I Hate the Gym

January 20, 2014

Confession time:

Much like 70% of the worlds population (or at least those in the Greater Detroit Area), one of my GOALS for this year was to be healthier. To exercise more, to run, to go to the gym and make it a habit.

You know, so I don’t have to stop eating really terrible things like this, this, and definitely these. Thus convincing my body I’m not getting older and my metabolism isn’t slowing (it is).

But, I’m one to admit that I just generally really hate the gym. I feel weird being there. Out of place. I don’t know the names of the machines. I don’t even know how to use half of them. I generally just pretend I do and then either end up hurting myself or looking like a complete and total dumbass. Usually the latter… And being January you have to wait 15 effing minutes before you can get a treadmill.


That being said, it’s the middle of the effing winter in Michigan. It just snowed…. AGAIN. And I don’t care who you are, running outside when it’s cold is for the birds. Cant do it. I give huge props to my cousin training and running in the cold, cuz there’s no way in hell I’d be doing it.

SHAMELESS PLUG: you should definitely consider supporting her as she trains to run 13.1 Miles (like a crazy woman) in support of Leukemia and Lympoma. Definitely check out her story as to WHY she’s training.

So I pack my growing ass in the car and drive down to the gym just to wait 15 minutes for a damn treadmill. I hate it. I actually like doing the 30 min circuit (obviously I work out at Planet Fitness) but the rest… is “eh”.

Personally I hate running. But it’s the one thing I push myself to do. I’m a terrible runner, but it WORKS for me. So how do I convince myself to keep running?

I sign up for stupid races. edit: stupid as in, not timed, no pressure to even finish before the coming apocalypse.


I HATE RUNNING. But I LOVE running 5Ks. Figure that one out. Maybe it’s because when I get to the end I feel like I actually accomplished something other than looking like a sweaty hot mess letting water dribble down my face because I don’t have the muscles to keep it INSIDE my mouth (what a concept).  A few months ago I did a post about prepping for your first 5K fun run… There’s some good tips in there. Like making sure you don’t destroy the inside of your car…

This year I’m already signed up for The Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris and The Color Run in Yipsi. But I’ve been thinking about pushing myself to add a few new races this year just for fun. Plus, my t-shirt collection is in massive need of some revamping and my 5K shirts make me look athletic.

I ran Color Me Rad in Detroit last year, and I think I’m going to move that one to Grand Rapids this year just to space out the races a bit. Plus then I can convince some new friends to run it with me. I’m also a proud Polak so the Paczki Run kinda just feels like it’s a given…

Then there’s the Hot Cocoa Classic which is new this year, The Corktown Race, and The Bootlegger Run is just minutes from my house.So, I’ve got some good options coming up. Plus I might venture into the running in other states/ vacation places for maybe a long weekend?

The gym isn’t just about running though. Yes it’s good exercise, but you need to work on other muscles to keep your body and metabolism running smoothly. Lifting weight, abdominal machines… that’s all find and dandy, if you like the gym. But if you’re like me.. You’re all “eff that crap” find me something else to do.

Kayaking. Your arms will about feel like they are falling off after a good 2 hour kayaking trip in normal conditions. Add a little bit of wind to that and you won’t be able to drive home. Not to mention– works out your back and abdominal muscles.

Roller Blading. It’s my goal to get myself a pair of these this year and not only get back in the swing of using them but also teach Marley to run with me when I’m blading… Which, could possibly end my life, but– that’s ok.

Hiking. Walking on flat surfaces is fine, but try hiking in the woods. You’re not only using the same muscles as you would on a stair-stepper, you’re also getting a pretty view.

Kickball/ Soccer/ Co-Ed Sport (Yes, the beer leagues). Great way to meet new people, get drunk and have some fun. Oh yeah… and exercise too.

Get a Dog. Not a yip yip mutt. A DOG. Once you add that little bit of responsibility they’ll guilt trip you into fun outings faster than you can stuff that cupcake down your throat. Well, ok. Maybe not faster…

Kickboxing. SO WANT TO TRY THIS. I want to picture a certain sales persons head every time I kick the damn bag…

The point is, I hate the gym. I’d much rather be outside doing any number of these other races/ activities. But I go to the gym now in order to be able to run the races when you know… it’s not -40° out.

Rant over. I’m going to pack my shit up and head to the gym now… maybe.



6 responses to I Hate the Gym


    I want to kick box with you!


    I’m kinda the same way about running … perhaps because I am new to it. Running = ahhhggg. But I have done a 5K …and found it fun.


    It can be difficult to get excited about going to the gym that is why I love 9Round. It is a kick boxing fitness routine that gives you a full body workout and leaves you sweating. You will definitely feel like you accomplished something.


    I’ve never heard of that before, but it sounds really interesting. I’ll have to look into it.

    I definitely think that’s the hardest part though, getting excited to go. Esp when it’s 10 degrees outside and leaving my warm house for the cold seems insane.


    ABSOLUTELY. I don’t know what it is about running… but I hate it… unless it’s in a 5k.


    I think we should try to go this summer… are you going to be home?