Wednesday Wish List: Etsy Color Series | Blue

June 5, 2013

It’s Wish List Wednesday and we’re back for our fifth installment of the Etsy color series. I was out of town last week on wednesday so I’m posting I’m just moving everything a week forward. Miss the first few colors? Click these links to see them; White & BlackRed,  Orange, Yellow and Green. Why Etsy? Well….. I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

Guys, this week we’re on BLUE and I’m *SUPER* excited. Blue is one of my favorite colors. Actually probably my FAVORITE color. My bedroom is a really deep blue. Blue is a bold and yet calming color and mixes well with so many other colors…. making it so versatile in any setting. Blue also evokes the thoughts of calm, cool, and deep.

Swag Policy: Before we get to it just a reminder that the items listed below are chosen because *I* love them. This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid to pick these items. Sometimes a shop will offer discounts or a giveaway to myself and my readers and that is purely on their at their discretion. All reviews and thoughts– good or bad– are *my* thoughts. However if you are interested in sponsoring a post or giveaway please drop me a line here. Need more legal jargon? Check out my disclaimers.

Wednesday WIshlist BLUE-01

one // I love quirky graphic prints and this octopus print from funnel cloud is the perfect combination of whimsy and funny. This would be great for a kid’s room, kitchen or dining room. And of course, I love the color. Check out this shops other really sweet prints too. I’ve favorited a number of them.

two // I really love this infinity bracelet from DIYMall. It’s simple and sweet. The colored cord comes in a bunch of different colors but this blue is by far my favorite!

three // I’m always a big fan of big chunky necklaces. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit. This necklace from stavroula is GORGEOUS. I love it.

four // I have this navy blue formal-ish dress for friends weddings and no purse to go with it. I found this clutch by BagBoy and think it’ll work perfectly  with that dress. Adding to my wish list.

five // I love this vintage blue compact from BumbleEBuck. I know a lot of women my age don’t carry compacts anymore, but they really are great for special events. This would look great in the clutch listed above.

six // I think I’m on a clock fix. There’s two in this list alone and there’s been a few in earlier  wish lists. Maybe I need to get one… I love the vintage barn wood feel of this clock from ShannyBeebo. It would make a great focal piece on a picture wall, the color and texture alone would make it pop nicely.

seven // I LOVE this maxi skirt from Nuichan. Why? Because it has pockets. I’m a fan of skirts with pockets as you can see here. Where else will I put things?

eight // Ok, now while I’m in no way looking to have kids anytime in the near future some of my friends and family ARE having babies. I swear, the next baby shower I go to I’m getting this onesie for the kid. Absolutely hysterical and great design from ToddAh.

nine // Back on my clock fix, this AWESOME clock from Design Atelier Article is a great color and the font is top notch!

ten // I love the geometry in this triangle necklace. I think it’s really well balanced and just lovely. Great work by GemPearls.

So what do you guys think? Do you love them? Next week is purple and I’m excited to share some of the great finds for it. If you’re an Etsy seller and want to be featured drop me a note!


2 responses to Wednesday Wish List: Etsy Color Series | Blue


    There are so many good pieces here! I am crazy about this color blue! That skirt and the pockets? I die.


    thank you! I simply LOVE the skirt. It’s next on my list when i decide to go shopping!