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Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m popping in for a quick second to let you in on some MORE great news. Yesterday I announced that I will be auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty, a ten week blog competition. I’m hoping you will all pop over each week to check out the cool crafts and vote for your favorites (in which I hope mine is included!). But today I have some even more good news that I’ve been keeping a secret…

Everyone reading this by now has know that I was a part of Shemar’s The Bounce Back, (heck- I even mentioned it again yesterday) which has raised over $600k dollars for the film for production. Now anything over the $500k mark goes towards distribution of the film across the US and international theaters. But what they might not know was that Shemar was partnered with a group of 40 bloggers (myself being one of them) that helped push his influence across social media making The Bounce Back the #4 most crowd funded film ever. This movement was all the brain-child of a lovely woman named Erica Pena-Vest from the blog Guide to Military Travel. Erica having been in blogger groups before, knew the influence bloggers could cause and when assigned this project on behalf of Shemar’s team knew that her fellow bloggers would be the right team for this task. She rounded up 40 of us, gave us a task to accomplish and pushed us day to day to make our goal. 

During this process Shemar’s team was so amazed at the movement that Erica decided to create her own network of bloggers to work with other celebs, musicians, actors and directors.

ENMNetwork Logo-01

Enter stage left the Entertainment New Media Network, which I am absolutely excited to announce that I am a part of. After B3 Erica asked the bloggers from the campaign if they would like to continue on as part of the network, giving some new leadership roles (I’m officially now a Team Group Leader! I get a fancy new email address 😉). We are working with new clients on an almost daily basis now and I can’t wait to see where this company could not only take CLA but me (as in Justynn) in the future.

So be prepared… in the mix of my DIY, baking (new recipe this THURSDAY!), crafting, life-antics, and adorable Ziggy pictures… I will now be bringing in some of the latest news from the Hollywood front. Breaking news on new movies, music and more. Lots of giveaways with swag… and of course pictures with hunky men. Heck, I might even go to a red carpet premier or two! You know you want to see me attempting to wear a dress… right? 😉


With all that above being said I hope you are all going to join me for the ride. I’m feeling very lucky and blessed to have stumbled into such a huge opportunity for my future and look forward to what is to come.

So please, go stop by the indiegogo campaign, the bounce back website and leave Shemar some love. By doing so you are also supporting my new job, and the ENMNetwork!

For now though, Hollywood– OUT.


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Last weekend… was a bit crazy. To say the least. Saturday morning I got up early and ran the Warrior Dash. I’ve ran it three years in a row and really love it (even thought I hate it for a whole week after, hah).  For those of you that don’t know what it is… The Warrior Dash is one of the “really popular” 5k races across the US (and maybe Canada?) Basically it’s a 5k race with obstacles. Obstacles that kick your ass. Obstacles that (in my case) leave you banged up and bruised afterwards. I’ve ran it with friends the first two years, but this year was the first year I ran it on my own. Which is MUCH harder to stay motivated. At the end of the race, you get a medal, a warrior helmet, a beer and a t-shirt… oh and you’re covered in mud, dirt & who knows what else. 

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

So after running that I was basically ready to lay in bed and watch movies the rest of the day. I might have done some laundry. I think…

But SUNDAY… whooo wee. Sunday I got my butt up and got some seriously work done. I’ve been hinting that there was something big coming up and I think I can finally talk about it.  A few months ago I signed up to participate in a 10 week craft blog challenge series called So You Think You’re Crafty (cool name, right?). Well shortly after emailing the host I was informed that I could audition for Season 17. I did a lot of happy dancing, some screaming, called the boyfriend, mom and my friends. I know, I’m weird. 

Ok, so here is my official announcement. I’m participating in the SYTYC Audition round where the top 10 out of 12 bloggers move on (which I think is next week?). If I make it past the auditions I get to participate in a TEN WEEK competition. Each week has a different theme that the crafters create a project based off of, the round is posted on Monday and the winner is announced on Friday. Each round is done anonymously, so I can’t TELL you which one is mine, but hopefully you’ll be able to figure it out. I’m promising to only do projects that would be something I would create for myself ordinarily, which hopefully will set my projects apart. After they post the winner of each week I will share with you on CLA which project is mine and a tutorial!

So anyways- back to Sunday, I was working on my round 1 & 2 projects (I’m optimistic) which only proceeded to add bruises and cuts and scrapes to my already bruised, cut up, and scraped body. Then I popped into IKEA for some new storage ideas and staging bits and pieces, popped into Home Goods, because who can drive past Home Goods without stopping in? Not this girl. And at about 8pm after I returned home I decided it would be a good job to get my garage/ workshop in order (because taking it easy after warrior dash just didn’t seem important).  

This is it’s current state: (please don’t judge, it was messy and I NEED to be able to pull my car in this winter. I’d show you the other side, but it’s got SYTYC projects)

photo 5

So that was my weekend. Projects Galore. 

Oh! what also happened this weekend? THIS.


Yep, The Bounce Back not only went over $500K this weekend, the funding got extended a week courtesy of Indiegogo –they want to see this jump up the rank of MOST CROWDFUNDED FUNDED FILMS (currently we are sitting pretty at #4)– AND we are currently sitting at just over $600K with new perks coming today and tomorrow. Completely awed at the amount of love Shemar’s fans are giving him and this project and I’m so excited to not only be a part of it now, but continue to be a part of this project through the end. Can anyone say RED CARPET PREMIER PARTY? Yep, I’ll be there. Maybe I’ll even get a smooch from Shemar ;).

Lastly, but certainly NOT the least, giving my second blog buddy from July a HUGE shout out. LIZZY from Lizzy’s Luggage. You heard a little about her here. Thanks lady for a really sweet & custom gift.

photo 4

This is my first branded ANYTHING and I absolutely love it. I literally wore it the day after getting it. 🙂 If you havent done so already (and if you haven’t, get a MOVE ON) please go check out her site, facebook & twitter… leave her some love. She’s super inspiring to me. I tried to channel some of that inspiration into this post (how am I doing?) by being more me and writing a bit more about my life.

Ok, That’s it for this Monday. More projects, potential bruises and new stuff coming up in the pipeline! Are you guys excited?

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Friday Favorite Five

July 26, 2013

Hi guys! It’s Friiiiiiiiiiday. Who’s excited? (besides me). Being Friday… it means that I have for you a favorite five. And I do… in just a minute. But before I get to that… I need to introduce you to someone.


This is Leeann: (Hi Leeann….) and she is one of TWO extraordinary blog buddies I had this month. Leeann blogs over at Join the Gossip. A cool lifestyle & trend and fashion and just plain awesomeness blog all in one. We both signed up for the Favorite Summer Swap created by Jenna (Life is Sweet) & Lauren (pink on the cheek) and were paired up. For the last month we’ve been stopping by each other’s blog, saying hi, tweeting…. (she helped promote my first giveaway! LOVE this girl)


Oh! And we exchanged a little gift for each other 🙂 I was so excited to open mine…


Love the hair ties, the Starbucks card and the movie is one I’ve been waiting to see for a LONG time. 🙂 The cute card pulled it all together. What a classic idea!

Really glad I was paired up with Leeann, it’s nice to step outside of my comfort zone (craft/ DIY bloggers) and get to read up on other topics like life & fashion. It kinda insipres me to bring a bit more of that into my daily posts for you guys. It cant be DIY/ CRAFT here 24/7, I need to connect more with my readers.

So… in an effort to connect more with people, and as a thank you to Leeann, I’m presenting you with my Favorite Five Articles from! Now, I’ve only been reading for the last month, and I pop around some of her past posts but these are five of my favorites that I’ve read thus far.

one // Summer Style. I’m generally a T-Shirt and jeans kind of a girl, I generally pic comfy over beauty, but, I have been trying to make it a bit more fashionable this summer. I love the dress in this post, the bag is too cute and the necklace is right up my alley.

summer style

two // My Best Friend’s Birthday. I think this post about an evening out for a friends birthday is something that I’d like to add into my mix of DIYs. More about me and my day to day life so you guys get to know me a bit better.

three // Lovers + Friends These are some REALLY cool shirts. I eagerly clicked over to their site so see what else they had.


four // Rock Royalty I thought this was an AWESOME weekend wrap up post. Which I’ve done a few of, but not to this scale. Mine usually involve pictures only. So here’s to rocking out some great stories for my weekend wrap ups. (cue the drums)

five // Street Food Cinema This post makes me wish we had more “street food” and food trucks in my area. :/ Her weekend definitely made me jealous.

Overall I had a lot of fun getting to know Leeann, her blog and just picking out things I think she’d like. I’m looking forward to having her as a friend to chat with and ask questions of (she’s been blogging since 2007!).

So do me a favor, go check out Join the Gossip, follow her on facebook and twitter and overall just give her some love!

More on my second blog buddy this month on Monday!

PS: Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to pledge a donation for The Bounce Back. Tonight we are hosting our very last NAME YOUR PERK party video chat. Stop in and say hello!

Much love and have a wonderful weekend!

Oh! and PPS: Please enter my FIRST GIVEAWAY! Monday I will pick the winner!

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New Phone Case!

July 25, 2013

Hey guys! I thought I’d let you in on a small improvement to my day to day life!

A little over a week ago my friend Leslie reached out to her fellow bloggers to test out her new vendor for cell phone cases. Since mine just happened to have a nice big scratch in it I was happy to check them out.  Leslie was so sweet and emailed me right away to find out what I would like! I told her that lately I’ve really been on a geometrical pattern kick, and I’m a sucker for humor and fun phrases.  She emailed me a cool design and the order was placed!

Today I arrived home to find my case in the mail. It arrived SO FAST, I was amazed!!  I pulled it out of the packaged and found the case in its very own handy sleeve. (Which is great to have when you just throw your phone in your purse with key like I do.)


The case itself is a very hard/ durable thin case. Which after all the types of cases I’ve tried, I’ve come to realize these are my favorite kind. I like that it’s visually not imposing, and it doesn’t add a noticeable amount of weight or “visual weight” to the phone. Half of the time my phone is in my pants pocket. So you know it has to be slim fitting!

combo-01One of the features I really liked about this case that is different from some of my past cases is the size of the hole for the back camera. Past cases had a larger hole on the back for the camera lens, which always worried me that it would be easier to scratch with items from my purse.

Overall I’m really satisfied with the design and the case. I like the slim look, the geometrical print and the fun quote! I fully recommend checking out Leslie’s Etsy shop for a custom phone caseIf you haven’t done so already go check out her blog!

Thanks again Leslie!

Dont forget to enter all THREE giveaways this week! The T-shirt giveaway ends at midnight!

Mr. City Printing 18″x 24″ & $25 Gift card for my 100+ Facebook Likes

The Bounce Back T-SHIRT Giveaway (ENDS AT MIDNIGHT EST!)


We’re almost there people! Tomorrow is Friday and Another Fav 5! Catch you on the flip-side!

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Disclaimer: I was given a discount on the case reviewed for providing photographs and a truthful review on the product. I also just REALLY needed a new phone case and jumped at the chance. 🙂 Need more legal jargon? Head to my disclaimers.

Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by, The Bounce Back Film. I have not been compensated in any way. Although, I have been a part of the Entertainment New Media Network, in the capacity of helping to spread the word about the project.

Gosh, this just might be a whole week full of giveaways! I had yesterday’s 100+ like giveaway all queued up and then I found out that this week we are hosting not one but TWO Bounce Back Giveaways!

Awesome right? The first giveaway is for a Bounce Back T-Shirt! Dude these shirts are cool! I love them. I can’t wait to get mine (I’m a t-shirt junkie!)

bounceback tshirt giveaway-01

Sound good? Ready to Enter? Alright! Enter the T-Shirt Giveaway here…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As is that WASN’T ENOUGH… The Bounce Back is also giving away a GRAND PRIZE…

giveaway grand prizeAhhhhhh!!!!! THAT’S RIGHT!! PREMIERE TICKETS & AFTER PARTY TICKETS!!! WHO IS SUPER EXCITED?! ok, ok…. breath…. Ready to enter this giveaway?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Annnnnnd we’re doing a blog hop! Whew… You can add your blog here:

I’m so excited to see who will win the T-shirt from my blog!

On behalf of The Bounce Back, Entertainment New Media Network, The Bounce Back Bloggers and myself, thank you for all your support and donations towards this film. It has been a wonderful time working with some amazing ladies and I can’t WAIT to work with them in the future on more campaigns. This is NOT the end of my updates about the film, I will continue to give you the latest and greatest from the set. Not to mention a FULL REVIEW on it when it comes to theaters!

Best of Luck to EVERYONE! If you have done so yet PLEASE stop by the indigogo site. If you can make a contribution, wonderful, if you can spread the word in the last few days of this campaign, amazing!

Winners for the T-Shirt Giveaway will be picked 12:00AM Friday and emailed right away. Winner of the GRAND PRIZE will be picked by The Bounce Back team and contacted right away!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Happy Monday Fans! A VERY happy Monday indeed… I’ll skip all the B.S. right away and tell you what you want to hear… I promised you a GIVEAWAY if I reached 100+ Facebook likes and I’m gad to say that it’s finally here. In-fact, I’m well-over 200 likes! First I just want to say THANK YOU! I’m so shocked at the love and support from complete strangers that I’ve received from blogging and can tell you that I’m in it for the long haul… Continue Reading…

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I’m guesting hosting the Super Sunday Sync! Check it out and I’ll be back Monday with some AWESOME NEWS!
Welcome to Super Sunday Sync #45!
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Super Sunday Sync
Super Sunday Sync

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Friday Favorite Five

July 19, 2013

Woop Woop! FRIDAY #thankyoutiny6lbbabyjesus (name that movie).

It is FRIDAY and I’m glad because I was thrown a curveball this week and have a TON of stuff to get done before the end of next week! Oh yeah… and next week I’m running the Warrior Dash… that I completely forgot about and haven’t been running or training for…. so yeah, real excited for that.

Friday means it’s time for my FAVORITE FIVE and this week I’m giving you…



Did you catch the HINT? Was I blatant enough? 

Check back on Monday for the Answer to the HINT!
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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Old School Blogging

July 18, 2013

Hey Everyone! I’ve got a new kinda of a post coming up below, but before I get there I just want to remind you about a project I’ve been working closely on. You may have seen sprinkled in to my normal Facebook and Twitter shootouts that I’ve mentioned Shemar Moore, The Bounce Back, Bounce Back Bloggers and several numerous shots of his sexy abs face. That’s because for a few weeks now I’ve been working with Shemar and his team to promote and raise fund for his new movie ‘The Bounce Back‘. If you’ve been around for a while you saw this post, but I wanted to remind you again as we hit the single digest left in his campaign. This is such a HUGE opportunity not only for his fans to get involved, but for bloggers everywhere. Myself and 29 other fellow bloggers are trying to introduce blogging as a STRONG force in Hollywood and we can use your help. Check out the new perks, make a donation or share with whoever you can.

Some of the bloggers meeting up with Shemar

Some of the bloggers meeting up with Shemar

The link to the fundraising site. Check out the perks! I can’t wait for mine. 🙂



At the end of June I signed up for a brand new “collective” group called the “Snail Mail Collective” hosted by The Nectar Collective & Lost in Travels.


Basically you get paired up with another blogger either across the world or across the US from you. I was luckily paired up with the AMAZING Lizzy –from Lizzy’s Luggage, and I feel that we bonded pretty easily.


We’re both young (her more so than I) and were looking for the same thing from this collective, a new blog friend. So for the last two weeks I’ve been popping over to her site now and again to see what she’s up to, how her day/ week is going, leaving a comment here or there and exchanging emails with her. Well earlier this week I dropped in and she had a post about Old School Blogging that interested me. It was a cool idea on a blog post, for when.. you don’t really have much to say that day. So in an effort to step out of my DIY comfort-zone I’m going to try out her idea. Plus, this gives all you new readers a chance to get to know me a little better. Win-Win.

Bare with me people… I’m going in blind…

oh yeah, and that’s ^ the handy button for this post. 😉

5 Things I Have A Passion For
1. Crafting: This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone, but for as long as I can remember I’ve love to make/ build/ put things together. My Grandfather was a woodcarver for a large automotive company, my Aunts are all VERY crafty, my Mother is crafty, my Father is very skilled at building things my sister is a great artist too it’s in my blood.
2. Reading: I love to read. In fact, reading for a while drained my bank account. That was until my mother gave me a nook for my birthday one year and i found out I could check out books from the library (that return themselves… Hello–  NO LATE FEES).
3. Dogs: I love dogs, especially big dogs. I have a weakness for their faces, their kisses, the way they play Love them:
(Look at this face…. could you say no to it?)
Ziggy Slide 4. Family: I love my family to pieces. They drive me absolutely bat-shit crazy sometimes, but they’re my family. They’re here for me when I need them no questions asked and you couldn’t find a more lovable bunch. 
5. Being Myself: Now, before you go and tell me “that’s not a passion” hear me out. I *AM* passionate about being myself. I’m weird, I’m different, I think logically, I’m stubborn, I’m LOUD, I’m crafty, I build things… I have a passion for being all of those things that truly make me “Justynn” and more.  
5 Things I Would Like to do Before I Die
1. Travel the World: I’ve been around the US (a little bit) and to Mexico, Germany and Poland but I want to experience cultures all over the world. 
2. SKYDIVING was pretty high on my list and I accomplished that TWICE.
535089_987506362577_1079112588_n-1 481276_986766615037_67056514_n
3. Be Succesful: Not in the “super-rich” sort of a way. But in a “my life makes me happy, my business is well off the ground, I live comfortably” sort of a way. I want to be able to take a vacation when needed and not have to eat ramen every night to do so.
4. Have Fur Babies and Babies: This one kinda scare me and thrills me at the same time. Mentioned above I love dogs and will always want one/ have one in my life. The kids part scares me. I want to be a mom someday but it’s not an easy job.
5. Live in another country: I would love to live in another country for a year or two, just to experience the difference. And no, I don’t mean Canada (because I kinda already have a home there), I’m talking about a country with a completely different language.
5 Things I Say A Lot
1. “Story of my life” — whenever anything goes wrong.
2. “Ice Cream?” — probably my favorite thing in the world
3. “Brainstorm” — whenever I need to think of a new idea, I call upon my friends to help my “brainstorm” sometimes the things they say– even random things trigger an idea for me.
4. “Bomb Dot Com” I think I picked this up form my little sister, but whenever someone does something nice for me I tell them that I think they are “the bomb. dot com”
5. “Thank you” I think my parents really instilled in me the importance to say “thank you” to people and I can be caught saying it in excess like for every item the checkout lady scans
5 Books I Have Read Recently
(quick note: I love trashy novels & mysteries & books set back in time… don’t judge)
1. A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (boyfriend turned me onto the book)
2. Currently Reading: Under the Dome by Stephen King
3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
4. Quinn’s Woman by Susan Mallery (trashy novel)
5. Red Velvet Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke
5 Favorite Movies
1. Pretty Woman Yep, Stereotypical I know.
2. Boondock Saints Bet you didn’t guess that one huh?
3. Gangs Of New York Another shocker huh?
4. Shawshank Redemption LOVE this movie.
5. Animated: Finding Nemo “And he shall be my squishy” lol
5 Places I Would Love to Travel To
1. Greece.
2. Australia
3. Netherlands
4. Peru
5. Grand Canyon 
Now… here’s the part where I’m supposed to invite people to do this… but the issue is, I don’t really know that many other bloggers. So I’m going to throw this out there to you… Do your own post and then leave me a link to it. Do this before July 25th then join the link up party here.
5 People I Invite to do This Meme
1. YOU
2. YOU
3. YOU
4. YOU
5. YOU
OH! And one last thing… I’m doing the 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge (on instagram) from A Beautiful Mess. So, get ready to see my mug for the next 30 days. Joy.
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Woo Hoo! Wednesday! Halfway through my week and wish list day! Today I’ve got a SPECIAL wish list for you…

Since I started the blog and started doing my own DIYs, I’ve realized that my home is severely lacking in the TOOL DEPARTMENT. Luckily, I have a mother that realizes her daughter is an odd duck, because when I asked for a miter saw for christmas last year she only heckled me slightly. I heard the guy in the tool department gave her a weird look when she told him who the saw was for…

Anyways… back to the list! Here are some of the tool *I* NEED/ WANT/ BEG FOR….


ONE // After playing with my dad’s wet saw over the 4th of July weekend… I’m hooked. I want one. This is the actual saw he purchased and it was really simple to use.

TWO // I have been wanting  Kreg Jig FOREVER. Sadly, THIS SET (the one I want… hint hint mom & dad) is just out of my budget right now, but I’m looking at the smaller set for now…

THREE // After my current project, I think that I REALLY need to invest in a Paint Sprayer. This one has a ton of good reviews.

FOUR // I love my little sander, but it doesn’t get into the corners! This one will help alleviate that issue.

FIVE // I LOVE my miter saw, but it leaves a HELL of a mess. I could use this Wet/ Dry Vac for easier clean-up.

SIX & SEVEN // I’m combining the two of these because they are really the same idea. I would LOVE to get a nail gun. I’m the worst ‘nail hammer-er’ in the world and sometimes screws are just too big. I love the idea of an all purpose” nail gun like #7, but think that I might also need a smaller finishing nail gun like #6.

As you can tell… I’m not set on a specific brand. Because I don’t have these tools already I haven’t had a chance to decide on a favorite. Do you have a favorite brand? Please share why! I could use all the advice I can get! I do however like that the RIDGID Brand is orange and therefore much easier to spot in the chaos of my garage. 😉

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Love & Laundry DIY

July 15, 2013

Welcome to Monday friends! It’s the start of yet another hopefully gorgeous week in Michigan and I’m looking forward to some great projects this week.

Today I’m actually blog-sitting for Shatzi over at Love and Laundry! I whipped up a simple DIY from IKEA so take a leap on over to her fabulous blog. Don’t forget to leave her some love to come back to!


Thanks! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow 😉

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DIY Map Art Tutorial

July 11, 2013

Good morning evening friends! In the last two weeks there’s been a lot of buzz from you guys about my map art I made for my Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Swap partner and I PROMISED a tutorial. Well here it is… FINALLY in all it’s glory!

Photo Pin Temp-01

Woo hoo! Now lets get to that tutorial!!

DIY Tutorial Header-01Tutorial Template

Not too hard right? It’s something you could do for sure! If you don’t have a miter saw, ask them to cut your boards at the store! It’s fun to watch them with their cool big saw!

Well that’s it for tonight guys! Hope you liked it. See ya in the morning!

PS: I’m still going through everyones sites from Monday’s link up!! You guys amaze me! I’m tweeting and giving shout outs of anything and everything that I love to you might see one from me!


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This project was featured here:

Wishlist Wednesday

July 10, 2013

Hello lovely people. It’s Wednesday which means I get to share with you some of the items on my wish list! Some of the things I can afford and others are well… pipe dreams.

But dream I will so lets get to the dreaming!


one // these baseball bat bottle openers are awesome (minus the giants reference. GO TIGERS!!) I would love one of these for my home…

two // this print is such a great reminder to remember that you’re not the only one going through problems and not to take out anger and frustration on others.

three // I LOVE this chair. Look at the color! It’s fantastic! Want for my living room RIGHT NOW.

four // *whisky makes her frisky* Ok, I’m more of a tequila girl myself, but I’m pretty sure that has a saying too…  “tequila makes… her clothes….”

five // I think this dog bowl holder is super cool! I would totally buy for Ziggy. He’s going to be the coolest non cat in the world. *Spoiled Dog Alert*


What do you think? Do you have anything you’re pining after? Share a link below! I might just add it to mine!

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Summer Cash Giveaway

July 9, 2013

Hey everyone! I’ve got two things for you today. First this sweet giveaway that I’m sponsoring from All My Happy Endings! Enter to win some cold-hard-cash (everyone could use some spending money in the summer!!)

$135 cash giveaway


Giveaway starts July 8th at 6:00 am CT – July 14th at 11:59 am CT
Open to everyone worldwide 
You must have a paypal account
You must be at least 18 years to enter
All entries will be verified, so please don’t cheat.
Please take a moment to visit and thank these wonderful sponsors:
Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have received no compensation for this post. Please contact
with any questions or if you would like to take part in the next big
_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

OK, Second item to get to today: My weekend/ Holiday Vacation wrap up in iPhone pics. (sorry, didn’t take the big-daddy camera this weekend. LIMITED PACKING ROOM PEOPLE.)

Weekend Wrap Up 07-08-13-01
That’s all for today! Back to our regular programing tomorrow with a Wishlist!
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Happy Monday Everyone! Today I’m co-hositng THE COLLECTIVE BLOG HOP from Peacoats & Plaid. Link up your blog below and hop around to find some new friends! As a co-host I make it a point to stop by everyone’s blog by the end of this week. So you might see me stopping in! 😉

Also, I’m having some issues with the link up so please click through the links to add yours!

*FYI, beginning next week THE Collective will be going LIVE on Mondays at 12:00 AM CST*

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED weekly blog hop party, THE Collective.

This is a link up for bloggers who want to gain followers and meet awesome people.

Not sure if this is the blog hop for you? Listen to what other bloggers have to say…


“Just to let you know, your blog hop is the best I’ve participated in for gaining new friends!!! I couldn’t believe the results!! Thank you!”

– Danavee, This Vintage Grove

“I’m dropping by to let you know that I love being a part of your blog hop! 

 I have been meeting really nice bloggers.  Bloggers who are actually friendly and want to connect! 

I’m putting the blog hop button on my side bar, like, permanently!  Everyone should know about it. Just thought I’d share with you. Thank you.”

-Vickie, Oh Abby Day

“Hi BreAnna, just want to say that your blog is beautiful, creative, and fun. The GFC collective is one of my favorite parts of the blogging week. Love meeting new friends and fellow bloggers. We just started our blog and were amazed at how helpful the GFC collective is! Keep up the amazing work.”

-Alea and Rachael, Sparkle Your Life

“This GFC Collective Hop is seriously one of the best link ups out there! Through this hop I have found so many great blogs & friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise found! Thank you so much for hosting such a fun link up! Please take the time to link up & join along! You won’t be sorry that you did!”

Amy @ Keepin’ Up With the Smith’s

“I’m so excited I found your blog and this wonderful link up! I have met so many new people and found so many wonderful blogs this way. This is a great idea and I’m glad to be a part of it!”



and our lovely co-hosts for the week

Caylie @ Nightchayde

Interested in co-hosting? Send an email to peacoatsnplaid(at)gmail(dot)com to get on the list.


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