The Great Fabric Debate of 2013

September 25, 2013

Woah, two posts in one day? WHO AM I?

Ok, this one will be short and sweet. Much like my earlier one.


I’m slowly getting my home together to share for you guys… But, I need help with the front entry. I’m going to turn a free old piece of furniture into the perfect bench for my front entry, but cannot for the life of me decide on the fabric for the bench seat. It’s going to be attached to the bench so it needs to be simple and something that will work year-round. But also something graphic/ modern and fun.

Normally I’d pick something cheap, but this is a small project (fabric wise) so i figured I could splurge a bit.


Below are the fabrics I’ve narrowed it down to… I love something about each and every one and cannot choose without your input!

Fabrics 3
Fabric Choices 2
Fabric Choices

Which are your favorites? Pick as many as you’d like!! Leave me a note either in the comments below or in this poll:



Thanks 😉





23 responses to The Great Fabric Debate of 2013


    Oooo Q is pretty nifty. So is C.


    I love F…something interesting, not a boring old pattern! Good luck!


    I think G is too cute! I’m a sucker for dots


    Oops! I meant L!


    These are all pretty but I like Fabric H the best because I love lots of color! 🙂


    I really like H, but B and P are great too.


    OMG.. are you kidding me.. you want ME to help you pick… I love them ALL.. I have the hardest time to pick.. BUT well. If I must.. I really like … A, D ,f, R, V .. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric you picked…


    The first one that drew me was F. Great pattern. Good luck with your project.


    If it were me, I’d go with choice I because it is not too loud and can go with so many styles and colors.


    Hrm, hard to say. There are def a lot of fun choices! I’d probably go for a darker fabric (to hide stains) and maybe something in an outdoor fabric if people plan on sitting on it often, like to put on their shoes and whatnot. Good luck—looking forward to seeing what you pick out!


    R is my favorite because I like the leaf design!


    I put in my vote. You’ll have to show us what you decide!


    I love J because its nice, simple, and not a light color that can show if it has small stains on it.. which it will eventually. get this way it will last longer..


    That’s a hard decision. I’d go with Q!


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