Open for Business

September 17, 2013

Morning guys! I’m so excited to share with you guys today the opening week of the Creative Life Antics Etsy shop!


This has been a long term goal of mine for a while and I’m glad I finally pulled the trigger. Right now it’s kinda empty but over the next few months I’ll be posting new listing for downloadable files, printed cards and artwork, some jewelry, painting and small wood crafts! In order to celebrate this small opening I’m offering my very first FREE PRINTABLE!

A lot of bloggers offer free printables each month I’m going to start creating some of my very own. I’m offering up a free download of my very first item in my shop. Yay.


To get your copy please visit the free DOWNLOAD HERE —–> DO YOU FULL COLOR

Other colors are available for a small fee in my shop!

Stop in, tell me what you think and tell your friends!

Also while we are on the subject of telling your friends… Share the link for week THREE of SYTYC projects! This week are are tackling Birthday Crafts in honor of the most popular birthday in the United States! Hopefully you’ll stop by and pick your favorites!

birthday-challenge Birthday-Collage

I was supposed to get my tutorial up for my dresser today, but last week was such a blur I barely got anything done. I will be up soon for sure. I guess I need to stop making blog promises I cant keep! I do however promise that after the competition is all said and done we will get back to some regular programming around here. Between work, SYTYC projects, life, blog projects outside of SYTYC the Etsy shop opening and family stuff my life has been all over the place. Thanks for being patient and sticking it out with me. I’m almost done with my craft for next week! So here’s hoping I make it into the next round!

I’ll be back for sure on Thursday with a fitness post in collaboration with Bonnie from The Pin Junkie as part of blog pal. Here’s to hoping I get a post up tomorrow too. 😉

Thanks for sticking with me!



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