Blogging and the Hollywood Connection

July 30, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m popping in for a quick second to let you in on some MORE great news. Yesterday I announced that I will be auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty, a ten week blog competition. I’m hoping you will all pop over each week to check out the cool crafts and vote for your favorites (in which I hope mine is included!). But today I have some even more good news that I’ve been keeping a secret…

Everyone reading this by now has know that I was a part of Shemar’s The Bounce Back, (heck- I even mentioned it again yesterday) which has raised over $600k dollars for the film for production. Now anything over the $500k mark goes towards distribution of the film across the US and international theaters. But what they might not know was that Shemar was partnered with a group of 40 bloggers (myself being one of them) that helped push his influence across social media making The Bounce Back the #4 most crowd funded film ever. This movement was all the brain-child of a lovely woman named Erica Pena-Vest from the blog Guide to Military Travel. Erica having been in blogger groups before, knew the influence bloggers could cause and when assigned this project on behalf of Shemar’s team knew that her fellow bloggers would be the right team for this task. She rounded up 40 of us, gave us a task to accomplish and pushed us day to day to make our goal. 

During this process Shemar’s team was so amazed at the movement that Erica decided to create her own network of bloggers to work with other celebs, musicians, actors and directors.

ENMNetwork Logo-01

Enter stage left the Entertainment New Media Network, which I am absolutely excited to announce that I am a part of. After B3 Erica asked the bloggers from the campaign if they would like to continue on as part of the network, giving some new leadership roles (I’m officially now a Team Group Leader! I get a fancy new email address 😉). We are working with new clients on an almost daily basis now and I can’t wait to see where this company could not only take CLA but me (as in Justynn) in the future.

So be prepared… in the mix of my DIY, baking (new recipe this THURSDAY!), crafting, life-antics, and adorable Ziggy pictures… I will now be bringing in some of the latest news from the Hollywood front. Breaking news on new movies, music and more. Lots of giveaways with swag… and of course pictures with hunky men. Heck, I might even go to a red carpet premier or two! You know you want to see me attempting to wear a dress… right? 😉


With all that above being said I hope you are all going to join me for the ride. I’m feeling very lucky and blessed to have stumbled into such a huge opportunity for my future and look forward to what is to come.

So please, go stop by the indiegogo campaign, the bounce back website and leave Shemar some love. By doing so you are also supporting my new job, and the ENMNetwork!

For now though, Hollywood– OUT.


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    Congratulations on becoming team leader! That’s awesome 🙂