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August 22, 2013

Annnnd it’s thursday. You know, four days AFTER I last posted. I’m really good at that guys. This whole sticking to a timeline thing… NOT. It may seem that I’ve been very lazy this week and that’s only partially correct. Having the last two weekends away from home has left me with ZERO TIME to get any projects or post done for the week. Plus works been a madhouse. Oh and add-on top of that my cars been in the shop since Monday-ish so the addition of lack of transportation hasn’t helped. But that’s all past! Because I finally have a rental car, I can finally go to Home Depot and I’m FINALLY home for the whole weekend. Yep.

First, a small announcement: SYTYC competition has been pushed back a week, there was some miscommunication with contracts and paperwork being signed so Week 1 crafts will be features Sept 2nd, not August 26th like originally planned. Which is fine with me, I’ve been keeping lots of secrets from you guys… I have the first 3 projects done already. So this little setback neither helps nor hinders me. Oh well. Next week I will be featuring my tutorial for my memo board HERE. It’s already been featured over on SYTYC, but along with it will be MORE back to school goodies for your little DIY hearts.

OK I lied, there’s definitely a second announcement. BLOGPAL, holy cow guys! The response has been AWESOME. I’m so excited to start up BlogPal for September and am looking forward to it being a semi-monthly thing. Please please please take a minute to read about it here and sign up. It will be a super fun experience, I promise. If you have any questions you can always email me at blogpalcollective@gmail.com as well.


A WHOLE WEEKEND TO DO PROJECTS: I’m flippin’ excited. What kind of things do I have in store? Week 4 theme for SYTYC project… this one has been the HARDEST to conceptualize yet. Also I’m going to make myself a new doormat. Mines looking a little… *used*.

I’ve really fallen in love with the wood ones that are plastered all over Pinterest and want to make a combo of a few of them. Here is a mood board to kinda show my thoughts…

Rug Mood Board-01

Links one and two were both broken 😦 // THREE // FOUR  // FIVE // SIX

I really love the idea of using several different colors or shades of stain. you can see in images one and six that I picked out one with random patterns of color and I think I want to replicate that idea in my mat. I also really love the straight wood slats design, so mine will most likely be of that design. As far a the mat I have there currently, its made out of the same material as the rug in pic three. I bet I could just spray paint it and use it in the garage. THe only thing I don’t love about that type of mat is the amount of JUNK they leave behind. But maybe spray painting it will make it hed less? Who knows… worth a try though!

So that is that for today! I will be back tomorrow with some favorites and an update on monday of how my rug turned out and what my next project is. I’m going to create my very own self internal Pinterest challenge and challenge myself every month to making something from Pinterest. Maybe It’ll be my next big series? I really love the inspired design stuff that I’ve seen floating around too. So that might have to be a theme…

Until tomorrow, Lazypants OUT.

(ps, say goodbye to this signature, it’s getting an upgrade!)

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