Amour for Him

January 28, 2014

Back for more eh? Today is DAY TWO of Valentine’s Day here on the ol’ blog. If you missed yesterday’s gift ideas for her go check ’em out. There’s some cool items on that list. Today however we are talking all about the guys.


Generally I have a hard time buying gift for any of the men in my life. And that’s not for a lack of trying. Overall I’m so selective on gifts. I don’t like buying gifts that I don’t think the person would generally love or wouldn’t continue to use or enjoy. So make that twice as hard when it comes to guys/ men… Yeah. My dad is the HARDEST person to buy for. Because when he wants something, he just goes out and buys it. Leaving you NO TIME to get it yourself.

When I asked my male friends what would make their Valentine’s day they pretty much unanimously said “booze”. So this list is definitely geared more toward that common response. That and I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that anything techy, made out of wood/ leather or contains the words “beer or bacon” and you’re good.

HIMValentines 2014-01


101 Whiskies // Boombox Bear // Makers 46

// City Tumblers // Math Tumblers //

iPhone Holder // Wood Glasses // Beard Oil

// iPhone Case // Bartender Book // Bacon 24/7 //


The number TWO answer between both men and women was dinner made at home together. So I’ll be back tomorrow with two yummy dinner ideas.

Peace Love and Happiness,



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