Friday Five #2

June 21, 2013

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Who can’t believe it’s Friday already? Me, I’m raising my hand. I wished every day this week would have been Friday, but now that it’s here I’m shocked. I’m going to roll with it people.

EDIT: psssssst… forgot to mention — I made a Pinterest board with pins to each item in my friday favorites directly click on the image to go there and pin the items you want! After all, you’ve had a long week… so I made it easy for you 😉

Here are some favorites this week: week 2-01One (DIY CARVED STAMP | Lovely Indeed)  so cute! //
Super excited to make cookies tonight with one of my best friends! Two (DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES | Delish) //
Three (MIDCENTURY OASIS | Apartment Therapy) //
Four (DIY Corncob Holders (photo from Handmade Charolette) | Instructables)) //
These have inspired me to make some sweet door-stops for my home Five (DIY Cement Garden Balls | Creative Passage) //
BONUS (Keyboard Art | Paper Plate and Plane)

Pssst: Linking up with Whitney for the #backthatazzup Friday
Hugo: 99 Problems


Also linking up with Lindsey for Friday Favorites!

Have a great weekend friends!

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4 responses to Friday Five #2


    Thanks so much for showing off my garden balls!!


    No problem! I linked up for the “simply the best” competition too and have to say they were one of my favorite. I think I’m going to make mini ones for door stops.

    Take care!


    I am in love with those corn cob holders!! I must get some!


    Aren’t they cute? I’m totally in love. Thanks for stopping by!