Wednesday Wishlist: TOOL EDITION

July 17, 2013

Woo Hoo! Wednesday! Halfway through my week and wish list day! Today I’ve got a SPECIAL wish list for you…

Since I started the blog and started doing my own DIYs, I’ve realized that my home is severely lacking in the TOOL DEPARTMENT. Luckily, I have a mother that realizes her daughter is an odd duck, because when I asked for a miter saw for christmas last year she only heckled me slightly. I heard the guy in the tool department gave her a weird look when she told him who the saw was for…

Anyways… back to the list! Here are some of the tool *I* NEED/ WANT/ BEG FOR….


ONE // After playing with my dad’s wet saw over the 4th of July weekend… I’m hooked. I want one. This is the actual saw he purchased and it was really simple to use.

TWO // I have been wanting  Kreg Jig FOREVER. Sadly, THIS SET (the one I want… hint hint mom & dad) is just out of my budget right now, but I’m looking at the smaller set for now…

THREE // After my current project, I think that I REALLY need to invest in a Paint Sprayer. This one has a ton of good reviews.

FOUR // I love my little sander, but it doesn’t get into the corners! This one will help alleviate that issue.

FIVE // I LOVE my miter saw, but it leaves a HELL of a mess. I could use this Wet/ Dry Vac for easier clean-up.

SIX & SEVEN // I’m combining the two of these because they are really the same idea. I would LOVE to get a nail gun. I’m the worst ‘nail hammer-er’ in the world and sometimes screws are just too big. I love the idea of an all purpose” nail gun like #7, but think that I might also need a smaller finishing nail gun like #6.

As you can tell… I’m not set on a specific brand. Because I don’t have these tools already I haven’t had a chance to decide on a favorite. Do you have a favorite brand? Please share why! I could use all the advice I can get! I do however like that the RIDGID Brand is orange and therefore much easier to spot in the chaos of my garage. 😉

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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2 responses to Wednesday Wishlist: TOOL EDITION


    I have a tool wish list too hehe..


    GOOD! I think all DIYers should… now if only the gift fairy would pass it along to our parents and sig. others! Lol. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!