When good ideas go way bad…

August 27, 2013

Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday, the least exciting day of the week. The day that I promised my reveal & tutorial for my wood mat for my front porch. Which, Spoiler Alert: it’s not done yet. Why? Well, friends came into town, Mom’s birthday happened, and on top of all that I failed miserably at this project. Why? Well, smart Justynn took a last-minute summer vacation it looks like. Oh well, I’m going to try to fix it tonight, we’ll see how that turns out.  Basically, I wanted to color block stain, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right? Wrong.

Raise your hand if you know why…  (I’ll keep mine down, since I know, but for whatever reason– it didn’t occur to me until after I had attempted it.)

Here’s a helpful little sketch I just made to explain… Hey, at least it’s not stick figures…

photo 5

And this is where the project currently stands.

photo 2

Yeah, lovely. I know. You should have seen my hands after my fit of *This sucks I’m just going to rip off all the painters tape and throw the whole damn thing away*. But I didn’t, and yes, I’ll be fixing it tonight. I’m going to try the stain thing one more time. If that doesn’t work out we’re going to move on to paint.

In other news, my weekend was a blast. It started off Friday with a walk after work with my two favorite boys.

photo 1

They really are too cute for their own good. This picture was completely staged but I don’t give a crap. It’s still cute. Saturday I ended up hanging out with some ladies all day, we ended up in Eastern Market where I bought the largest zucchini ever for a buck fifty. Right? The thing is the size of a large infant. Then last night my mother dropped off four more HUGE Zucchini. So I will be spending my free time today looking up recipes to make with them… since you know, I have FIVE.

photo 4

I bought a really cool print while in Detroit for the Eastern market as well. Can wait to get that baby in a frame and share it!  Oh! and lastly I attempted the “button gift wrap” thing from Friday’s post for my mom’s gift. Super simple and it looked really good. So that one has my stamp of approval!

Starting my already LONG list of this to get done over the long weekend coming up:

— Get Etsy shop up and running
— Start week 4 SYTYC Project
— Complete Week 3 Project
— Clean my room and finally get all my laundry put away
— Finish some ENMNetwork Reviews and Posts for next week.
— Hit up Eastern Market on Saturday Morning

Here’s to hoping that make 2 of those items actually get finished!

**Oh, and a PSA since people have been asking… SYTYC will start NEXT MONDAY the 2nd, Some stuff got moved around and everything was pushed back a week.**

Tah tah for now,