January 13, 2014

At LAST I have found the camera battery charger, which means proper photos of my baby hyena*.

Happy Monday….

Marley11 Marley8Marley10 Marley9 Marley7Marley2 Marley3

* Marley really isn’t a hyena. Well, I mean, she could be. But people constantly ask me what she is, and quite frankly- I have no fucking idea. Part pit bull, part shepherd, part…. tiger? She kinda acts like a cat.



2 responses to Marley


    These are some great pictures! She’s a cutie! Is she fixed? If so, we should try getting her and Dallas together to play. The big D is all there because PAWS wants to keep him that way until they decide if he will be good breeding stock.


    Yep she’s spayed so playdate it is. 🙂