Four Score and Four years ago…

March 10, 2014

OK, maybe not really four score. Google just told me that means “eighty years”. I’m not that old, yet.

I mean, it feels straight up 80 years ago.

When I bought my condo/ townhouse a little over 4 years ago, the space that sold me on it was the master bedroom/ suite.

The master was HUGE and had so many windows that it was just amazingly filled with light.

I have since learned that several large windows mean you never sleep in past 10 and it means you wallet is a lot lighter. Not only for blinds/ window treatments, but also for heating and cooling reasons.

But back to my story… The SUITE sold me. So while the master was yes- quite lovely. I feel in love with the bathroom as well.

Let me clarify.

I fell in love with the size of the bathroom, the size of the shower, and the amount of storage in there.

I did not love the bathroom wallpaper.

Yes, wallpaper.

Exhibits A & B:

photo photo2

You see that crap all over the walls? Yeah, that’s not mold. That’s the wallpaper the builder’s wife chose for the MODEL UNIT.

Please, builders, lets not let your wives stage your model homes anymore.

Actually this isn’t the only room with horrible wallpaper. The 2nd full bath and half bath had wallpaper too.


Dumb dumb dumb idea. I get that it’s a fun pattern and a small space to try the pattern in and you can go a little out of the box, but people…

I like hot showers, I also like to sing in the shower… and generally I’m also quite naked in said shower. Therefore my bathroom door is closed while I’m in the shower.

Hot Shower + Naked Singing Girl + Closed Bathroom Door = Steam* (lets be honest, the steams mostly because of me **wink wink**)

Steam + Wallpaper = Disaster

Guys, I’m really stellar at math 😉 can you tell?

SO, over the 4 years I’ve been steaming up my bathroom the wallpaper has started to pull away from the walls.

Well, I’ve finally had it. After talking about the horrible paper for years, and countless number of selfies ruined by my grandmother- wallpaper/d bathroom I’ve begun the process of tearing that crap down.

With a steamer, none the less. Ha- oh the irony.

And guess what! I actually have a plan as to what I’m going to do with it. I’ve never actually really showed any parts of my house on this blog yet, but that’s about to change. I’m going to show you guys my completed master suite. Soon.

Right after I complete it.

But just trust me with it when I say that my bedroom is like the darkest shade of navy/ blue-green you could go without it looking black. Thus I decided my bathroom would be light and airy. Plus I’ve always loved light and airy baths. They look clean to me.

I love bathrooms that look like this:


[via.] couldn’t find a direct link 😦




[via.] couldn’t find a direct link 😦



What do you think? What kind of bathroom style is your favorite? Any tips out there for washing the paste off the wall? I cant tell you how good it feels to finally be removing that awful paper. It’s like a cleanse.

Check back later this week for my inspiration and plan for the room.




4 responses to Four Score and Four years ago…


    That’s some wallpaper! I love your inspiration – and we do have more bathrooms to makeover so thanks for sharing! And a BIG thank you for including our bathroom! Sweet! Thanks you so much! xo


    I liked that blue wallpaper you had downstairs. Maybe something similar?


    You’re so welcome. I love the way you styled your shelves. I have some big plans for some shelves of my own so they were great for inspiration!


    That’s actually paint! But yeah, I love that bright blue downstairs. I think I may go light and airy for the master bath though. My bedroom being so dark, I think I need to play off that and bring in some light. Plus I’ve been living with that old green dark paper for so long, that I’m ready for ANYTHING but that!