Window Shopping: Home Goods

May 14, 2013

So… you may have noticed that there’s a pretty big change to the layout of the blog today. I really love the look of organized posts so I made the change to this new format. Confusing? In the upper right corner on the home page there’s a button that you can use to change the way the page lays out for you. Let me know what you think. Color might change, and maybe a few more tweaks, but overall I’m really loving the new feel.

But back to today’s post… the other day during my lunch break I decided to take a stroll through my local Home Goods store and see what they had to offer. I should have known better. Its almost impossible for me to go to that store without buying something. And in all honesty I had 3 items in my cart ready to buy when I noticed the time and the LINE… holy cow that thing was 20 deep.

So luckily… or un-luckily I made it out of the store without spending a dime. But I plan to go back next week.  If they items I wanted to buy are still there… I’ll take it as a divine sign that I was meant to take them home (or its just pure luck).

I did however take pictures of some of the items I loved, but wasn’t looking to bring home with me.
Sorry for the quality all iPhone pics taken in a sneaky way so I didn’t look weird.

Do you guys window shop on your lunch breaks? Do you end up coming home with half the store? I might have a problem…

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