one this weekend and a crazy few weeks in-between I haven’t been able to get back to the wall-paper removal process. But I plan to, soon. Because this picture just makes me a bit too happy still:

photo (2)

That being said, I think it’s high time to share the direction I’m planning on heading with this mini renovation. I say mini because, I’m not removing or changing out tile (i don’t think…) and I’m definitely not pulling out/ removing the cabinet and nice granite counters (even though, they’re not really my pick).

The cabinets are nice, in great condition upgrade from builder’s basic and I like them. The counters really aren’t my taste, but for my small budget and for the sake of time I’m leaving them. So that being said I needed to pick an idea that would downplay the busy-ness of the granite while taking the room to a more modern eclectic feel that I really like.

Master Bath Mood Board-01

So I’ve decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone and paint the walls white (something that either exactly matches the already white tile on the floor and in the shower, or maybe something just slightly off hue, but still very much…. white.

That scares me guys. I don’t do white…. Or white rooms at least. I’m much more comfortable painting a room black than I am painting it white.

So, to kinda bring in something that *IS* very me, I’m going to take Mandy’s idea and literally draw on my walls. With sharpie. My inner 5 year old artistic child heart leaps at just the thought.

My 27-ish year old back though groans at the idea of all that measuring though…

Probably the bigger project in the room is going to be removing the light fixture and hopefully (knocks on wood, fingers and toes crossed, salt over the shoulder…) removing that large mirror in one piece. I’d like to get it cut down to a smaller size that I could frame out with some reclaimed wood/ misc. old bracket pieces.

Speaking of reclaimed wood, I plan to build some awesome shelves above the toilet maybe that stretch over the counter a bit to store my everyday products/ extra towels/ some fun art pieces. Just stuff to overall make the room feel modern/ eclectic.

Those random pieces will be a mix of metals, wood, glass and maybe some colorful ceramic just to add some pops of color to my *shudders* white room.

I plan on painting the window and door trim darrrrrrrk and bring in some black and white towels and maybe bathmat to tie that all together.


Alright, so the time has come… What do you think? Am I crazy? Can you picture this? 

Anyone have a suggestion for a light fixture? Right now I’ve got the “movie star” lights above the mirror, but I’m thinking I need to go with something completely different (mostly because they need to move, and I really hate them)