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November 5, 2013

So yesterday I mentioned hitting up Target (tarrrrrjayyyyy– cuz it sounds classy that way) over the weekend in my panicked state of trying to find a Halloween costume. And I’m not sure if i mentioned it, in fact I’m to lazy to go back and look– real life here people– but I’m super impressed with them as of the last several months, not only for the home decor stuff which we all love and adore (love me some J-Adler) but also in the clothing department. 

Dude, I remember back when I was younger and I was HORRIFIED shopping at Target for school clothes. I know that makes me sound all ‘privileged’ and whatever, but where I grew up was a fairly well-off area, and while not every family was ranking in the millions (mine wasn’t) going to school and dressing up for it was super pressured for a young girl. If you weren’t wearing Abercrombie or Hollister or whatever brand name was big back then, then kids kinda– automatically put you in a “group” in school and it was hard to get out of that. It was rough, kids at my high school got brand new mustangs and convertibles for their first car, and always wore the latest and greatest. (My high school bordered on the Super Rich and moderately rich zones of my town, I was from neither and just was thrown into that group.) 

I’m not going to say that we were super un-wealthy and poor– but I grew up in a single parent household and my mom worked her ass off. Yes, I’m super close to my dad, and saw him practically every week, but for a single mother raising a kid on your own and being the only income– she definitely cut corners for herself so I could pick out the cool clothes. (PS mom I love you).

Anyways— off of that tangent… Back in the day Target was an “eh” kind of a store. Now a days I can rarely go in there without spending $100 on ALL THE THINGS.

Seriously, it’s like a disease, if you can go into there without spending $100, please feel free to do all my shopping for me for the rest of my life, at target.

Really though, their women’s clothing line has seriously taken off so kudos to them. Below are 8 of my favorite items (three of which I bought) in woman’s fashion right now. And let me tell you, it was really hard to limit myself to just 8.


1. Leopard Print Flats // 2. Geometric Infinity Scarf // 3. Leopard Print Top // 4. White Tunic // 5. Mittens // 6. Black Wristlet // 7. Black Studded Pumps // 8. Red Lacey Dress

One– Totally bought these super cute flats. They were cheap, they could go with practically any top and skinny jeans and you can never have too many flats.

Two– Love the pattern on this scarf. Like flats you can never have too many cute scarfs (I have probably close to 20) and being black and white– again, goes with everything and anything.

Three– This top I loved at first sight. Leopard print it totally making a comeback right now and in a way that is sexy but NOT sleazy, and this top paired with a basic black or white tank and skinny jeans or skinny black pants could be a great date night outfit.

Four– I bought this white tunic too for a baby shower this Sunday. I’m thinking of pairing it with skinny jeans my new and either boots or the leopard print flats (depending on the weather).

Five– Mittens. Living in the “Mitten State” (ask any michigander to tell you where they live, I dare you) you can never have too many pairs of gloves, mittens hats… scarfs… 😉 especially when you are live me and lose the ying to every yang in EVERY pair and can never find a matching set. I swear my car eats them.

Six– I’m not a big carry around a huge purse type of girl (especially when going out) so I generally have a wristlet “wallet” that I stuff inside bigger purses when needed, but it carries around all the essentials (credit card, debit card, cash, lip gloss, ID… etc) I’m in the need of a new one and I wanted black. I generally splurge and buy myself a Coach one (they last forever and its like the ONE nice thing i own) but this one caught my eye and i figure I’d grab it. I’ll probably still get a coach one, or ask for it for Christmas, but this one will work for now and its kinda “edgy” with the metal details.

Seven– Speaking of “edgy”, I absolutely LOVE these pumps. I’m not a big heel person I can generally stand in them, but actually walking around requires brainpower that I seem incapable of using after the second or third margarita, which will mean that they heels come off and my toes are out for show (ALWAYS KEEP THEM PAINTED). However, I have been known to buy a few pairs and wear them religiously when needed and I love the studs on these so these will probably end up in my closet in the next month as well.

Eight– I’m mostly a jeans and t- type of a girl, but I’m starting to go out more so I’m going to need some sexy new dresses to pay for the drinks at the bar. Dont get it? Ask a woman. Clothes = Beverages. It’s scientifically proven.

There were SO many more items that I loved, but I’ll have to save those for another time. Next time let’s go back to decor stuff. J-A is calling my nammmmme.

Have you picked up anything from Tarjeeeeeey lately that you are loving? Tell me please!!

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** All opinions are my own and no way shape or form has target asked for any of this coverage. They don’t even know who I am. Hell I don’t really even know who I am anymore… **


2 responses to Right on Target


    I am hardcore addicted to target clothes these days!


    I love their clothes also. Problem I am about 50 years to old for them! My only problem with Target is now they have become a super market . Certain ares of the store they are ALWAYS out of stock. Their response is they are always keeping up on the latest trends. So they leave big holes in basics like Heath and Beauty. I will never quit shopping there but they need to do something about their CAO on basics. Oh and love their commercials even if you can’t find the items in the store !