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August 23, 2013

It’s FRIDAY. Whew… I almost thought this week would never end. Never ending car issues, and dealing with the dealership (who was telling me nothing was wrong with my vehicle; spoiler alert– they were wrong) has officially made this the week from HELL. Basically my year and a half old car was having transmission shifting problems, gas regulating problems and a tire sensor had gone bad. And the lovely dealership decided to tell me nothing was wrong with it. Gee thanks. Never going there again.

I will say in the end they’ve fixed 2 out of the three issues. The gas sensor issue still seems to be wonky, but I’ve done a ton of research into it and it seems that a LOT of people have that same issue. And short of them replacing the whole fueling system (which I might make them do) nothing seems to fix the issue.

Anyways, because of all that I’ve needed to escape for a few hours each day and one of my all time favorite places to escape to is PINTEREST. Seriously people, if you’re not on that bandwagon yet, go look at a calendar, realize what year it is and jump on it. Pinterest is the best thing since sliced bread for crafters/ bakers/ cooks/ moms/ bloggers… pretty much everyone (well except a bunch of men whose wives ask them to DO the things they see on Pinterest, sorry guys– I bow my hat to you, because I’m breaking out my tools for Pinterest too.)

Another great thing about Pinterest? Sherry & Katie’s Pinterest Challenge. I’m impatiently awaiting the next one. It should be here ANY DAY (Hello, Summer’s almost over!) I love their Pinterest Challenge so much that I’m going to start my own monthly Pinterest Challege. Anyone interested in joining? I’m thinking I’ll find one thing on there each month (maybe there will be themes?) and then put my own spin on it. We could have a link up too… ohhh the possibilities.

Anyways, back to my escaping. The following five items are some of my favorites from today’s Pinterest feed! Click on the image to go to the board with the pins 🙂 While your at it why don’t you follow each other on Pinterest? Follow me! If you want a follow back leave your link in the comments!

08-23-13 FF-01


ONE, I think this is genius and I want to try it on my next apple pie… LOVE me some geometric shapes! TWO — saw this earlier this week on Brit + Co. and couldn’t get over how cool they were. I definitely want to try to make these. Maybe they would make a cute wedding favor or baby shower/ bridal shower favor? THREE — I’m absolutely obsessed with zucchini and love to find new ways to cook it. FOUR — Genius way to add some cheap flare to your gifts. Going to attempt this on my mom’s birthday gift (it’s on monday!). FIVE — Love this mirror idea. The BF (who from here on out will be referred to as “Boy”) has a favorite camping place and it’s my goal this summer to collect as much driftwood as my body can hike back with for our own special little project. I might make him carry some as well.

Alrighty, I’m out for the weekend. Check back monday for little recap and tuesday for my DIY wood Rug finished product (I should probably get started on that eh?)



2 responses to Friay Favorites |Today’s Pinterest Feed


    Those little zucchini things look DELICIOUS. I’m visiting your board to repin right now. 🙂


    agree, those zucchini rollups look so good. I am always looking for new veggie dishes that look sort of fancy but are easy to make. Hope everything with your car gets fixed!