You’ve got Mail!

June 24, 2013

you-ve-got-mail-originalOh man, I can’t remember exactly what show I was watching this weekend, but it had the former owner of AOL on it and he was talking about why AOL fazed out and what he didn’t do that would have been able to bring it back. However, one thing he did talk about was that AOL was the first of it’s kind. AOL brought together people in a way that was never done before. By creating chat rooms and instant messaging AOL brought together people with similar likes and dislikes all across the world.

AKA it brought you here to me, and me to other bloggers. Bloggers like Linda, from Craftaholics Anonymous. Who you should go like and follow right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

Ok, back? Great! So Linda, that crafty lady runs a blog called craftaholics anonymous. And it’s a great site to find inspiration (seriously, check out her Pinterest boards!) and other crafters that love one thing: to make things for people. In the spirit of this “making things for other people” drive she teamed up with Elfster to host a Craftaholics Gift Exchange! Upon find her Gift Exchange it took me all of 3.2 nanoseconds before I decided to join in on the fun.

I mean, really, a Handmade Gift Exchange with other crafters, where I can potentially get to communicate with people with the same obsessions as myself? It was a no-brainer.. right?

So I did, I signed up, and impatiently waited to be paired up with another crafter. Once you get paired up, you get to know your giftee(?) and then you make something you think they’d like and mail it to them. Simple right?

So below is my gift that I made for my pick Jessica (who’s from Sioux Falls, SD)!

city or state map art

What do you think? I hope she likes it! I’m super excited to share with you guys how I made this cute map wall art so keep your eyes peeled for the tutorial. It’s coming soon with some other really LOVEly (hint hint) gift ideas! Stay tuned!

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15 responses to You’ve got Mail!


    I bet she will totally love it! I hope you get something cool in return.


    thanks! I hope so!


    So nice that you made it personal for your partner! I’m sure she will love it!


    I am sure she will appreciate the care you put into personalizing her gift. These gift swaps are fun aren’t they? This is my third one.


    That’s adorable, I can’t wait for the tutorial.


    This looks really cute & creative, good job 🙂


    Thanks! The tutorial is coming up next week! I hope you’ll stop back to see it!


    thank you! The tutorial will be up next week 🙂


    Cute idea! I like the blue contrast around the heart!


    CONGRATS!! You have been featured at The DIY Dreamer! Come on over and grab your featured button, you deserve it!

    I can’t wait to see what you link up this evening!


    Thank you!! It was my pick’s favorite color and I think really needed it. Hope you’ll come back for the tutorial next week!



    Thank you!!! What an honor! My first feature!! I’m adding my new button now 😉



    I’m going to 😀


    Love that blue around it and the wood! I made something similar for my boyfriend for valentines day– two hearts of where we live. I’m such a sucker for these 🙂


    Thank you! I really loved it too. I’m thinking of making one for myself and a few family members as christmas gifts!