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The Bounce Back…

June 27, 2013

Ok Ladies and Gents… hold on to your panties… I’ve got some AMAZING NEWS.

But before we get to that: Raise your hand if you’re a fan of the TV show Criminal Minds.

I know I’m raising my hand… love the show. Something about law and crime shows on TV right? I just get all sorts of suckered in. I tell myself I’m only going to watch one episode and then next thing I know, I’ve missed the gym… somehow ended up with a bowl of ice cream and it’s two hours past my bedtime. I seriously can’t figure out how that happens. And in terms of Criminal Minds… it’s like the great mystery of the murders, the cool story behind the characters and their interactions with each other and lastly (but probably number one in my book…) these:


Who belong to this handsome mug:


Meet Shemar Moore. The celebrity crush of women everywhere. This star of Criminal Minds is an extremely talented actor who is looking to add “executive producer” to his resume. Shemar came across a great script for a new film called The Bounce Back and wants to bring the film to you.

“The Bounce Back” is a heartfelt romantic comedy about finding the courage to love after love has let you down.

When I read “The Bounce Back” – that very same issue was at the core of the script and the character, Matthew Taylor. I saw a lot of myself in Matthew, although I’ve never written a book (but I’m thinking about it now, hint, hint). I felt a kindred spirit to what Matthew was going through and my own life. Matthew loses his wife, his first love and after a short recovery creates a best-selling book and a system of survival in order to shield himself from the pain.  He throws himself into a year-long speaking tour.

That system of survival; his book and speaking tour, keeps him from falling in love again when he meets the perfect girl, the beautiful and zany Kristin Moreland. Matthew realizes that he has to renounce his book and the world he has created around it in order to take the big unknown plunge of letting himself fall in love again. 

I think there is a wonderful poetry to that, the idea of risking it all for love. And I feel, in my heart, that is why we’re here on this planet. To love. After I put down the screenplay, “The Bounce Back,” I knew I had to make this movie simply because I believe in love all the way down to the fabric of my being.

~ Shemar Moore

Now, we all know that films cost a lot of money and with that money comes investors who want to add their own touch to the film. Shemar wants to do this film differently. He wants to avoid the investors to preserve the integrity of the original script. In order to do so they trimmed down the budget to a cool 3M.  Their goal is to raise half the money, and then Shemar himself will fund the other half. That’s how much he believes in this script.

Check out this sneak peek

Okay, okay, I know… so where do you and CLA fit in? Well, here’s the deal. Creative Life Antics (that’s me!) and some other really fabulous bloggers have teamed up to help promote the crap out of The Bounce Back. Why? Have you seen the abs…. because Shemar really believes in the ability of bloggers and their influence. He believes that social media can be a huge asset to making this film happen.

In all reality, you guys know that I don’t promote or sponsor things I don’t believe in, and to be honest, I’m a sucker for romance. I believe in this film and am super excited to see it to fruition.

How am I going to help? Well- I plan to spread the word about their indiegogo campaign and I hope you will too. Please, take a minute to watch the video, visit the fundraising site, spread the work, tweet it, Facebook it, pin it… anything that you can do to help promote this campaign. Pledge a donation -there are some really amazing perks (hello-being *in* the movie!?). Lets make a new niche in the Hollywood Market and let it be known that bloggers have a ton of pull.


Visit Indiegogo to help donate:
Follow them on Twitter: @bouncebackfilm and @shemarmoore
Like them on Facebook:
Official Hashtag:#TheBounceBack

Note: I was asked to participate in this campaign by the Bounce Back Film Campaign as part of a first-of-its-kind blogger initiative. I will cover the making of the movie from fundraising to premiere throughout the next year. I am being provided promotional material, giveaways and exclusive interviews but this is not a paid post. All opinions are my own.

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You’ve got Mail!

June 24, 2013

you-ve-got-mail-originalOh man, I can’t remember exactly what show I was watching this weekend, but it had the former owner of AOL on it and he was talking about why AOL fazed out and what he didn’t do that would have been able to bring it back. However, one thing he did talk about was that AOL was the first of it’s kind. AOL brought together people in a way that was never done before. By creating chat rooms and instant messaging AOL brought together people with similar likes and dislikes all across the world.

AKA it brought you here to me, and me to other bloggers. Bloggers like Linda, from Craftaholics Anonymous. Who you should go like and follow right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

Ok, back? Great! So Linda, that crafty lady runs a blog called craftaholics anonymous. And it’s a great site to find inspiration (seriously, check out her Pinterest boards!) and other crafters that love one thing: to make things for people. In the spirit of this “making things for other people” drive she teamed up with Elfster to host a Craftaholics Gift Exchange! Upon find her Gift Exchange it took me all of 3.2 nanoseconds before I decided to join in on the fun.

I mean, really, a Handmade Gift Exchange with other crafters, where I can potentially get to communicate with people with the same obsessions as myself? It was a no-brainer.. right?

So I did, I signed up, and impatiently waited to be paired up with another crafter. Once you get paired up, you get to know your giftee(?) and then you make something you think they’d like and mail it to them. Simple right?

So below is my gift that I made for my pick Jessica (who’s from Sioux Falls, SD)!

city or state map art

What do you think? I hope she likes it! I’m super excited to share with you guys how I made this cute map wall art so keep your eyes peeled for the tutorial. It’s coming soon with some other really LOVEly (hint hint) gift ideas! Stay tuned!

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Friday Five #2

June 21, 2013

Friday Favorite Five Banner-01

Who can’t believe it’s Friday already? Me, I’m raising my hand. I wished every day this week would have been Friday, but now that it’s here I’m shocked. I’m going to roll with it people.

EDIT: psssssst… forgot to mention — I made a Pinterest board with pins to each item in my friday favorites directly click on the image to go there and pin the items you want! After all, you’ve had a long week… so I made it easy for you 😉

Here are some favorites this week: week 2-01One (DIY CARVED STAMP | Lovely Indeed)  so cute! //
Super excited to make cookies tonight with one of my best friends! Two (DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES | Delish) //
Three (MIDCENTURY OASIS | Apartment Therapy) //
Four (DIY Corncob Holders (photo from Handmade Charolette) | Instructables)) //
These have inspired me to make some sweet door-stops for my home Five (DIY Cement Garden Balls | Creative Passage) //
BONUS (Keyboard Art | Paper Plate and Plane)

Pssst: Linking up with Whitney for the #backthatazzup Friday
Hugo: 99 Problems


Also linking up with Lindsey for Friday Favorites!

Have a great weekend friends!

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It’s Wish List Wednesday and we are back for our FINAL Esty Color Series post! I hope you’ve really enjoyed them, I know I have! Next week we are going back to my regular Wish List posts, but I’ve enjoy the “themes” so I’m going to stick with them! And of course I’m still going to feature some of my favorite Etsy shops!

Anyways, did you miss the first few colors? Click these links to see them; White & BlackRed,  OrangeYellowGreen, Blue & Purple. Why Etsy? Well….. I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

Swag Policy: Before we get to it just a reminder that the items listed below are chosen because *I* love them. This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid to pick these items. Sometimes a shop will offer discounts or a giveaway to myself and my readers and that is purely on their at their discretion. All reviews and thoughts– good or bad– are *my* thoughts. Need more legal jargon? Check out my disclaimers.

This week we’re going pink, which is normally my least favorite color. But I gotta tell you, I’m completely in love with today’s items! Maybe I’m heading to the “dark side”. 😉

Wednesday WIshlist Pink

one // Raise you hand if you love to get flowers. Ok, now raise your hand if you hate having to get rid of them a week later because they’ve died off. I love getting flowers, and try to make them last as long as possible, but they always die off eventually and I’m stuck cleaning another vase. Enter these pink ombre paper flowers by Flower Thyme. Just think, you never have to change their water, never have to cut the ends, they can be placed anywhere in your home and look great forever. Sold. The other great thing about these flowers? They come in so many different colors to coordinate with your decor. You could use these for a wedding bouquet and ALWAYS be able to keep your “flowers” as a keepsake.

two // I’ve been seeing these animal magnets all over the internet lately and I’ve gotta say these hot pink ones from Original Animal Magnet are probably my favorite so far. I love the dinosaurs and it makes me giggle like a twelve year old that their butts are sticking out. I’m mature, I know.

three // Finding out my friends are pregnant is like giving myself a challenge to put together the coolest, nerdiest baby gift ever. I’m adding this Batman Onesie by Dearly Loved Boutique to my list of staples. I wonder if I can find a Robin one?

four // And while we are on the topic of baby gifts, these Cotton Candy lollipops made by The Groovy Baker would make a great addition to a baby shower favor, or wedding favor or heck… my next birthday party. They have a touch of vanilla flavor, bubblegum and lemon and have sprinkles in them! Yummy…

five // Another hot trend? Colorful cooking utensils! Everybody and their brother are dipping their utensils and adding some neap flare to their kitchen. I think these Neon Pink Spoons from Wind and Willow Home would be a great gift for any mom. Check out all their colors and the BOWLS! #inlovewiththebowls.

six // I don’t know about you, but this spring summer has been dress season for me (which is highly unusual). So when I found this pink dress from Jennifer Lilly Designs I was pretty stoked to add it to my round up this week. I love the cool hummingbird design and simple shape of the dress. This is something that would work well for my… um… curves.

seven // I really love the pop of color these Pink Agate/ Geode coasters (by OCEANSOMIND) would bring to a room. I tend to design and decorate with big neutral pieces and bring in the color through the pillows and accessories and I think this would be an awesome small statement piece.

eight // I really like this tea towel featuring a fun geometric bird in a bright poppy color. Pretty much any geometric animal will entice me. And yet another way to bring color into your kitchen. Created by OELWEIN (this shop also makes prints, bags and cards too!)

nine // Having a sense of humor is probably one of the most attractive features found in anyone. What better way to show it off than by wearing it proudly? I literally laughed out loud when I found this tank by Coup. What a fun quirky addition to any wardrobe.

ten // EVERY kid needs a piggy bank. Every. Single. One. And these banks by The Pig Pen are customizable. So put your kid’s name on it. Teach them to save… so they can buy power tools and shoes when they get older….. oh wait, that was me.

eleven // I LOVE the pattern on this hanging lamp by Lucent Lampworks. I think it’d be awesome over a dining table or in a little girls room.

twelve // White kitchens with super nice subway tile are all the rage right now. So designers are pulling in color and personalization through colorful dishes, cookware and bakeware. These gorgeous nesting measuring cups are a great piece to add to your glass cabinet. Something to show off for sure. Handmade by Gray December.

And that’s it! The last color in the Etsy Color Series! I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back next week for Wish List Wednesday with a wood and shimmer theme.

Enjoy the rest of your HUMP day!

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Just a quick reminder that I’m participating in the “Simply the Best” DIY competition right now and could use your votes! Please go vote for my mirror makeover project here. If you want to see more about this contest check out my post from yesterday. Thank you!

Ok, realtalk. I’m not a DIY genius. In fact I probably fail on at least a third of the projects I try to make. Mostly the cooking ones… Because well, I’m human. I’m impatient. Waiting on dry time is the bane of my existence (but I’m practicing at getting better (mostly by distracting myself with another project)). So I’m going to be real with you guys. I had in my head this really cool 4th of July candle holder that I was SUPER geeked about. It was gonna be repurposed with wood and aluminum cans and it was going to be different!


And then it failed. And I stabbed myself with a nail, and it ended up looking like a little kid’s craft project gone horribly wrong. Not to mention that I STABBED MY PALM WITH A NAIL. It hurts. When I told boyfriend about it he promptly asked “Well, are you up to date on your tetanus shots?”.


I don’t think my projects and bruises and scratches from the projects even phase him anymore.

Anyways, back on topic. So I had this great idea, attempted to make it. failed miserable and gave up on the idea for a few hours while I worked on something else.

THEN, as I was putting the cans back in my recycling bin I found a glass jar. Perfect! So I changed my project around, and now I’m happy I did.

DIY Tutorial Header-01

Tutorial Template-01

See? Epic fail turned out all right! What are some of your 4th of July crafts? I’d love to see them!

Have a great night!

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Hey everyone! It’s been a busy weekend and Monday in my world, I’ve been working on some projects with a super secret purpose and am DYING over here that I can’t share them with you… yet.

However, something I CAN share with you is a DIY contest I’m in currently. Two weeks ago I submitted my Mirror makeover project for Mom 4 Real & Fox Hollow Cottage’s Simply the BEST competition and the voting is officially open! Voting will go on for two weeks so that really give us some times to rack in the votes! All it takes is one click! Also– You can vote daily!


Please if you find a minute to vote please go vote for my Mirror Makeover! (Row 14 Column 4) I truly appreciate your help!

photo 4

Thank you!! You guys truly are simply the best!

Back tomorrow for a quick and easy 4th of July Project!Blog Signature

It’s Wish List Wednesday THURSDAY and we’re back for our sixth installment of the Etsy color series. I’m soooo off track this week guys, but I’m still moving ahead, full-steam… errr ok, half-steam…  Ok, the fact that I’m still posting, still crafting and still going to class is a bloody miracle right now. Did you miss the first few colors? Click these links to see them; White & BlackRed,  OrangeYellowGreen and Blue. Why Etsy? Well….. I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

This week is purple… and I’ll be honest it’s probably my second least favorite color. Following pink (which happens to be next week’s color). However. I did find some really great items that make me think of purple in a whole different light.

Swag Policy: Before we get to it just a reminder that the items listed below are chosen because *I* love them. This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid to pick these items. Sometimes a shop will offer discounts or a giveaway to myself and my readers and that is purely on their at their discretion. All reviews and thoughts– good or bad– are *my* thoughts. However if you are interested in sponsoring a post or giveaway please drop me a line here. Need more legal jargon? Check out my disclaimers.

Wednesday WIshlist PURPLE-01

one // I love the pattern on this scarf made by Urbe. It’s not TOO much purple which makes it a perfect fit for people with purple phobias like myself.

two // Back to my clock fetish (seriously, what is this?!) I love the whimsy Le Luni created with this elephant clock. This would be awesome in a little kids room. Or even for a big kid like myself. I actually do have a semi-cool collection of elephant figurines. Maybe I need to start collecting clocks too?

three // Speaking as someone who is obsessed with old letterpress when I found this really cool idea of using a type tray for a jewelry holder I had to have one. I made one for myself and one for my old roommate. Let me tell you, it’s not that easy. Save yourself the frustration and check out these really lovely designs & colors from Black Forest Cottage. There’s even some with doors!

four // Everyone knows that trends stem from things we see in life, TV and online. So of course when Serena on Gossip Girl has these amazing butterflies on her wall in her bedroom they because the next big thing. I’ve seen them replicated by designers like Julia of Chris Loves Julia when she used them in her daughter’s bedroom. And while I’m not a girly girl myself I LOVE the idea of doing something similar. (maybe my office?) These paper butterflies are crafted by Jannie Cut.

five // My roommate’s dog has more collars than I do shoes. Not joking. She’s momma’s baby girl and I think this purple chevron collar by Pugs2Persians would look great on her. Maybe it’ll be Lily’s Christmas gift 😉

six // You know how sometimes you wear bracelets and it hurts to rest your arm on something? No? Maybe it’s just me… Either way, these bracelets from Lyla Accessories look super comfy to wear. I love that they are stackable. This purple one comes in a group of three!

seven //  I’m not entirely sure what it is about teardrop earrings, but I love the shape. And honestly for someone that’s not always the biggest purple fan, these are something I would totally wear for a *pop* of color. Created by OhKoul (who’s been featured before! Clearly I just love their shop!)

eight // This recycled glass soap dispenser is GORGEOUS. I think this would make the perfect touch to a half bath or guest bathroom as a “glam” piece. Love this shop: Rail19

nine // Iris’s always make my think of my lovely grandmother who I miss DEARLY. I love this print by Shannon Pix. What a great way to remember her.

ten // I mentioned earlier above and probably since I started this blog my love for letterpress prints. I’ve had this particular print favorited for a LOOOOOONG time. Mom if you’re reading this, this print is officially on my Christmas List. Now just to find a place to put it… Lovely job by Print And Be Merry.

eleven // I couldn’t just stop at ten this week (I know, you’re shocked). This cardboard light is captivating to look at. Those angles! The texture! The SHAPE!. Swooning… created by Werk Depot.

And that’s a wrap for purple. Did you see anything above that you liked? Who has suggestions for me for PINK?

Have a great evening guys!

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Happy…. uh… Wednesday people. Yep, Wednesday. two whole days after I promised this tutorial.

photo 3-2
Oops. Well, not really oops… on Sunday I noticed that my power adapter for my laptop had a cord that was nearly decapitated so I ordered a new one from Best Buy online that I could pick up near work on Monday. Well, then it stormed. And took out blocks of power containing the Best Buy I had selected. Long story short, I couldn’t pick up the cord till yesterday right before class, leaving me with no laptop since Monday morning.

So, on last week’s Friday Five List # 5 was the Love List from One Fine Day. I noted that I really loved the “Believe in Good People” print from fife du vie. Well, I used that print as inspiration for today’s tutorial!

(check out my new graphics for tutorials… what do you think?)

DIY Tutorial Header (spray paint)-01
Supplies (spray paint)-01


So there it is! My first tutorial in my new template. I kinda like it. Let me know what you think. Also how cool and easy are these paintings? I’ve done so many that I can’t even count anymore. But they really make a statement!

We’re supposed to get some really big storms tonight! I hope everyone stays safe!

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Monday Morning Cute

June 10, 2013

Just a quick dose of Monday morning cute for you!

Will be back later with a full DIY!


Friday Favorite Five Banner-01

It’s FRIDAY!! Woo Hoo. So, I’ve mulled it over, and I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting every friday my favorite five things from that week. These items can be anything… something from the web, family, friends…. anything that I’ve found or taken that week that means something. Hopefully you guys will like this!

week 1 item 1-01

Beaded Cord Lamp Cord
Found via Riazzoli

Buy: Dottir & Sonur

week 1 item 2-01

Concret Alphabet DIY
Found via Brit + Co.

DIY: Dot Com for Moms

week 1 item 3-01

The Cocktail Chart of Literature
Find & Buy via Pop Chart Lab

week 1 item 4-01

Blog Wars
Hosted By: Just Between Friends

Note: Voting for the last challenge in the first Blog Wars ever is today! Go check it out and vote for your favorite. Then subscribe for future competitions!

week 1 item 5-01

Love List
Created By: One Fine Day

Note: Love LOVE the colors on today’s “Love List”. And man do I want that “good people” print.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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It’s Wish List Wednesday and we’re back for our fifth installment of the Etsy color series. I was out of town last week on wednesday so I’m posting I’m just moving everything a week forward. Miss the first few colors? Click these links to see them; White & BlackRed,  Orange, Yellow and Green. Why Etsy? Well….. I’m looking forward to opening my own Etsy store and can’t think of a better way to promote good karma than to promote some of the amazing shops already on there.

Guys, this week we’re on BLUE and I’m *SUPER* excited. Blue is one of my favorite colors. Actually probably my FAVORITE color. My bedroom is a really deep blue. Blue is a bold and yet calming color and mixes well with so many other colors…. making it so versatile in any setting. Blue also evokes the thoughts of calm, cool, and deep.

Swag Policy: Before we get to it just a reminder that the items listed below are chosen because *I* love them. This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid to pick these items. Sometimes a shop will offer discounts or a giveaway to myself and my readers and that is purely on their at their discretion. All reviews and thoughts– good or bad– are *my* thoughts. However if you are interested in sponsoring a post or giveaway please drop me a line here. Need more legal jargon? Check out my disclaimers.

Wednesday WIshlist BLUE-01

Continue Reading…


June 3, 2013

Oh…. Monday, I have a love/ hate relationship with you. It’s the start of a new week, which after the last one… I could REALLY use a fresh start. However Monday morning also means alarm clocks, traffic and work. HOWEVER, I’m determined to have a better week than last week (aka the week of a funeral, extra homework, broken AC & cable box).

So we’re starting things off with a gift exchange. Twice a year Craftaholics Anonymous host a Handmade Gift Exchange for bloggers and crafters. Basically you get assigned to another person and then send them something handmade by you. Then you wait impatiently for their gift to come to you. Think of it like Christmas… kinda fun right? Well, I signed up and you should too. Hit up the Craftaholics post to sign up here.

Also, this week I posted a link of my Pinterest Challenge Project onto the Moms4Real Simply The Best Summer Crafting Competition. Voting starts the week of the 16th and I would REALLY appreciate if you popped back over to vote for me. I’m the 3rd person in the list under “Mirror Makeover”. I’ll be posting the link for voting when it starts! Plus if you have a project you’d like to enter do so now!
Mom 4 Real

Okay, next on the agenda… Link Up Parties and Blog Hops.

Like MANY other bloggers and crafters I participate in weekly blog hops to kind of spread the word about my blog and the projects I do. I haven’t yet mentioned this but I’m going to start posting the places I link up each week so that you readers can link up there too. Also I created this nifty little Party Links page if you guys ever want to reference it. If you host a party and would like your link added to my list please drop me a note here.

The Collective Blog Hop // Peacoats & Plaid
Craft-O-Maniac Monday // Craft-O-Maniac

Friend Connect Blog Hop // The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife
Grab A Friend Blog Hop // Noor’s Place

Wicked Awesome Wednesdays // Handy Man Crafty Woman
Create And Share // Trendy Treehouse

Live Laugh Linky Thursday // Live Laugh Rowe

No Links yet 😦

Share Your Creativity // It’s Overflowing

Sunday Scoop // I Heart Naptime
Not Baaad Sundays // Lamb Around
Think Pink Sundays // Flamingo Toes
That DIY Party // DIY Showoff

This is my Sunday morning.


Hey guys! It’s a GORGEOUS Saturday in Detroit so I’m popping in to writing up this post and then heading outside. 🙂

Raise your hand if you drink wine? (yep, I see those hands… glad I’m in good company). Now raise your hand if you drink a lot of wine (don’t be shy… I’m raising mine too.) Ok, last question… what do you do with your leftover bottles?

Now I know that a majority of you are going to say “we recycle, duh”. And to those I commend you. However, I bet there are some people out there like me who live in a private neighborhood that doesn’t have recycling. So, while I wash out my recycling and do put it in a bin… It generally sits there for months on end until a day when I bag it up and hand it over to my mom to add to her recycling. So, imagine how many wine bottles I have hanging around. Yeah. That many.


I’ve been wanting to try my hand at cutting glass for a while now but I’ve heard the horror stories about how HARD it is. I’m here to tell you people that it’s not that hard. In fact, after the first bottle of two you really get the hang of it. 😉 Continue Reading…