I’m joining the Big Leagues…

November 13, 2013

BIG NEWS… well ok. Big News for me.

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year. For the first time ever. And I kinda just found out… like within the last week. And Thanksgiving is two weeks away…


I’m terrified and excited. There’s so much to plan, so much to buy… SO MUCH TO CLEAN.

Crap. I need to scrub my house.

In honor of this huge holiday for me I’m going to be sharing some recipes from fellow bloggers every day next week. I’m also going to finally work and hopefully finish the bench. You know… the one I talked about here. Yep, I finally picked a fabric and it’s FINALLY in. And I just need to get off my rump and make the bench.

Mostly because I’ll need it as additional seating.

Then I’ll be making table and home decor and a wreath.

I have some seriously big shoes to fill. Wish me luck!!

Any good advice out there? Or how about a recipe?
I’m usually the baker in my family so hand me a turkey and I’m not quite sure what to do with it…


❤ Justynn


3 responses to I’m joining the Big Leagues…


    Turkey actually isn’t difficult. I’ve never made a whole turkey, but I’ve done several chickens so I can’t imagine there would be too much difference in the process…just longer due to increased size. I would invest in a meat thermometer if you don’t already have one, the pop-up timers aren’t always the most accurate. But definitely allow yourself enough time to thaw prior to the big day. I was just reading an article but can’t find now that said you shouldn’t baste the turkey because opening the oven fluctuates the temperature, allowing a better chance to dry out. When I’ve made whole chicken’s, I’ve stuffed the bird with lemons and oranges to give it a little more flavor, but you could go traditional onions, garlic, etc. if you’d rather not have a fruity bird. Just tie the legs together prior to cooking. I’ve also used olive oil on top of the bird to help crisp up the skin. As for cooking time, just follow the directions and you should be fine! Good luck!


    woo hoo! that will be so fun! I can’t wait to have a place large enough to host a holiday!!


    I’m terrified!! But luckily I’ve found so many great recipes online to help it out! Cross your fingers for me!!

    ❤ J