Wednesday Wishlist

July 4, 2013

Hello friends! I’m dropping n from my mini vacation to bring you today’s Wednesday Wishlist!

The last couple of weeks I’ve run into some great items that I just couldn’t fit into my color series… mostly, because they don’t have color!

Swag Policy: Before we get to it just a reminder that the items listed below are chosen because *I* love them. This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid to pick these items. Sometimes a shop will offer discounts or a giveaway to myself and my readers and that is purely on their at their discretion. All reviews and thoughts– good or bad– are *my* thoughts. Need more legal jargon? Check out my disclaimers.


one // Love these mirror letters! Wouldn’t they look cool up on a shelf next to some great vacation pictures?! I found these a month ago and keep going back to them. SOURCE: StudioLiscious

two // While WAYYYY out of my budget I think this piggy bank is an elegant adult version of the childhood classic. SOURCE: Furbish Studio

three // I think this whale cutting board could also make a great art piece on a wall of quirky pieces or maybe in a little kids room. SOURCE: Urban Outfitters

four // Something about outdoor related art makes me stupid-happy and this woodcut print in a fun color is no exception. However, much like almost everything on Anthropologie WAY out of my budget. I wonder if I could make one?

five // What a gorgeous bracelet from Olive You. Not really much to say other that right up my style alley.

six // Now this is the kind of gold funky accent that’s in my price range that I can get into. I wonder how heavy it is? Wishbone: Jayson Home

seven // I’ve seen “branch-like” hooks done a lot and these are by far the best and most interesting ones I’ve seen. Thinking these would look great in my master bathroom reno.

eight // Love this reuse of old skateboards into boxes! How clever. I’ve seen them used as shelves before but this takes it to a whole new level!

Ok folks, I’m headed back to the beach. Everyone have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!

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    Hi! I found your blog through the blog hop! Thanks for co-hosting! New follower on bloglovin!
    🙂 Liz @


    Hello! I just found you via the Collective. Just wanted to pop over and say hi! It’s nice to meet you 🙂 Also, I have been eyeing that gold wishbone as well. I saw another blogger that had one in her office and it was gorgeous. I’ve been wanting it ever since!


    Love all these picks, especially 2 & 6!



    Love all of your picks!
    I am a new follower from the bloghop!


    Thanks Liz! I’ll be dropping by your blog sometime this week. Glad to have you as a new follower!



    Thanks for stopping by Sarah, I’m so glad you did! I just love that wishbone! Gold accents haven’t normally been my thing, but lately I’ve been falling in love with them.



    Hi Shannon! It seems the gold accessories are ALL the rage right now and I’m loving that wishbone. I might need to find a pig more in my price range though! lol.

    THanks for dropping in!



    Thanks Nicole! I really appreciate the support! I’m going to be dropping by everyones blog this week, so you might see me poking around!



    I love that feather bracelet. It’s just too cute. The details on it are wonderful.

    Heidi’s Wanderings


    Thanks for stopping by Heidi! I love the patina of the bracelet! It’s not like anything else I own 🙂