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May 22, 2013

Why hello blog friends. How’s your Wednesday going so far? I’m running a little behind today (shh… don’t tell anyone). Yesterday was a super late night with class… and we have DOOZY of a project ahead. I have to make a collage of my face with magazine clippings using only 2 complimentary colors & the colors they make when mixed together in 7 steps. So pretty much I need to go buy a boatload of glue sticks, throw some recorded shows on the TV and go at it for…. hours.

But anyways, enough of that… It’s Wednesday! Which means it’s Wish List Day. Every Wednesday I post items that I’ve personally added to my wish list. Since we are stuck right in the middle of our Etsy Color Series we are going to continue on with Green today! But before I get ahead of myself: If you haven’t seen the past colors of this series check them out! Here is Black & White, Red, Orange and Yellow.

Ok! Back to green. I picked 14 great items from Etsy so let’s get started!

Wednesday WIshlist GREEN-01

one // The first person that can jump right in and tell me in the comments what movie the phrase “I carried a watermelon” is from right now (without looking it up, that’s cheating!) I will give you a gold star. No, actually I’ll send you a set of these pencils created by The Carbon Crusader

two // I love the simplicity of this fold over clutch created by byMART. And with Emerald being Pantone’s color of the year it’s right on target for style and color.

three // Back with my love for vintage finds. My sister actually picked out this old pepper shaker sold by Scatterbugs for me and I love it! Would make a great staging item for a shelf or bookcase. Another great thing about this shop is that they provide some great detail about the item they are selling.

four // A lot of the time when I look for inspiration for items to create I stroll through etsy to see what other people have made. I pinned these glass bottle candle holders from BoMoLuTra a while ago. They are truly lovely and would make a great addition to a deck / wall or fence in your backyard.

five // This creative decorative bowl from Bowls Inc. has been sold already, but the lovely color would stand out on any table. I think this would make a pretty fruit bowl or catch-all bowl for coins and keys on your way in the door.

six // I have a mini-collection of elephants in my home that I started years ago and this cute mint green ceramic elephant from Claylicious would make an excellent addition.

seven // These long green teardrop earrings created by OhKuol are GORGEOUS. I love the simple design and the deep color. I also don’t have any green earrings in my stash so these are definitely on my wish list.

eight // This one’s going to make the bf happy. So Long Story: when the bf and I began dating almost a year ago I introduced him to Etsy and right on the front page that day happened to be this print of a duck in a suit. He went NUTS over it. So of course I “favorited” it and kept it in my mind as a potential gift. Well, in Decemberish the bf moved into a new apartment and I was scratching my head at what I could give him as a housewarming gift. I had ideas for practical items, but wanted something fun. Behold the duck in a suit print. I bought it, framed it and snuck it into his room before he even moved in. He loved it and it currently hangs in the living room. Thank you to Berkley Illustration for this entire series. I now have gift ideas to come for the next several years.

nine // This is also another find from that awesome sister of mine. I completely love this print of a vintage radio by Sugar Shack Studios. And the use of the complimentary colors and the different shades of green is fantastic

ten // I absolutely love how this print by Retro Menagerie “moves”. It totally drew my eyes up and down the zigzags. I certainly don’t have enough green in my house right now and could use a print like this to bring it in.

eleven // So in Detroit one of my favorite little old buildings is the Scarab Club. It’s the building owned by The Scarab Club which was founded by a group of artists and art lovers back in the early 1900s as a place to hold their meetings and social events. Now it hosts artists from Detroit in small studios. Lovely place, and a real gem in the heart of Detroit. Anyways, their emblem is a scarab beetle and you can find it all around the building, on the artist’s pins, etc… This necklace by Insect Art reminded me exactly of the logo and I was instantly enamored by it.

twelve // Much like the earrings above I love the tone of green this ring. So when I saw that it was created by the same artist/ shop as the earring I should have been surprised. Nice job by OhKuol again. 🙂

thirteen // Ok people, real talk. I have had my eye on this bag by Adeleshop for at LEAST 6 months+. I’m patiently waiting for my current bag to bite the dust so I can tell myself it won’t be a frivolous purchase. In fact I found this bag just after I purchased my current one from DSW and almost returned it. #bummer

fourteen // Ball jars have made a serious comeback lately and the vintage-looking ones are being snatched up all over the place. These jars painted by Willow Faire Décor are a perfect shade of sea-foam green.

So what do you think? How about a round of applause for these Etsy show owners and their goods?

Have a shop you’d like me to check out? Let me know! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

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4 responses to Wednesday Wish List: Etsy Color Series | GREEN


    HI! I love your blog! Thank you so much for including my little pepper shaker in it so I could discover it – you’ve made a new follower/friend! (and you just may have some friendly competition for that green bag…) 😉 Hope you’re having a great day, and good luck with your project!


    The bag is TO DIE FOR! Thanks for stopping by!


    Thank you so much for including our pencils.


    Justynn, THANK YOU SO MUCH ~ for featuring my vintage radio giclee. It is honestly one of the favorite items in my shop, and I am humbled to have been included with these other beauties ~ you made my whole week! XO ~ Evie