Squeaky Clean

October 12, 2013

So you guys might have noticed (or not) that I recently join the Influenster affiliate program! There’s a handy logo in my sidebar to the right. Anyways, Influenster is a program that works with bloggers and people all over to review products. It’s actually kind of a cool program. So I figured what the hell and joined.

Photo Sep 17, 9 52 46 PM

Not too long after joining and filling out some information I received a notice that I was picked for a BrandBox sample. It turned out it was for Colgate who was looking for people to review their latest and greatest toothbrush.

Now, I know what you are thinking… Really? A toothbrush? lame… But in all actuality Once trying out the #slimsoft brush from Colgate I was pretty impressed.

See, I’m this lame person that actually enjoys going to the dentist. I love the super clean almost achy feeling. Weird right? Well, my dentist is actually a good buddy of my padre and I’ve been going to see him my whole life. Literally driving over an hour just to see him when finding someone closer is much easier. I know, judge me. I’m ok with that.

Anyways, usually the only way I can get that incredibly clean feeling, the slight achy-ness that lets you KNOW your teeth are sparkling like diamonds… (cue the Rihanna song intro…) was by going to the dentist.

Until now, The #slimsoft brush honestly doesn’t look like much right out of the package. It looks like every other toothbrush. The difference though is in the super thin longer bristles that really get in-between your teeth. It was like flossing while brushing (and I hate taking the time to floss).

I was skeptical, for sure… how could a toothbrush make this much of a difference, but it really worked. Just to prove it to myself last week I tried going back to my old toothbrush. It felt so weird and hard, I threw it out immediately.

So that’s it. I’m sold. Definitely try it out.

Photo Sep 18, 9 47 09 AM

I was given a Colgate SimSoft toothbrush to review and I loved it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have written about it. Thanks!