February 18, 2014

So I’m here to ask you all the age old question.

If a man speaks in the forest and no women hears him…is he still wrong?

Hah. Kidding.

But we are going to talk about wood today.


Come on guys, not that kind of wood. Your head’s in the gutter again… I thought we talked about that?


Anyways, so last week— maybe the week before? I had a mini panic day, the day my iPhone died. So I had to go get a new one. which of course means spending ten zillion dollars on new accessories. One of which being a new case.

I’m pretty particular about cases. I like the hard cases, but not the ones that add a ton a bulk to my phone. The thing is large enough already, we don’t need to go adding to the size.

Anyways, I spent a day or two really searching online at cases and I kept coming back to a thin wood/ bamboo case. It just felt right. So I found my case on Etsy, it’s from a store call Tmbr, which, if I do say so myself has some pretty freaking cool items. I listed a few 2 weeks ago on my gift guide for guys. I still want one of those sunglasses. Maybe for my birthday. You know, if I’m good.

I’m not going to talk much more about Tmbr, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I highly recommend buying from this shop, the case is absolutely rocking quality, and they shipped it out the same day. Which, on Etsy, is kinda unheard of.

Check ’em out here….

TMBR Pic-01

Basically I pretty much love my phone case.

That’s it for today, I’m going to dig myself out of 8 fresh inches of snow now. WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING?!


oh ps, this post isn’t sponsored. I’m sure Tmbr doesn’t even have a clue I did this little write up and photoshoot. I just like the product.