A Whole New Following

November 4, 2013

Lets just start today off with some man-candy…

Yep. That my folks is Brad Ausmus the man named the new Manager for the Detroit Tigers and possibly the newest reason for females in Detroit to flock to Comerica Park.

Saturday (sometime during my incredible hangover) the Detroit Tigers announced the addition of this lovely chunk of man to be the 37th Manager for the Detroit Tigers and ladies everywhere (or at least the ones I know) posted to Facebook, twitter and social media everywhere their approval.

2013-11-04_1827 2013-11-04_18262013-11-04_1816a2013-11-04_1813a2013-11-04_1821

He’s even stealing wives…


Some fans are thinking since we have a new heart-throb we can boot the old one…


Some are still Die-Hard Leyland fans…


Others not so much…


Some of the men are having issues relating to the buzz he’s causing…


Others are experiencing some new feelings…


Overall though it’s becoming clear that the Tigers can look forward to experiencing a whole new female fan base…

2013-11-04_1813 A 2013-11-04_1808A 2013-11-04_1808

BTW… Dear Detroit: I suggest you break out the Mrs. Ausmus Jerseys and T-Shirts stat. (I’ll take three…)

I’m excited. (not that kind of excited— jeez) I loved Leyland and was a bg supporter of his, but it’s time to switch things up. We’ve had the best team going in for a while now and missing / not winning the World Series in the last three years has been heartbreaking.

It drives me to drink people (see exhibit A below)



(OK, that’s a lie, this was after they won — and the parking lot attendant was cheering me on. Staying classy– all. the. time.)

Annnyways. So after my confession last week I’ve decided to start all over. Today is a new day, I had a pretty badass weekend and we’re taking baby steps forward.

Friday night was fairly uneventful. I set myself into a panic trying to make a Halloween costume (last minute, of course) for a party on saturday. It was my third attempt at a costume. I really wanted to make a gumball machine like Rachel’s from Life Unsweetened.


In fact I even posted a teaser photo of it on Instagram. Yeah, that failed. Why?  I bought too big of pom poms so when I glued them to a tank the overall combined weight of them and the glue stretched out the tank in a weird wonky way and it looked horrible.

So after it being the 3rd failed attempt at a costume (Not even going to start with the other two…) I went into a panic and made my way to Target Saturday morning (morning of the party) in search of another costume idea. Luckily I found a cool plaid shirt and some make up and was able to pull off a scarecrow costume pretty easily. I think it worked out pretty well. Bless you Pinterest for all the face-makeup ideas.


Overall Saturday was a fairly sucessful night and Sunday my little buddy was dropped off to spend a few days with me.

In fact I took him to work this morning. He slept. Life of a dog.

How was your weekend? Any new hot managers for you to drool over? Do you think Ausmus is hot? For a man in his mid-40s… I’d hit it.

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3 responses to A Whole New Following


    You’re such a cute scarecrow! You beat me… I didn’t even dress up! Unless you count my normal, broke college student look as a costume? Glad everything is going better for you:)
    Love, Your Little Bloggy Sis


    Thanks for the blog/costume shout-out! 🙂