She’s Baaaaaaaaack

January 2, 2014

Woahhhhhhho ho ho….

Blogland, it’s been a while. How’s everyone doing out there?

Did you miss me? Probably not. I’m okay with that. Lets be honest, that break was NEEDED. I was completely uninspired, completely un-orangized, and completely a mess. Recap: Life was great, until a breakup that sent my crazy world a tumbling down, left me uninspired, and pretty much created a need to get out of the freaking house and go out with people. I needed to find some inspiration again.

So I did. And it was a grand ol’ time. I met up with awesome friends, played a lot of laser tag, went out to dinner a lot, started cooking more with a buddy (much easier to cook for two than one, right?), went to movies, drank too much, helped those less fortunate, partied in Grand Rapids, and added to my little family.

Yup, that last one was a pretty big item. I am now officially a mother. Dear friends/ family and avid readers (anyone that’s left)– I would like to introduce you to Marley.


It’s pretty safe to say that I’m 100% obsessed. And as you can see from the last picture Ziggy (very much a huge part of my life still) is learning to like her too. He’s a bit less obsessed or impressed with her, but overall there hasnt been any issues.

So, I’m sure you’re just dying to learn a little about my new leading lady… (if not, best find a new blog to follow, shes here for the long haul).

Marley is 16/17 weeks old. She is a marvolous mutt (as mindy calls her), meaning we have an *idea* of the breeds she has in her, but dont know 100%. She’s part American Stafforshire Terrier, possibly Plott Hound, maybe some Dutch Shepherd? Who knows. She a GORGEOUS (I might be biased) reverse brindle (Zig man is typical brindle coloring). Slightly thicker fur than the Zig, but not somehting that has been shedding much. She’s about 25lbs right now, so the hope is that she’ll be around 50-60 full grown.

Her story isnt really all that interesting. She was an owner surrender at about 10-12 weeks to a shelter that unfortunately was about to put her down due to being part pitbull. Luckily she was found by an absolute amazing team of women running Heaven After Hell Rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana. These lovely ladies (Kelly and Miranda took her in, got her spayed, dewormed (she had worms badddddd) and started her on her first set of shots. She was posted on their facebook page which happened to be frequented by my lovely former roommate who then forwarded her picture to me and said “she’s perfect for you”.

And that folks is the beginning to the end. I applied, waited not so patiently to be approved and then waited three agonizing weeks before she was fit to come home. Mindy and I road-tripped it down to pick her up and she’s made herself quite at home for almost the last two weeks.

Life Outside of the Dog:

Honestly, sucked for a while. But overall I’m feeling good right now, I’m feeling insipred and I’m excited for things to come. After some soul searching I realized that my expectations were too high for CLA and not in a bad way— just in a way that was less obtainable at the moment. I felt like I picked up so much momentum and then just flopped. So as with the new year, I’ve made some resolutions and one of them was to get back to blogging and set myself an obtainable schedule and goal.

We’re going to have a weekly post on Fridays, and I’m going to mix in some Marley/ Ziggy dog stuff. And I’m going to continue to craft and to bake. But — while we’re being real here– its just not possible for me to do big projects all the time. Blogging is a hobby, and a fun hobby. But it was turning into work giving by myself deadlines on huge projects and it just burned me out. BlogPal— yeah, that kinda flopped to. It’s my own fault. I was a bad blogpal myself. I’m going to get back into not only being a good blogger but a great reader. Commenting and linking up. That’s the fun stuff. Meeting new people. A few months ago I stopped it completely almost.

And you know what, if I forget to post one day– oh well. Post it the next day, dont feel the guilt.

I’ve got more blogging resolutions for you next time, a whole list full. All of my wants and goals and plans for CLA. I’m excited. Really excited.

Until then though, I’ve got one MAJOR GOAL for today/ tonight: Find my damn SLR Camera battery charger. Seriously guys, I cant find it anywhere. And part of good blogging is GREAT PHOTOS. Wine and hunting it is. Maybe Marley will find it for me?

Until next time: this new puppy mama is out!

xox Justynn, Marley & Ziggy ❤


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    Reading and commenting on more blogs is my #1 resolution for 2014! I’ve failed lately, but I’m ready: Just Like You! I’m glad you’ve got your creative juices flowing again!
    With Love,
    Your Little Bloggy Sister 🙂