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January 16, 2014

This is probably my second easiest DIY ever. It pretty much explains itself. Being a typography nerd I love having numbers and letters spelling random things out all over my house so small wall art projects like this one and this one are plentiful. I’m also a scrabbler. Love playing it on my phone, board game, computer game… I’m fairly decent… 😉

I’ve always been looking for a way to tie scrabble tiles into my home. I love the letter pillows, the coasters, and even these holiday ornaments. So when I decided to spruce up a set of practically unused cabinets for my new “bar area” I figured I’d tie in the scrabble letters in an art piece.


I like to have friends and family over to hang out, which generally includes something boozy (go-figure). It’s become a fairly well known fact between my friends that I have beer drawers in my fridge (does anyone actually use the veggie and meat drawers for what they’re actually for? Mine hold beer). Basically my bar is always open for guests and I want them to know that. So I decided an “open bar” sign would be a fun touch for friends.

Easy. Way too easy.

I took a frame found at a garage sale for some stupid cheap price. Painted it black (this was done ages ago with a ton of frames) and then ordered some extra scrabble tiles online.

IMG_8273 IMG_8275

I ditched the glass for the frame and used colorful scrapbook paper as my background. Hot glued my letters on and called it done.

Stupid easy, but a fun cute touch.


And that’s today’s stupid easy craft.

Do you guys have anything thats so terribly easy to do like this?


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