Quick Candle Holder (Otherwise Known as My 4th of July Fail)

June 18, 2013

Just a quick reminder that I’m participating in the “Simply the Best” DIY competition right now and could use your votes! Please go vote for my mirror makeover project here. If you want to see more about this contest check out my post from yesterday. Thank you!

Ok, realtalk. I’m not a DIY genius. In fact I probably fail on at least a third of the projects I try to make. Mostly the cooking ones… Because well, I’m human. I’m impatient. Waiting on dry time is the bane of my existence (but I’m practicing at getting better (mostly by distracting myself with another project)). So I’m going to be real with you guys. I had in my head this really cool 4th of July candle holder that I was SUPER geeked about. It was gonna be repurposed with wood and aluminum cans and it was going to be different!


And then it failed. And I stabbed myself with a nail, and it ended up looking like a little kid’s craft project gone horribly wrong. Not to mention that I STABBED MY PALM WITH A NAIL. It hurts. When I told boyfriend about it he promptly asked “Well, are you up to date on your tetanus shots?”.


I don’t think my projects and bruises and scratches from the projects even phase him anymore.

Anyways, back on topic. So I had this great idea, attempted to make it. failed miserable and gave up on the idea for a few hours while I worked on something else.

THEN, as I was putting the cans back in my recycling bin I found a glass jar. Perfect! So I changed my project around, and now I’m happy I did.

DIY Tutorial Header-01

Tutorial Template-01

See? Epic fail turned out all right! What are some of your 4th of July crafts? I’d love to see them!

Have a great night!

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4 responses to Quick Candle Holder (Otherwise Known as My 4th of July Fail)


    Cute project! Luminaries are so fun for 4th of July, especially at night with fireworks!


    THank you! I was thinking how could a bunch of these would look lining a pathway to the beach or area to view the fireworks. 🙂



    There you go makin’ lemonade out of lemons…

    So many of my projects fail. but I guess it’s just learning from it and moving on. Your new candle holder is cute. I can never understand why some of my spray paint cracks either. Maybe that part wasn’t completely dry, or maybe there was a bit of residue left on it so the paint couldn’t adhere? Or maybe it’s just part of spray paint’s personality!


    I have no clue why it crackled. I mean, it doesn’t look bad, and I actually kinda like it. They were two different brands? Maybe there’s something in them that don’t mix well. I’ll have to look.

    And oddly enough now I want lemonade. 🙂

    Have a good weekend Kelly!