Proud Student Moment

September 18, 2013

Dropping in real quick because I’m having a proud student moment. I just finished my graphic design degree from Oakland Community College (Orchard Ridge campus) which is a school where all the professors and teachers are professionals in the field that they teach. Once of the adjunct teachers there was a guy by the name of Bryan Rubenacker and when he wasn’t teaching he was running a fairly successful side business where he made these awesome painting of dogs doing all sorts of stuff. In fact one of his paintings is a permanent fixture on the hit TV show Two Broke Girls.


Anyways, he stopped teaching (at least at my school) the semester after I had him, he blew up in the artist world side of things and couldn’t do both full time.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, I hopped over to Fab today from looking at things on Katie Bower’s post and happened to be perusing around and then BAM. Out of nowhere… I noticed some work that looked frighteningly familiar.


Yep, my old (he’s not old… don’t read into that) teacher’s work is being featured on and prints of his work are being sold for $18! Go check it out. (Check out his Etsy shop too!) I’m going to continue my excited “That was my teacher” phase all around the office and become the most annoying fan ever.

proud student moment.

anyways, this post-grad out.



5 responses to Proud Student Moment


    That’s so cool! I would be stoked too if I saw my professors work. 🙂


    I love that “I knew him when…” feeling! And congrats on finishing your degree! Woo hoo!!!


    I love your blog! Hope things are going well for you post OCC.


    art and dogs are pretty much my favorite things in life 🙂