The Double Feature Divide

September 3, 2013

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When I started this blog, I thought my whole idea was to do all crafts all the time. But after struggling to craft 24/7 for several months taking a week or two off to read a few trashy novels and sneak in some “me” time, I’ve realized that I need to open myself up to more options to write about. So when I came across the opportunity to review a movie for Hallmark I jumped on the chance.

Now, I know what you are going to say… “Really Justynn, a HALLMARK movie?” Yes. Believe it or not I actually do watch Hallmark movies. I like them because it’s like seeing the characters in my trashy novel act out what I see in my head while reading. Plus I like putting them on while I’ve working on projects. I was fully expecting to receive one movie, but was actually sent a double feature… Meddling Mom starring Sonia Braga & Tony Plana and The Sweeter Side of Life starring Kathryn Morris.

When I received the movies I immediately made a judgement call and decided to watch “The Sweeter Side of Life” first as I pegged that being something more my style. Basically the story is about this woman named Desiree Harper (played by Kathryn Morris from Cold Case– Which I LOVE) who plays a wealthy woman living in NYC with her surgeon husband, who suddenly divorces her out of the blue. She’s forced to move home to live with her father that runs a bakery in a small New Jersey town. Whiles she there she starts helping out with the bakery and is reminded of her love of baking– something passed down from her mother. She ends up taking a big role in the leadership of the bakery making new friends (one particular hunky one) and is forced to decide between her new life and her old life.


Okay, so like I said I watched this movie first, thinking it would be something I’d closer relate to and would be more my style. I have to say, while the story itself intrigued me, the way the movie was shot definitely turned me off. Hallmark movies are make to be shown with commercials and it felt very choppy. I loved the characters and the acting was pretty decent, but while watching it I felt as if there was a whole bunch of scenes cut out to make the movie fit into a specific time slot (movie was 80 minutes). Kathryn plays the part of a helpless socialite very well and it was nice to see her out of the Cold Case storyline. I look forward to seeing her in other movies.


But wait, remember– This was a double feature DVD. The second movie “Meddling Mom” starting Sonia Braga & Tony Plana was left to watch. Meddling Mom is a movie about a woman named Carmen Vega (Sonia Braga) an overbearing widow who’s only goal in life is to marry off her daughters. After her youngest’s daughter is married off she sets her sights on the older daughter- an architect named Ally, and attempts to match her up with the son of a family friend. Carmen’s attempts to help are anything BUT helpful and she ends up driving her daughters away. Ally & her sister take one last attempt to stop their mother’s meddling attempts by setting Carmen up with a friend.


I was actually pleasantly surprised with this movie. I not only liked the story (everyone has a meddling mother) but I also enjoyed the characters, the acting and the chemistry each of the actors had with each other. I truly believe Sonia in her part as the mother and thought she was brilliant. Tony plays the lovable and persistent dance instructor very well. You find yourself rooting for him throughout the movie. I do wish there was a bit more scenes with Ally and her love intrerest, but again it goes back to fitting the movie into a specific time slot for TV.


Overall both movies were entertaining for different reasons. Out of the the two though I’m picking Meddling Mom for the win. Overall the story flowed well and was easy to follow.

Do you have any favorite Hallmark movies? Which on should I check out next? They’re like guilty pleasures right? I know I’m not the only one!

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