Amour for Her

January 27, 2014

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, avoiding all stores, or avoiding the topic entirely– you may have noticed that Valentine’s Day has officially taken over the world.

Ok, maybe not the world… but MOST retailers/ online retailers and majority of bloggers are all talking about the big V.

Not Vagina… get your head out of the gutter. Geez…


This week it’s going to be ALL VALENTINE’S DAY here on CLA. So if you’re purposely avoiding the day, you have my permission to skip the blog this week. Just come back next Monday ok?

Now, a Hallmark holiday that it is– I actually kinda like Valentine’s Day. Yes, even when I’m single. It’s a period in time that it’s FULLY acceptable for me to eat my body weight’s worth of chocolates. I can send myself flowers and it’s not weird. And that baking addiction is generally fully appreciated by friends and family.

Even though I’m not celebrating with someone in particular this year I still genuinely like to shower friends and probably Marley with gifts and sweets.

BTW: Mini Rant— did you know some schools are actually asking kids not to bring in candy and valentines for each other because candy is “bad” for you. W.T.F. Are you *bleeping* kidding me? That’s ridiculous. If you want a healthier community try teaching your kids manners and discipline. Dont let them stuff their faces with the candy, teach them how to control what they’re eating… ::sigh::

Anyways, I questioned several of my male and female friends alike about what would make their little heart pitter patter on the big V-Day and shockingly the results were quite unanimous all around. Look at that– everyone making life all simple. Pretty much everyone said flowers/ chocolates/ dinner in (made together) Beer/ Wine/ Alcohol and a little of the horizontal tango..

But if you are looking for something small to give your lady– here are some ideas that would surely make my heart pitter patter…

Valentines 2014-01

AMOUR // Love & Flowers // LOVE

// Custom Wine Label // Heart Stopper // Arrow Bracelet // Gold Cuff //

Mug Cozy // Be Mine Mug

// Card // Nail Polish //

Back tomorrow with some gift ideas for the guys–



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