It’s in the Numbers

April 22, 2013

Whew, has it been a LONG Monday. I was super busy at work today and boy am I glad to be home. I think this calls for a Summer Shandy and an hour or two checking out some project ideas. Doing the same? Then check out my super easy and quick gas station number art below. And since it’s Earth day, this project just happens to fall into the “reuse” category. 😉

finished Project

Like it? It’s super easy! First thing you’ll need is some numbers or letters. I ordered some old gas station numbers from Our Own Big World on Etsy. Once they arrived I cleaned them up with some dish soap and let them dry completely.

I found a frame that fit the design I wanted (from my hoarding stockpile), cut some mount board sown to size and sat down to tediously glue the numbers (just kidding! I used double sided tape).


You could also use those fancy pants glue dots for scrapbooking, which would have been my weapon of choice if I had any on hand… Glue those puppies down, frame and done. Probably the easiest project yet.

Psst. I also bought letters from Lake Michigan Vintage. Looking forward to getting those into a frame for my wall-o-art (pictures to come soon! I promise!).

Both vendors were great and items shipped fast. Check them out! I spot another purchase already… I love tax money season…

What quick and easy projects are you working on? What do you do after a long Monday?

That’s it for now, I’m off to grab a beer, make dinner and maybe my famous apple pie… (by special request of course ;))

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3 responses to It’s in the Numbers


    Cute! Does the 3/31 have special meaning? Or did you just like the 3s? Barbara over at Hodge: Podge did something similar with letters (….I am going to have to keep my eyes open for some letter at garage sales this summer.


    Thanks! 3/31 happens to be my birthday, but imagine the possibilities… 🙂

    I saw a pinned image of that exact one but couldn’t find the source! Glad to find where it came from!

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