Love Birdie: The Classic Love Couple

March 6, 2014

Love Bird Series-01

ANNNNNNNND She’s Back… after a slightly scary OS update that left me unable to use some of my fabulous programs & some internet issues leaving me unable to upload images, we’re back with the last couple type! If you missed any of last week’s posts, we’re talking fun unique wedding gift ideas for that wedding you’re headed to next month. Before you can find yourself a hot groomsman or bridesmaid you need to get some shopping done for the mr & mrs to be.

Last we left off with the ever adventurous Outdoorsy Couple. The type we all kinda wish we were… but would probably prefer sitting our ass on the beach vs. swimming in the water… Today we’re going to talk about the CLASSIC LOVE couple.

If this all confuses you, you probably missed my mind bowing conclusion that we all fit into 4 categories…

These categories are:

The Classic Love/ Romance Couple — This is the down to earth maybe modest couple who are conservative and completely in love with each other. They look forward to spending their life together, popping out some rugrats and look forward to the house with blue shutters and a white picket fence. Possibly a dog or two. I would call them traditional in all sense of the word and their wedding would be an even to match.

The Artsy Hipster Couple — This couple is all about trying the new cool restaurant in town before it’s even popular, they love art shows, live music and Etsy. This couple fill their home with eclectic homemade touches and plan their vacations around the next music festival. Their wedding will most likely have some DIY touches and a live band.

The Party Never Stops Couple — This couple put more thought into their reception than the actual vows, because they want their guests to have an amazing time. This couple is the pair that always throw events at their house and have all the ingredients/ tools to whip up a killer cocktail or jello shots in their cupboard RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT. They’ve got 20 extra ping pong balls for beer pong and a few extra air mattress for those who go a little too hard. They live to entertain.

The Outdoorsy Couple — This couple spend the majority of their time outside vs. in. They are always traveling, hiking, camping and have one entire closet or section of their garage dedicated to their gear. This couple love campfires and are more often found in REI than Meijers. They know exactly what freeze dried food tastes the best, and can tell you what direction you’re facing in the woods by observing the moss.

Anyways, back to the classic love couple. Here are the picks that would fit this couple perfectly…

Classic Love-01

Throw // Keurig // 3-D Art
Cutting Board // Let It Go // Jewelry Dish
Bicycle For Two Print // Plush Monogrammed Robes

I’m loving the let it go sign… that might be a fun DIY for next week!



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